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ZL - Chapter 1059- Great fight

The Moon City's people did not fight back and were directly chased to the northwest by us. The ground was covered in a dense number of corpses. Plenty of equipment and potions fell on the grass and on the desert. Only four hours later did we clean up the battlefield.

The players behind were clearing up the battlefield, while I led the Furnace God and Red Flame cavalries to roam the wilderness. In the distance, Sky Rose's Blades of War lay in wait.

Blades of War, Iron Skull City's top guild that had over two hundred seventy thousand people. Those online and could fight were around one hundred thousand. It was the top guild in this world. Sky Rose was deemed as a war goddess, and in Iron Skull City, no other person could compare to her. This was unlike China, India, and Nine Heavens City, where the people in power were not women. Nine Heavens City's top player was Demon Mountain, while India's was Drunk Maple, with the brain being Clear Black Eyes.


Blades of War just stayed in the way and prepared their cannons and crossbow chariots. They waited for us to charge, but we did not plan to do that. We had Fan Shu City as our shield, so there was no need to fight them here. Moreover, the people behind me were not Tian Ling City's main force, as most of them followed Rumor.

We gathered slowly, with five million of us defending the east in case we got surrounded. The others entered Fan Shu City unhurriedly.

Not long after, the Moon City players returned and gathered at the north to form a three-way encirclement of the city. The assault on the west wall was the strongest. Sky Rose was not too patient and did not want to waste too much time here. After all, their true target was Tian Ling City as its resources were top in the world. Everyone wanted that city.

It was late in the night; Fan Shu City's players and NPCs held up their torches to light up the city. Iron Skull, Swirling Abyss, and Moon cities players, as well as NPCs, lit up their torches. Looking out, the plains were covered in flames and there were too many people.

"They have stopped attacking." Li Mu sat on the ground. That place was hit by a Dragon Crystal Cannons and formed an uneven hole.

I said, "They will be back fast."

Yue Qing Qian said, "They are resting for an hour, probably because they’re waiting for Dragon Crystal Cannons and resources. Their attack will be even fiercer and crazier."

Wang Jian rode his horse over and jumped off. "Brother Xiao Yao, the Americans sent five million people around Dragon Surrendering Forest and are about to arrive at Fan Shu City’s east. Once they surround us, it will be tough."

Enchanted Painting was stunned and held her Water God's Halberd. "We have a few million outside the city. What should we do, fight outside or let them enter?"

I replied, "Let them enter. They definitely brought Dragon Crystal Cannons, so a battle in the wilderness would be bad for us. Let's defend them once more. As long as their first wave doesn't succeed, we will have a chance to counter-attack."



Like what we expected, a while later, shouts spread from the distance. Iron Skull City's American players launched their new wave of attacks. Tens of millions of players attacked our east walls. The players outside started to retreat into the city. They were being killed, but there was nothing we could do.

We were also being attacked from all around.

Sky Rose, Orange Eyes, Smile, etc. discussed the attack time. Wow! For just one Fan Shu City, they sent all three main cities. Actually, Fan Shu City was not big, and no more than ten million people could surround the city. Most of them were waiting to attack from hundreds of meters out. Pu dong! Pu dong! War drums rang out. I squinted my eyes and looked into the distance. "What is that?"

Dong Cheng Yue held her staff and suddenly released a meteor into the distance. The light shone and an ice giant could be seen dragging over its heavy ax. D*mn! This was a Boss-grade Giant. Moreover, it belonged to the Swirling Abyss City army system. This was their special soldier type. The Russians actually released their giant just to take down Fan Shu City!

"Level 182 one-star God Tier Boss, be careful!" I warned everyone. I grabbed Dong Cheng Yue's wrist and tossed her to the south, which was closer to the giant. We had to kill this beast with Dong Cheng Yue's strong magic!

Han Yuan held his blade and looked at the frost giant. "What is that?"

"It is a giant, general!" A Royal Army Lieutenant replied.

Han Yuan gritted his teeth. "D*mn! Why does Swirling Abyss City have such a monster? That’s so weird!"

I rushed over with Zhan Long's elites and ordered, "Han Yuan, aim the Dragon Crystal Cannons at the giant and blow him up. Don't let him get close!"

"Yes, General!"

The cannoneers aimed and the city wall creaked as they all fired. Many cannonballs accurately exploded on the body of the Frost Giant. However, it was too huge and was at least forty meters tall. Its body was covered in a layer of frost, too, as if it were ice armor. The Dragon Crystal Cannons melted the ice layer but were unable to kill it right away.

"Continue!" Han Yuan hollered. "Blow him up and don't let him get close!"

Alas, the Dragon Crystal Cannons had a thirty– to sixty-second cooldown. The cannoneers looked at Han Yuan helplessly. That giant, which had gotten enraged, charged over. Each step caused the ground to shake. His footsteps pretty much caused the entire Fan Shu City to tremble.

Kong! Facing Dong Cheng Yue's Thunderbolt Finger and Dancing Forest's Meteor Shot, this fearless Boss raised his arms and struck the city walls!

Peng! Sparks flew and two Dragon Crystal Cannons were smashed into pieces. Dozens of cannoneers flew out of that city walls, and even worse was that twenty meters of the city walls were slashed off. Stone, along with pieces of corpses and Dragon Crystal Cannons, flew out.

"D*mn..." Li Mu sucked in a cold breath. "That's too overbearing..."

I grabbed Butterfly and used Icy Wings to charge toward the Boss. "We could even kill Blood Giant, so who cares about this one-star god general? Attack, kill him. This Frost Giant has high strength, but his agility isn't high. His movement speed is also really slow!"

Just like what I had just said, after the Frost Giant attacked, his body leaned on the side of the walls. His ax was so heavy even he found it hard to wave about. Right as he gained his balance, I was already on his neck. I slashed and a golden glow shone in the night sky. The fifteen Wind Carrying Slashes landed on his exposed neck. I also used Strength of a Thousand Men. When the Frost Giant waved his arm to attack me, I placed Zhen Yue Sword horizontally to block it, but he was too strong and caused me to fly backward. I hit the city walls and my head felt giddy.

"Look, it’s the country war MVP Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Kill him!"

The Swirling Abyss City players outside naturally would not give up this chance. Dozens of cavalry players charged over. They all used Sword Control Technique and Battle Ax Throw.

I used the Wall of Douqi to blow these attacks and greatly reduced their damage. At the same time, I smiled and used Ghost God's Dance and Sword Tempest. Butterfly and Double Hit swept forward. Along with Zhen Yue Sword's hits, I killed a few dozen people before leaving and flying back onto the wall.

Kong! The frost giant was still smashing about but the hair on its shoulder was burning. This was due to Dong Cheng Yue's Magma Lance. Yue Qing Qian took the chance to use Grip of the Firefox before retreating and dodging the frost giant's attacks. That ax landed once more and no one could block it! Peng! Another giant explosion and the south walls were hit once more. The ax slashed twenty meters deep as if it were slicing a watermelon. Luckily, the walls were wrapped in white iron, or else that ax would have sliced through them!

Behind me, Han Yuan hollered and charged out with his blade. He stepped on the giant's ax and slashed with god power. Although their sizes were totally different, Han Yuan was strong, too. One slash and the frost layer on the giant's chest was sliced open. Bones broke and fresh blood flowed.

That was not it. Han Yuan was able to do what others could not. He slashed his blade into the wound. That blade looked like an umbrella made of blades. He charged in and disappeared. All that we saw was blood spurting out. Bones started to crack and the giant cried out in pain. The bones on his back were pierced through, and Han Yuan just jumped out from the body. He pulled the giant's hair before appearing on its neck. His blade flashed once more and he left a deep wound.


The frost giant was still not dead. He grabbed Han Yuan's body and tossed him at the city wall!

"Peng" and a portion of the walls were smashed into ruins. Han Yuan's body was covered in blood and his blade was broken. He laid there but he was calm. He smiled, "So fun!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.