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PBS - Chapter 2209 - Rebirth and Transformation, Part Two

"Princess, Lanlan, I'm leaving to achieve the Master Realm. Remember to claim the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits," Qin Nan transmitted his voice.

"Not a problem, do you think the two of us are going to have trouble claiming the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits?" Princess Miao Miao waved her hand. She suddenly asked with squinting eyes, "It seems like you are pretty close with the woman whose face is covered with a veil."

Jiang Bilan nodded in agreement, "I think so too."

Qin Nan coughed a few times and was about to explain himself when Princess Miao Miao harrumphed coldly and glared at him like she was willing to let him off the hook this time. She would make him pay again in the future.

Qin Nan twisted his lips. He looked at Supreme Chang Xiao, Elder Long, and the others, "Fellow cultivators, I'll go first to achieve the Master Realm!"

"We shall meet again in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!"

He flew to the palace upon finishing the sentence. The cultivators made way for him. There was no longer any sense of danger.

Li Yangfan waved her hand to withdraw the energy encapsulating the pond and the altar. She then left the palace. 

Qin Nan stared at the two items for some time before waving his hand.


The wisp of Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon turned into two peerless light rays and entered Qin Nan's body.


Qin Nan's body underwent tremendous transformations.

Every part, bone, and drop of blood in his body began to evolve with an overwhelming sense of power skyrocketing in his heart.

The Ownerless Heaven Pattern deep inside Qin Nan's Divine Sense came to life again. It was emitting a brilliant glow to light up Qin Nan's entire body.

An indescribable power was born too.

It felt like Qin Nan's heart had opened a huge door, allowing him to comprehend the secrets of something called the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh.

His flesh was also evolving into the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh.

A demonic voice echoed in Qin Nan's mind, uttering thunderous words inside his Divine Sense. Furthermore, Huangfu Jue's memories were also being awakened. The two voices were more impactful than the transformations of his body.

That being said, Huangfu Jue's memories were not fully awakened yet. Qin Nan also had to comprehend the second half of the Art of the Immortal Demon himself, thus it did not bring him any significant differences.

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh and sat on the ground to calm his thoughts.

Qin Nan did not manage to inflict serious on Xiang Hun all by himself. If he did not refine Zhou Di's remaining blood essence and happen to awaken Huangfu Jue's memories, he would lose the fight miserably.

Qin Nan hated Xiang Hun's guts, yet he had to admit that Xiang Hun's piercing words were accurate to a certain point.

He was indeed an ant compared to Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue.

His talents, cultivation, and capabilities were nowhere close to matching theirs!

Qin Nan had learned a lot of things from the fight. He had also thought many things through. He now had a clearer plan on what he should focus on.

But right now, he should focus on achieving the Master Realm first!

Qin Nan closed his eyes and felt the mystical energy from the two objects he had just claimed. The Nine Heavens Supreme force in his body continued to evolve from where it stopped previously.

To his relief, his Nine Heavens Supreme force was a lot different now, mainly because it was influenced by the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh and the Art of the Immortal Demon.

Time gradually passed. The aura Qin Nan was emitting was growing stronger.

The sky above the palace had turned pitch-black with countless lightning flickers. The terrifying auras from it left the Nine Heavens Supremes nearby in bewilderment.

The auras alone were at least ten times stronger than ordinary Nine Heavens Supremes when they were attempting to achieve the Master Realm.

However, they were not too surprised after they realized it was Qin Nan who was attempting the breakthrough.

Qin Nan began to emit a sacred glow, a demonic glow, the glow of Dao, and the glow of the Master Realm simultaneously.

Qin Nan had comprehended the Master Realm slightly in the battle. He did not have any trouble with his attempt since he had just been through an intense fight which his life was constantly in danger.

The Master Realm was only the start of a new level. Its end was the Supreme Highness Realm.

It was equivalent to becoming a Human Immortal from the Heaven God Realm, which allowed an ordinary human to become an immortal. The Nine Heavens Supreme Realm was the peak for an immortal.

It was difficult to achieve the higher levels, but a new level would also bring tremendous transformations to the cultivator in the future, like planting a new seed.

Every seed required delicate care to grow into a towering tree, but the factor that mattered the most was the seed's quality.


The aura Qin Nan was unleashing grew even stronger. The whole place started vibrating vigorously once again.

The Great Dao between the Heavens and Earth had cracks everywhere too.

The cultivators were still fighting outside the palace. The darkness in the sky spread even further and soon covered a distance of a few thousand li.

Rare phenomena occurred too, each was shocking on their own.


An indescribable Dao Gate suddenly appeared from the black clouds with a terrifying aura like a lightning strike.

A shocking sight soon followed. Four gates similar to the first one appeared too. There were five gates in total!

Normally, a Nine Heavens Supreme could only summon a Dao Gate as they were achieving the Master Realm. It was rare to see anyone being able to summon two Dao Gates.

Many cultivators looked up and saw a peerless glow rising into the sky from the palace. It split into five rays of light and slashed at the five gates.

Deafening explosions took place as lightning flickers gathered around the gates like an ancient calamity.

However, both the lightning and the Dao Gates were unable to stop the powerful slashes. They were shattered into pieces in less than a hundred breaths.

A tremendous aura was born between the Heavens and Earth. The cultivators felt like they were standing before a heavenly mountain.

Everything soon returned to calm.

The terrifying auras, slashes, calamity, and rare phenomena were nowhere to be seen.

The Dao Seeking Land would force the cultivators who achieved the Master Realm out.

The cultivators withdrew their gazes and focused on the battle before them.

Little did they know, it was only the beginning of Qin Nan's breakthrough!

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Written by Supreme Villian. Translated by XephiZ.