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ZL - Chapter 1055- Royal Dragonrider


  From afar, Thunder God’s Guild Leader Smile held his spear, which shone like a starry sky. He shouted for his comrades to attack. Smile was definitely feeling frustrated. As the England Region's top talent, the first in EBN, he performed rather poorly in the Hero's Wings tournament, country war, and King's Hunt. This was an insult to such a prideful person like him, so he badly needed a victory to prove himself.

  Unfortunately for him, he would only meet disappointment since he had chosen to prove himself using Zhan Long's Fan Shu City.


  On the city walls, many Dragon Crystal Cannons were aimed at them. Fan Shu City's west city wall had at least five hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons, and most of them were from the Royal Army. Behind were cannoballs ready to be fired. We had many Dragon Crystal mines in Fire God Mountain, so to be honest, just cannonballs alone could drown the eight million of them. Our true opponents were the fifty million of Iron Skull City. Although they had three hundred million people, they did not lack money, so a large portion of their population played Destiny. Fifty million out of the three hundred million people played the game and had thirty million online at any given time.

  Han Yuan held his blade and laughed out loud. "Dragon Crystal Cannons, aim at their siege weapons and fire! Use the ice pieces from Sea of No Return to cool the barrels. As long as the cannons don't explode, continue firing at them. Don't worry about running out!"

  The city walls were the first to fire at the enemies!

  The next moment, many Dragon Crystal Cannons mushroom clouds exploded below. The Royal Army's heavy cannon unit was really strong and accurate. The seige chariots, cloud ladders, et cetera were bombed into pieces. Those NPCs hiding within screamed as they turned into piles of meat. The war had just begun and things were already looking so gruesome.

  When their heavy cavalry arrived below, I pulled out Zhen Yue Sword and shouted, "Ranged people, get close and fire!"

  Dong Cheng Yue, along with the other Zhan Long and Appearance Alliance players, got into place and used skills onto the crowd. This was a great chance to earn points. If not, once their ranged players got close, it would become a problem.

  Dong Cheng Yue held Aisha's Staff, and each wave of it dealt destructive damage. Especially her Lightning Finger, it was just overpowered. Heavy-armored players would take at least six digits of damage. Her Flame Beast Burst Raid dealt AoE damage, too, causing the Moon City players to fall.

  A few minutes later, the Moon City's NPC army had arrived. A Major pulled out a spear and tossed it. "Die!"

  I shielded Dong Cheng Yue and smacked the spear aside. I suffered 30,000 damage from this attack. D*mn! If Dong Cheng Yue had been hit, what would have happened?

  Dong Cheng Yue was stunned. "Wu! My love, you have saved my life. I have to marry you..."

  I was expressionless. "Wan'er isn't here, so please mind yourself. Zhan Long allies are around. You need to act like a proper person, or else my image will get destroyed..."

  "Okay, Brother Xiao Yao! Protect me and let me damage them."


  Dong Cheng Yue was the strongest ranged player around. Her magic damage was even slightly higher than Mu Xuan’s. With such a strong player protecting her, that should indeed be the case. However, I did not only protect her; my five-star god weapon, Butterfly, slashed at the crowd and killed many NPCs and players. At the same time, I placed three Azure Dragon Crossbows to fire. Three god spirit generals pulled the croosbows to fire sharp arrows. My country war achievement points would not fall behind Fang Ge Que and Clear Black Eyes like this.


  The battle continued, with the Dragon Crystal and Flame Dragon cannons of Moon City being fired, shaking Fan Shu City's foundations. Our walls were covered in white iron, and it was said to be capable of blocking the high temperature of Dragon Crystal Cannons. Of course, after many hits, the white iron had turned red. They might be capable of blocking the Dragon Crystal Cannons, but consecutive attacks could still destroy these walls.

  "Look, what is that?"

  Yue Qing Qian pointed at the sky and everyone looked up. Many dots had appeared above; those were NPCs. Once they got closer, we realized that they were white dragons smaller than water crystal dragons, red dragons, and black dragons. However, compared to the hawks, they were really huge.

  "Moon City has Dragonriders!" Li Mu shouted.

  "They look like NPCs, though..." I said.

  "En." Wang Jian nodded.

  They got close, and as expected, there were eleven of them riding white giant dragons. These were Moon City's Boss NPCs. Their names were really cool, Royal Dragonriders. They were Deity Tier Bosses. Although white dragons were low grade, these Royal Dragonriders were not much weaker than those from Dragon City. From what I understood, Qingluo and the Dragonriders had gotten to one-star God grade. Thus, one could tell that these eleven were Moon City's trump cards. For them to go all out so fast, were they planning to end the battle quickly?

  "Be careful!"

  I stood above but did not know how to attack. The white dragons in front of me flew down and sliced at the walls. One explosion and a Dragon Crystal Cannon was halved! I regretted keeping Lin Qiong in Green Rock City; it was too late to call him over now. We must fight like this!

  Han Yuan ran over while shouting, "Dragon Crystal Cannons, turn around and blow them up!"

  Another Dragonrider dove down and swept a bunch of Blood Contract players. Dozens of players fell on the crowd below and were drowned. Han Bei Song was so furious. He jumped up and slashed at the Dragonrider's tail, dealing 30,000 thousand damage.

  "Brother Xiao Yao, look!" Yue Qing Qian pointed up; a Royal Dragonrider had swooped down us.

  I sucked in a deep breath. This fellow, was he trying to kill Dong Cheng Yue? Even NPCs could tell how strong she was. How much was her damage?

  "Dong Cheng, use Dimensional Leap!" I shouted before leaving. 


  After backing off, my war horse turned into Icy Wings. I charged forward as that Dragonrider slashed at the wall. Luckily, she had moved fast, but a few Furnace God Cavalry still got hit. Fortunately, they fell inside the walls of the city, so they escaped certain death.

  I dove down and flew much faster than them. Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword shone with golden lights as I used Wind Carrying Slash on this white dragon's spine. Sparks flew and both the Dragonrider and the dragon rolled down the walls. He panicked and attempted to make the dragon fly again.

  Alas, his chance had disappeared. I got close and tossed Zhen Yue Sword over!


  The white dragon cried out, as my sword pierced one of its wings and pinned it to the stone wall. One Second Hero rode really well, and his Zhangba Snake Spear succeeded in piercing the other wing. The other Zhan Long members copied us and tossed their spears, as well as other weapons, over to pin the dragon’s wings on the walls.

  "Kill this Dragonrider. One Deity Tier Boss dares to be so arrogant; do you think that this is a month ago?" Li Mu held Flame Scorching Sword and charged over.

  A month ago, Deity Tier was strong, but after so long, players had leveled up and gotten better equipment. They were still strong, but we could combine our strength to beat them up.

  In five minutes’ time, Royal Dragonrider Nate died on his dragon’s back. That white dragon was sliced into many pieces, and two pieces of Deity Tier equipment were split. In the distance, another Royal Dragonrider died to the concentrated fire of the Appearance Alliance’s Mages. Even further away, one of them was hit by seven Dragon Crystal Cannons and rolled down to the other side of the city wall.

  In less than half an hour, five were eliminated while the remaining six were badly injured. They only managed to kill a few thousand Fan Shu City players and get rid of a few dozen Dragon Crystal Cannons.


  The Dragonriders came and left quickly, and these made the Moon City players attack more crazily. The Dragon Crystal Cannons could not break the city walls down, so they got anxious. However, we were feeling anxious, too. Some areas had started to melt; if this continued, the stone walls would be unable to block the cannonballs anymore.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.