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PBS - Chapter 2211 - Real Identity

Time gradually passed. Six days later...

Qin Nan found himself still inside the gray space of chaos.

His will was constantly fighting the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh and the Art of the Immortal Demon during this period. He was overwhelmed more than a hundred times, yet he managed to endure it by clenching his teeth.

The auras in his body had finally calmed down.

The Impenetrable Sacred Flesh and the Art of the Immortal Demon stopped rejecting one another too. They had started to merge with the Dao Pattern.

However, they were a long way from a full merge.


A shocking explosion caught Qin Nan's attention.

He noticed the memory fragments in his Divine Sense had cracked into pieces.

An ancient aura surged wildly.

Four chimes followed by countless glowing runes spread rapidly with Qin Nan at the center. They eventually formed a pattern of eight dragons.

"Huangfu Jue's memories are about to be awakened..." Qin Nan murmured.


A powerful energy descended upon him out of nowhere, dragging his mind and will into a void.

Qin Nan looked above him.

He saw a blue vortex around a hundred zhang wide with images in it.

It was depicting a vast golden land with tall mountains soaring into the clouds. A pitch-black skeleton was sitting on top of a mountain with its legs crossed.

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat.

He could feel an indescribable aura from the skeleton, as if its existence had surpassed all living creatures and Rules!

He also sensed a familiar and desirable urge in his heart, as if the skeleton was a part of him that he had to reclaim.

"Is...is this Huangfu Jue's flesh which Mo Xie mentioned before?" Qin Nan murmured.

Mo Xie told him that he would only know where Huangfu Jue's flesh was after he awakened Huangfu Jue's memories by achieving the Master Realm.

Mo Xie also hinted to him that Demon Emperor Wutian, him, and Huangfu Jue's men would only follow his lead once he mastered the Art of the Immortal Demon and refined Huangfu Jue's flesh.


Some time later, the images disappeared as Qin Nan's will and mind returned to his body.


Qin Nan frowned as he came to his senses.

Was that it?

When he awakened Zhou Di's memories, not only did he see Zhou Di's illusionary figure, he even experienced Zhou Di's past in person.

However, it did not feel like he had awakened Huangfu Jue's memories. He only learned where the flesh was.

"Perhaps I will obtain the rest of his memories after refining his flesh?" Qin Nan thought.

"Forget it, I shall worry about it later," Qin Nan shook his head and focused on cultivating. 

Five days later, Qin Nan finally came out of the gray space of chaos.

For some reason, he did not find himself in the First Immortal Realm. He was in an unfamiliar Immortal Realm instead.

Zhou Xundao was still recovering from his injuries, thus Qin Nan did not disturb him. He did not return to the Undying Cycle Mountain. He went to an ancient cave on a mountain.

He closed his eyes after sending a message to Princess Miao Miao, Jiang Bilan, Empress Feiyue, Master Rudao, Supreme Rudao, Mo Xie, and the others.

Little did he know, the land within a few tens of thousand li started to transform because of his presence. The Immortal Intent in the area had grown a few times stronger.

Ten days later, a few dozen people came out of the Dao Seeking Land...

The ten Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits were claimed by Princess Miao Miao, Jiang Bilan, Jiang Ni, Supreme Chang Xiao, Zheng Hou, Xu Ruochen, Elder Long, Holy Monk Wangjin, Wang Tianfang, and Xiang Qi, allowing them to achieve the Master Realm.

In addition to them, Li Yangfan, Li Baiye, some Patriarchs and Saints, and rogue cultivators, a total of nineteen people had managed to achieve the Master Realm on their own too.

The series of events began to spread wildly, leaving various factions in awe!

The authorities of these factions gasped when they heard how Qin Nan had slain Xiang Hun and claimed the belongings of Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue. Most of them immediately wore a gloomy expression.

Meanwhile, when Li Yangfan's identity as the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's successor was made public, the other six Heaven Highness Clans immediately paid the Li Clan a visit for a private meeting.

Five days later, in the nameless mountain...

A young girl with pale skin wearing a golden silk dress flew out of the woods and was overjoyed when she discovered the cave.

"Such a strong presence of Immortal Intent with a hint of an ancient demon will too. I should be able to recover from my injuries if I can cultivate here for ten days. I might be able to comprehend the first half of the Nine Forms of the Fox Emperor and achieve the Heaven Immortal Realm," the young girl thought.

However, she was not stupid to realize there must be something terrifying in the area if the beasts did not dare to set their foot into the mountain, not to mention the remarkably strong Immortal Intent that it was emitting.

The young girl clenched her teeth and made up her mind after a brief hesitation. She did not have a choice. She would have no chance of finding her way so deep into the mountain if she did not have the fragmented map.

If she did not recover from her injuries and improve her cultivation soon, she would die once her enemies found her.

The young girl went inside the cave and saw Qin Nan inside it.

Even though Qin Nan was sitting still like a statue without emitting any aura, the young girl knew he was the cause of the strange phenomenon in the area.

The young girl quickly brought her fists together with a pale face. She said in a worried voice, "Senior, I'm sorry for disturbing you. I hope you won't mind."

A few moments later, the young girl was stunned when she did not hear any response from Qin Nan.

Did it mean...

He was not going to blame her for coming into the cave without his permission?

Despite having the thought, she did not dare to speak or move since she was not sure of Qin Nan's intention.

She finally lowered her guard after a prolonged silence. She asked, "Senior, can I cultivate here too?"

She was extremely nervous. She was relieved when she did not receive a response after a long time. She sat on the ground and began to cultivate. 

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