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PBS - Chapter 2212 - Heaven Immortals

The young girl was relaxed in the next few days. She was smiling even when she was comprehending the Nine Forms of the Fox Emperor. 

She was a member of the Sacred Heart Moonfox Tribe. Her mother told her that their tribe used to be ranked in the top thirty among the ancient tribes. Their tribe once had a Heaven Highness. 

She had no idea how strong a Heaven Highness was. She only knew the tribe had declined so much over the years that she was the only one left.

A few hundred years ago, her tribe was wiped out by two Nine Heavens Supremes.

Her father had died in the battle. Her mother sacrificed her life just to help her escape.

She had been wandering aimlessly since then. She was only a Martial Progenitor back then, yet she managed to achieve the Earth Immortal Realm by herself.

She was following her mother's last words, to cultivate diligently and avenge her tribe. She always kept her mother's words in mind, yet she began to feel helpless after she became a Human Immortal.

Her cultivation was too weak at first, thus she was able to conceal her identity as a Sacred Heart Moonfox, yet she could no longer conceal the Sacred Heart after she became a Human Immortal.

She was constantly hunted by strangers. She had no choice but to stay on the run. Even those whom she trusted and traveled alongside for a long time raised their swords at her.

She was lost and lonely.

If possible, she would rather stay in the cave and cultivate until the day she no longer had to keep running away, the day when she was strong enough to protect herself.

Unfortunately, it was just an excessive hope. 

On the seventh day, as she had reached an important stage of comprehending the Nine Forms of the Fox Emperor, a strong sense of danger rose in her heart, forcing her to wake up.

"Se...senior, my enemies are here. I have to go. Thank you for letting me cultivate in the cave. I will repay your kindness if I have the chance..."

The young girl brought her fists together at Qin Nan. She took a closer look at Qin Nan to remember his face and went outside.

She froze as soon as she left the cave.

"Tsk tsk, as expected of a Sacred Heart Moonfox, I've already used the Heaven-Concealing Talisman which my master has given me to conceal our presence, yet you were able to notice us still," a young man in a black robe complimented.

"Yeah, us three have been chasing her for more than a month, yet she always managed to run away. If it weren't for Senior Brother Lin's help, we won't have a chance to catch her even if we chase her for a dozen years."

Beside the young man stood a huge bloke with round cheeks, a bald-headed man, and a hunched old man.

The person talking was the huge bloke with round cheeks. He was fawning upon the young man respectfully.

The young girl's face turned pale when she lifted her gaze.

She could sense the young man was a peak Heaven Immortal who had mastered three of the Extremities. He was only half a step away from becoming a Peerless Ruler!

She might be able to run away from a few Earth Immortals, yet she did not stand a chance against a Heaven Immortal. 

The young man smiled and observed his surroundings. His eyes flickered with astonishment, "This place is quite unusual. There must be something precious here. Little fox, you must have found something valuable. Hand it over right now!"

The young girl said in a trembling voice, "There's...there's nothing here..."

The young man's grin widened before the young girl could finish, "I heard the Sacred Heart Moonfox has decent skin. My wife happens to be a fan of mink robe."

The young girl was thunderstruck. She once saw someone from her tribe being skinned alive in the tragedy which wiped out her tribe. She could still hear her cries of agony until today.

She began to tremble in fear.

The young man was satisfied with her reaction, "I was going to grant you an easy death, yet you didn't treat my offer seriously."

A blinding immortal glow burst out of his body.

A calm voice came out of the cave at the same time, "It's finally done."

The eyes of the young man and his men widened. There was someone else here? 

The young girl was startled. Was the senior awake?

Qin Nan walked out of the cave. He was surprised when he saw the group outside the cave.

Heaven Immortals and Earth Immortals?

He must admit that he rarely saw cultivators at their level after he went to the First Immortal Realm. However, he soon realized he was only an Earth Immortal not too long ago.

The young man was the first to react. He secretly observed Qin Nan with his eye-technique and said, "Who are you?"

Qin Nan smiled as he collected his thoughts, "It doesn't matter who I am. I find this young girl pleasing to my eyes. I have no intention to kill since I'm in a great mood. You may go."

The young girl was stunned. She could not remember when was the last time someone had taken her side.

The young man grinned coldly, "My friend, we had our eyes on her first. Are you really thinking of keeping her to yourself?"

He added after a slight pause, "I must remind you that my master is the Supreme Elder of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect. He once taught me that if the person I stumbled into is worthy enough, I should consider compromising and share the loot instead."

The young girl shivered, but she soon felt a warm hand on her head which immediately calmed her down.

Qin Nan withdrew his smile and said, "You have three seconds."

The young man's expression darkened.

He was the disciple of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect's Supreme Elder. Most Nine Heavens Supremes he met would give him face.

He had already compromised and revealed his identity, yet the man was still treating him arrogantly.

"You three, my master is in this Small Immortal Realm. He will be here soon after I send him a message! That guy is only a Peerless Ruler at most. If you can keep him busy for a while, he's dead for sure once my master arrives!" the young man transmitted his voice.

"Not a problem!" the three men's eyes glittered.

"You've asked for it yourself. You shouldn't blame me for not going easy on you!" the young man said coldly. He took out an immortal sword and unleashed sword intents which formed three sword formations.

The three men unleashed their immortal force and took out their artifacts too.

"You want to fight me?" Qin Nan raised his brows.

"Fine, I was planning to visit the Supreme Daoism factions here anyway to test my strength. I guess I won't mind bullying people for once since you've presented yourself."

Qin Nan shrugged. He sent the young girl to somewhere outside the mountain with a flick.

A terrifying aura immediately burst out of his body.

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