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PBS - Chapter 2208 - Rebirth and Transformation, Part One

The tree shook following the powerful blast.

Everything finally returned to calm after some time.

The Nine Heavens Supremes soon witnessed an unforgettable sight.

"He...he lost?"

Did Qin Nan just slay the Sixth Immortal?


The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree, Zhou Xundao, and Li Yangfan were overjoyed.

"HAHA, Qin Nan, as I thought, you would never let me down!"

Supreme Chang Xiao, the Patriarchs of the Sanqing Ancient Sect and the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect, and the Nine Heavens Supremes were astounded too.

The former was not too surprised, but the two Patriarchs had bet everything on Qin Nan after making up their minds.

They had made the right choice now that Qin Nanh ad won the fight!

"Xiao Nanzi, well done!"

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan smiled too.

Xu Ruochen, Elder Long, and the Nine Heavens Supremes were brimming with excitement too.

They had long decided to live and die together with Qin Nan.

In comparison, Zhuang Nan and some other Nine Heavens Supremes were wearing pale faces like they had just been struck by lightning.

Their plans were revolving around Xiang Hun. If Xiang Hun had fallen, it meant their plans had failed too!

Most importantly, they might struggle to survive under the circumstances.

Xiang Hun opened his eyes wide. He was still struggling to believe what just happened, yet the iciness and fatigue he was feeling from his body were telling him that it was not a dream.

"Qin Nan, you..."

Xiang Hun was about to say something, but his eyes lost focus before he could finish the sentence.


His body shattered into countless light dots which scattered across the sky.


Qin Nan frowned.

He clearly sensed each of the light dot had a mystical energy of the Eternity!

"Qin Nan, Xiang Hun is the Sixth Immortal. He has also refined half of the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity. Even though he had yet to fully refine it, he wouldn't die so easily. He would soon be reborn in some place in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm."

Zhou Xundao transmitted his voice, "However, his strength would decline significantly after he came back to life. He would also lose the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity. He would only reclaim the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh in the Greater Success Stage."

"You have done well."

His eyes had a complicated look in them.

The truth was, he had the same thoughts as Xiang Hun. He assumed it was Qin Nan's luck to be chosen by Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue as the pawn of their little chess match.

However, what happened just then completely changed his mind.

What was his future going to be?

Would Qin Nan become Zhou Di or Huangfu Jue? Would he become someone else instead?

Did Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue expect this was going to happen when they chose him as their reincarnation?

"Now that I think about it, Zhou Di pleaded me to assist his reincarnation at all costs. I thought he was trying to rely on the Undying Cycle Mountain to reclaim his strength ,yet it seemed like he had something else in mind!" Zhou Xundao murmured in his heart before he turned into a white ray of light and entered Qin Nan's body.

He had sustained serious injuries in the battle. He even unleashed the Undying Seal forcibly. He desperately needed some rest.

"Xiang Hun will be reborn again?" Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

It might be for the best since he had yet to fully vent his anger with the slash!

"Is that..."

Zhuang Nan's eyes glittered as he thought of something when he saw the light dots. He 

"Inverse of the Nine Fleshes, Conceal of the Heavens!" 

Zhuang Nan quickly reacted by using his final trump card. He turned into a nine-colored ray and disappeared into the rift.

"Did he run away?"

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan harrumphed coldly. They were planning to show off their 'loot' to Qin Nan.

"Brothers! Qin Nan has already slain the Sixth Immortal. Who could possibly stop us? Let's fight!"

Elder Long roared excitedly upon collecting his thoughts.


The Nine Heavens Supremes under his lead lined up in formations once again!

"We have failed to stop him this time!"

Zheng Hou, Wang Tianfang, the Saints, and the Patriarchs let out a sigh with displeased looks.

It was obvious that Qin Nan would soon rise as a formidable figure with the support of the three Supreme Daoism factions now that he had achieved the Master Realm. The Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and a few other factions were also treating him indifferently.

The difference between Qin Nan's strength and theirs would grown even more as time went by.

Their factions would have to send out their Masters of Dao to hunt Qin Nan down. They were no longer qualified to fight him.

Jiang Ni tightened the grip around his sword among the crowd. A terrifying sword intent which he had accumulated in his body eventually dissipated.

His sword was still not sharp enough to take on Qin Nan. Now was not the best time for him to fight Qin Nan.

He shifted his attention away. He paused briefly when he glanced at Lu Qingyin who also had a complicated look on her face. His gaze stopped when it landed on an old man.

The old man was not on the Supreme Leaderboard, yet Jiang Ni knew very clearly the old man was stronger than Zheng Hou who was ranked second on the Supreme Leaderboard. His strength was almost on par with Li Yangfan's.

He too was pursuing an extraordinary path of cultivation. His name was Li Baiye!

He was a suitable candidate to be his sword's grindstone for now. 

"Qin Nan, congratulations!" Li Yangfan transmitted her voice.

"It's all thanks to Cultivator Li and Senior Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's help!"

Qin Nan brought his fists together. He was soon overwhelmed by fatigue. His vision began to darken.

The slash he executed was probably the strongest attack he had used.

It had expended a huge amount of his energy.

"I should be the one thanking you. You managed to defend the dignity of our era."

Li Yangfan said with a smile, "Based on the rules for the duels, the wisp of Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon are now yours."

"It's not convenient for you to refine them in front of the crowd. I shall rebuild the sacred palace. You may take your belongings and continue on with your breakthrough."

Li Yangfan waved her hands. Green lights entered Qin Nan's body to help with his recovery.

Following it, powerful forces rose into the sky and formed an extraordinary palace.

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