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ZL - Chapter 1004- Greedy Shield


A golden light flashed across and my level increased to 177. I was just three levels away from reaching level 180. On the ground, the poisonous effect of Endless Swamp had disappeared. Old K, One Second Hero, Yue Yao Yan, and the others who were swallowed by the Boss all revived in Tian Ling City. Good thing that they still had the ability to roll for equipment.Otherwise, the other players who had died would be at such a disadvantage.

Li Mu coughed. "Xiao Yao, grab the equipment; let's see what good stuff is there!"


I walked forwardand shifted the corpse of the Boss aside. Below were three pieces of equipment: A waraxe that shone with blood-colored light, a majestic-looking shield that was dark green like ink, and a chestplate that was connected to the shoulder pad. Just a look and one would know that it was nothing ordinary.


I picked up the axe and a scalding heat instantly surged into my palm. This really felt like a god artifact!

I reached out and its stats appeared in front of my eyes. Instantly, the Berserkers in the guild were stunned and were about to drool--

Greedy Nine-headed Snake (God Tier 2 Stars)

Attack: 10,100-15,500

Strength: +440

Stamina: +435

Magic Attack: +430

Agility: +420

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 145% and Strength by 2,000.

Bonus: Ignore 45% of target's Defense.

Effect: Lifesteal.Turn 20% damage into health.

Effect: Greed.After killing one player, Critical Strike rate will increase by 1%, stacking infinitely. Disappears after death or going offline.

Effect: Nine Heads.When attacking, deal damage toward nine enemies around.

Required Charm: 500

Required level: 170



Wang Jian clenched his fists and said unhappily, "Why don't sword-type weapons have such strong stats? D*mn!The 20% lifesteal is already enough, yet it just has to have Greed and Nine Heads effects, too! Whichever Berserker gets this axe can basically sweep the outside world, can’t they?"

I smiled. "En, come. The top 5 Berserkers in damage dealt roll for this!"

Li Mu said, "Old K died way earlier, but he can still get top 5. Giving this to him is the logical thing to do, or else it just won't make sense."

I shook my head and smiled. "Don't.If we do that, people will say that we are too unfair. Let's just roll!"

In the end, only two Berserkers fit the requirements of level 170 and 500 Charm. Thus, Bai Qi and Old K rolled; both of them were really unlucky. Old K got 17 and Bai Qi had a worse result, only getting 9. Next, the axe disappeared from my hands and teleported over to Old K.


The second equipment was a shield—

Greedy Shield (1 Star God Artifact)

Defense: 6,000

Strength: +425

Stamina: +400

Agility: +394

Magic Attack: +380

Bonus: Raise user's Defense by 170%.

Bonus: Raise user's Health by 50,000.

Effect: Nine Head Avenger. When attacked, reflect 50% damage to the target and also deal a certain damage to nine enemies around, with a range of 20% to 40%.

Effect: Greedy Shield Formation.Summon a formation to protect players within two hundred yards. The damage they are suffering from will be reduced by 50%, lasting for one hundred twenty seconds and consuming 120 Rage points. Cooldown of sixty minutes.

Required Charm: 400

Required level: 170


Although it was only a one-star god artifact, I felt that this shield could compare to a country weapon. Especially the Greedy Shield Formation, it was a great battle weapon!

Li Meng Yao got to level 170 after killing the Boss, so she could participate in the roll. Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero were in Tian Ling City. After the few top players rolled, Yue Yao Yan won and she felt delighted. Although Meng Yao did not get this one, I did not mind since Yue Yao Yan was one of ours. With this Greedy Shield, she would strengthen our team's fighting ability. Also, it was a good result for Zhan Long. I was not only a brother but also a guild leader, so I had to be more open.

We continued with the third one. The armor was just a Demon Harvest Tier artifact, but it was ranked within the top 100. Death God's Elegy got it. He was really lucky and rolled 99 to defeat all the other competitors.

I looked around again and saw that the Boss did not drop any equipment or skillbooks. After we split the strengthening stones, we realized that only a broken cliff was ahead. Green vines clung onto the cliff’s face; once we climbed down, it would be the second level. We had been online for too long; plus, this map could not be cleared in a day, so Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, and I felt like it was time to rest.

We made arrangements. Death God's Elegy remained with one hundred people, and then four hundred people from Furnace God Cavalry including the ranged team entered to clear the map. These people would deal with the second level, while we would enter twenty-four hours later.

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I crushed the City Return Scroll and returned to Tian Ling City. I then went offline; after eating with the two girls, I went to sleep.

I only woke up in the afternoon. Lin Wan Er told the chef to prepare a bunch of dishes. Coincidentally, Tang Qi and Qin Wen were up too, so the five of us ate a big meal at 4pm. I glanced and there were so many dishes. Australian Lobster, specially cooked frog, vegetarian platter, et cetera. The dishes were obviously not by a Teochew or Cantonese chef as I did not see any peppers.

A different taste but I still ate it with gusto. I drank a cup of red wine to help with digestion.

Tang Qi peeled the lobster while saying, "I heard some news that Zhan Long's main force is in the ice plains."

Lin Wan Er asked warily, "Why are you asking about that?"

Tang Qi rubbed his nose and smiled."Miss, don't say that; am I such a person? I just heard some news. After all, your Furnace God Cavalry is very strong, so the various guilds will have scouts following. Who asked all of you to be so strong? Speaking of which, can you reveal the number of Furnace God Cavalry that you all have?"

I did not hide anything and said, "Fifteen thousand."

"So many?"

Tang Qi was stunned. "Zhan Long's cavalry can sweep the entire earth; our Hero Mound's cavalry isn't your match."

Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "Isn't that normal? After Wan'er and I entered Zhan Long, Hero Mound's cavalry couldn't compete with Zhan Long anymore. During this half a year, apart from recruiting Tang Gu, who else did you recruit? Look at Zhan Long, we have Death God's Elegy, One Second Hero, Yue Yao Yan, etc. There is also Old K, Meng Yao, and the others who have grown. How can Hero Mound compare with Zhan Long now..."

Tang Qi was temporarily speechless."We did recruit many new experts, but they're not as flashy as Death God's Elegy and Old K."

I smiled. "Tang Qi, what is your Hundred Abyss Cavalry like? Is it smooth?How many can all of you get?"

Tang Qi thought about it and replied, "It isn't optimistic. The monsters are really random, and the Hundred Abyss Cavalry isn't the only type; in fact, the chances of level 1 appearing are low. Around twenty-four hours in, we only obtained one thousand Hundred Abyss Cavalry. In the end, we now have roughly ten thousand, definitely less than the Furnace God Cavalry."

Tang Qi laughed. "Can I ask something? How did you get the Furnace God Cavalry? Other guilds didn't get any news, yet you easily acquired a bunch of such top-grade mounts."

Lin Wan Er replied, "We stole them from Leiding."

"Ah?" Tang Qi was shocked. "Miss, stop joking; how can you steal mounts from Leiding?"

I nodded my head and smiled. "We really did. As for the details, we won't say them?"

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Dong Cheng Yue giggled. "Right, we really stole them. If you have the skill, then tell Q-Sword to snatch away some from the Hybrid Demon Territory..."

Tang Qi naturally would not be so foolish to do that. He knew how strong the Hybrid Demons and Bosses were. Moreover, the Hybrid Demon Lords were all smart, so how would they allow people to steal from them? Tang Qi also knew that I did not only rely on Zhan Long but also the Royal Army and Dragon City. I had a few God Tier NPCs to help, while Hero Mound naturally had no such advantage. Therefore, they did not even need to think about heading to the Hybrid Demon Territory.

Qin Wen did not know what we were talking about, but she was really interested in it. As such, this girl slowed down her eating, so her face became covered in oil. She did look as cute as Lin Wan Er but was probably not interested in Song Han or Old K. If not, I would have introduced her to them already.

That meal was really great and we only left at 6pm. We all entered our rooms and went online.



I appeared on the Tian Ling City north square. I cleared up my equipment and was thinking about whether to level up my skills or continue doing army quests. Suddenly, there was the sound of wings flapping. A Royal Army War Hawk Knight landed and said respectfully, "General, His Majesty is calling for you!"

Lochlan was looking for me. What was the matter this time?

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.