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PBS - Chapter 2214 - Wedding Ceremony, Part One

Three days later, Lixuan Sacred Island in the Nineteenth Small Immortal Realm...

Qin Nan walked out from the rift and went to the biggest palace on the island. He saw Princess Miao Miao, Jiang Bilan, Mo Xiaoli, Li Ji, and Supreme Chang Xiao in it.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan had a mystical aura after they achieved the Master Realm. Qin Nan could only peek through their cultivation slightly.

"I didn't expect you to achieve the Master Realm so quickly!" Li Ji exclaimed.

He tried to inspect Qin Nan's cultivation the moment he arrived in the palace, yet he was unable to peek through his cultivation. It felt like he was looking into a deep abyss.

Li Ji believed if he was to join hands with Mo Xiaoli and fight Qin Nan, they could only last for less than a thousand seconds.

However, if he knew Qin Nan's actual strength, he might consider removing a zero at the back.

"Qin Nan, we are extremely sorry for not being able to take a step forward and help you. We hope you understand," Mo Xiaoli said.

"Don't worry about it, without your help in the past, I won't be here today," Qin Nan brought his fists together.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli still felt apologetic toward Qin Nan. They were going to say something when Supreme Chang Xiao interrupted with a smile, "These two old men are acting unnaturally. It's not like them." 

"Qin Nan, I have waited for you here because I want to tell you the Sky Taihuang Sect, Sanqing Ancient Sect, and Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect are planning to..."

Qin Nan shook his head and said before Supreme Chang Xiao could finish, "Patriarch, we'll worry about it after I'm back."

Supreme Chang Xiao was startled. He asked, "Where are you going?"

Qin Nan smiled and pointed his finger down.

Lately, in addition to Supreme Chang Xiao, Mo Xie and the others have also transmitted a message to him, but he simply ignored them. 

He did not want to think about anything for now because it was time for him to keep his promise.

"Chang Xiao, you should head back first. We will be leaving soon."

Li Ji chuckled. Even though he did not side with Qin Nan because of his clan and the greater picture, but he was glad that he had recruited Qin Nan's partner as his disciple.

Supreme Chang Xiao twisted his lips. A figure suddenly appeared in the palace and uttered coldly, "I'll go too. It's been a while since I last go back to Canglan."

The alluring figure and her blue dress immediately enlightened the people in the palace.

"Sister Feiyue!"

Princess Miao Miao was overjoyed.

Qin Nan was shocked too. He did not expect Empress Feiyue would be going with them.

"Little husband, me too, I would like to visit the Secondary Lower Realm."

Master Rudao walked out of the rift with a smile and a fragrant gust of wind.

"Mengyao? Aren't you going to attempt the breakthrough to the Ruler Realm?"

Qin Nan was startled.

"There's no point rushing it. I can only wait for the Hundred Years Oath since the Battle of the Masters is no longer an option. There are still nineteen years left," Master Rudao shook her head and said. 

"Xiao Nan'zi..."

Princess Miao Miao's cold voice echoed in Qin Nan's mind. Jiang Bilan also gave him an indifferent look.

Qin Nan immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

Even though the two were long aware of Master Rudao's existence, they never had any contact with her, unlike Empress Feiyue.

"You must be Princess Miao Miao? I always want to meet you after Qin Nan mentioned you to me, but I never had the chance before. I heard you are a fan of wine. I happened to find a jar of precious wine in a forbidden area last time. I purposely brought it for you," Supreme Rudao said. She took out a jar. It was filled with blue wine that had a mystical aura.

"Mm? Oh my, this is incredible!"

Jiang Bilan palmed her forehead. Did Princess Miao Miao fall for it so easily?

"Cultivator Jiang, I found a scroll written by Daoist Xinhui by coincidence too. Are you interested in it?" Supreme Rudao took out a scroll.

"Daoist Xinhui?"

Jiang Bilan's eyes glittered. Daoist Xinhui was a legend in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. Even though she was only a Nine Heavens Supreme, she was able to kill Masters of Dao by outsmarting them on three different occasions. Many formidable factions had treated her as their enemy as a result.

"Little husband? How did I do? Will you consider accepting me as your fourth wife so I can help you maintain the peace between your wives?" Master Rudao winked at Qin Nan.

"Mengyao, enough with your nonsense!"

Qin Nan broke out in cold sweat again. What did he mean by accepting her as his fourth wife? Since when did he have three wives?

Qin Nan subconsciously lifted his gaze and looked at Empress Feiyue. Empress Feiyue happened to be looking at him too. They both looked away after a brief exchange of glances.

"Kid, you are so lucky!"

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and Supreme Chang Xiao murmured in their hearts.

They were able to see everything clearly as bystanders.

"Qin Nan, it's almost time. We should be going."



The Secondary Lower Realm, the Land of Sacred Spirits...

The status of the Land of Sacred Spirits never stopped rising ever since Qin Nan showcased his extraordinary talents. It was now one of the Five Great Lands in the Canglan Continent. 

Luohe Kingdom had also become a powerhouse with many strong cultivators.

The capital of Luohe Kingdom was none other than the place where the legend was born, Linshui City.

The Qin Clan in Linshui City had grown significantly too. Only a minority knew it had relocated to a new place.

The old Qin Clan was still at the same place, but it was deserted most of the time.

A door opened with a squeak. An old man with white hair walked out and went closer to a nearby pond. He brewed himself some tea before reading some old scriptures.

Lately, the Secondary Lower Realm had been very active. According to Gong Yang, some mysterious cultivators had come from the Upper Primary Realm to seek Qin Nan's past.

The old man decided to move back to the old Qin Clan after giving it some thought.

He might be a Martial Monarch, yet he no longer had the passion to pursue higher cultivation levels. He realized he had aged a lot.

"Uncle Qin!" Gong Yang's voice came from the distance.

"Why are you here? Did something happen?" the old man asked. t

"HAHA, something did happen, but it's great news for you," Gong Yang went inside with a burst of laughter.

Qin Nan and the others were following him.

The old man's eyes glittered following a glance.

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