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100000PSI - Chapter 65.3: Is Asking For Her Marriage In Hand Not Considered a Promise? (3)

While Bai Zhou’s private jet had home theaters and gaming consoles installed, Li Xiaoxing’s private jet was practically a mobile office. There was nothing entertainment-related at all. 

By the time they boarded the jet, the highly efficient Secretary Fan had already transferred the additional wages arising from the premature commencement of work to Ji Fanyin’s account.

Ji Fanyin couldn’t help but sense a hint of envy in the overworked youth’s eyes whenever he looked at her. 

The gap in wages must be hard to bear. 

Ji Fanyin casually settled down on a comfy sofa chair and asked, “How do you plan to invite Ji Xinxin to Japan?”

“She’s feeling down. I’ll propose bringing her overseas for a change of pace,” replied Li Xiaoxing. He had clearly thought through his plans. 

Ji Fanyin assessed Li Xiaoxing’s expression. “Given her wits, it won’t take long for her to figure out what you’re up to.”

The truth was that it made no difference how Li Xiaoxing chose to propose to Ji Xinxin. The real issue was whether Ji Xinxin would accept his proposal or not. 

“She’ll likely hesitate if you propose to her directly,” added Ji Fanyin. 

She noticed a frown forming on Li Xiaoxing’s forehead, a sign that he was going to refute her point, so she stopped him with a raise of her hand. Then, she took her time to finish her sentence.

“… However, if you present your proposal in the form of an engagement, the chances of success would be much higher.”

Those words unfurrowed Li Xiaoxing’s forehead, and he nodded in agreement to Ji Fanyin’s analysis. “Alright.”

“Tell me your plan in detail.” Ji Fanyin gestured for him to continue on. “I’ll see if your plan requires any modifications.”

This was effectively a clash between Ji Fanyin and Ji Xinxin, and Ji Fanyin was in an absolutely advantageous position here. She was in possession of information that Ji Xinxin lacked, and Li Xiaoxing was completely on her side. 

If I can’t curb her even with such overwhelming advantages, I might as well just remain comatose and never return to the other world. 

Li Xiaoxing was the final rope that Ji Xinxin could clutch onto, and the offer of an engagement provided her with an additional layer of security to allay her unease. She would definitely consider accepting this commitment

And it was Ji Fanyin’s job to turn ‘consider accepting’ into ‘accept’.

There was really no need for Li Xiaoxing to elaborately plan out his words to reel her in. 

All he needed to do was to pop the most important phrases at the most crucial timing, and that would be more than enough for him to clinch victory. 


“I’ve always told you. Relish in her goodwill, enjoy her warmth, and assuage her anxieties, but never make promises to her.” From the top of the Tokyo Tower, Ji Fanyin gazed upon the brilliant city and the moving cars beneath her. “But on that long-awaited day, it’s about time for you to make promises to her.” 

“Does a proposal not count as a promise?” asked Li Xiaoxing. 

“It’s not strong enough.” Ji Fanyin pointed to herself. “You have to understand why she’s feeling anxious. You have to comprehend why she desperately needs your help. You need to grasp these two points and make a directed promise to her. That’s the way you can get her Achilles’ heel.”

Li Xiaoxing eyed Ji Fanyin’s movements with a frown. “Where does her anxieties stem from?”

“From me,” replied Ji Fanyin with a chuckle. “Has she told you about our childhood?”

Li Xiaoxing nodded.

“I’ll share my version with you,” said Ji Fanyin. “You’ll understand why she fears me by the end of it.”。

She went on to share with him the factual account of her childhood with Ji Xinxin, though she brushed off some of the minor details.

Such as how Ji Xinxin was impersonating her as Li Xiaoxing’s savior.

She did mention that Ji Xinxin had fallen ill and was hospitalized in their younger years, but she excluded the part about Ji Xinxin being practically in a coma. She also talked about how she had finally pulled herself together, but she neglected to mention how she was actually a different person on the inside. 

I just need to leave a faint imprint in Li Xiaoxing’s brain now. He might not think much about it now, but one day in the future, when he finally strings the pieces of evidence together, he’ll stumble on the truth. 

“What you have to do now is very simple,” said Ji Fanyin. “Tell her that I’ve approached you, but assure her that you’ll never fall for me. Tell her that you’ll unconditionally help and protect her from me.”

“… Because I love her,” Li Xiaoxing completed the sentence.

Ji Fanyin smiled. “That’s right. Because you love her.”

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