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100000PSI - Chapter 67.3: I’m Terminating Our Business Relationship (3)

“I did harbor feelings for Ji Xinxin in the past, but toward you, I…” Song Shiyu blurted out, only for his words to screech to a halt halfway through. His mouth fell agape in shock as he belatedly realized what he was going to say.

“Pity you?” Ji Fanyin completed his sentence.

“…” Song Shiyu didn’t answer.

Ji Fanyin calmly took a sip of water and gracefully placed the cup back onto the table. “I heard that Miss Chen is preparing for marriage. To avoid unnecessary complications, I’ve decided to terminate our business relationship.”

Song Shiyu’s eyes slowly dilated upon hearing those words. He answered without the slightest hesitation, “I refuse.”

“Hasn’t Ji Xinxin returned to the country?” Ji Fanyin points out nonchalantly. “You should look for her. She’s your white moonlight.”

“Ji Fanyin!” bellowed Song Shiyu furiously.

A waiter was just about to get their order when the sudden outburst intimidated him, causing him to timidly back away.

Ji Fanyin placed her finger on her lips and shushed him, “We’re in a public place. Don’t be a public nuisance.”

Song Shiyu’s chest rapidly expanded and contracted under the influence of his rampaging emotions. It took him a while to keep his emotions in check.

He furiously questioned, “What are you trying to get at? What do you want me to say? Are you waiting for me to confess that the person I like is no longer your younger sister but you?”

A question mark popped up in Ji Fanyin’s head. She was about to answer with an ‘Of course not’, but Song Shiyu wasn’t giving her the opportunity to do so.

“Fine, I admit to it! My feelings have changed! I have fallen in love with you! My feelings for you are even stronger than how I previously felt for Xinxin! You’re far more important to me than she is! Are you satisfied now?!”

Despite Song Shiyu’s emotional outburst, Ji Fanyin was hardly impressed at all.

She calmly assessed Song Shiyu’s expression and mused over his confession. Then, she laughed. “Song Shiyu, aren’t you getting something wrong here?”

Song Shiyu glared at her as if he was going to eat someone whole.

“Your feelings don’t mean a thing to me” Ji Fanyin waved her hand dismissively at Song Shiyu. “I’ve told you from the very start—I need money. I personally believe that I have made things very clear. Are you still deluding yourself that the ‘Ji Fanyin’ who had feelings for you is still around?”

“That’s why I couldn’t say anything at all!” exclaimed Song Shiyu with suppressed agitation. “I couldn’t accept that you no longer had feelings for me. What does that make me? I neglected you, used you, hurt you. I denied you in the past, only to fall helplessly for you now. What does that make me?!”

Ji Fanyin raised her eyebrows.

She wasn’t too surprised to learn of Song Shiyu’s thoughts.

Proud people had the tendency to ignore facts that questioned their self-esteem. It was a natural defensive mechanism to protect their ego. That was the reason why he interpreted Ji Fanyin’s actions as an alternative method to attract his attention.

That was why he thought that Ji Fanyin’s act of accepting money to become a stand-in was a way for her to preserve her own self-esteem while staying by his side.

He wanted to believe that Ji Fanyin had taken care of him while he was ill because she still had feelings for him.

That Ji Fanyin was just being jealous when she asked him about his blind date.

That Ji Fanyin had refused to go out with him because she doubted his sincerity.

But even an elephant could be brought down by an army of ants. It was only a matter of time before his castle of lies crumbled.

“If I admit to that, wouldn’t that mean that I’m a fucking idiot who fell in love with someone who’s no longer in love with me?!” Song Shiyu hissed through gritted teeth. It was the first time in a long while that he had uttered vulgarity before another person.

Ji Fanyin directed him a perplexed look and asked, “Is that not the case?”


White moonlight refers to a person that you’re infatuated with but is well beyond your reach, similar to a ‘goddess of your dream’.

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Translated by StarveCleric. Edited by Ru.