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PBS - Chapter 2206 - Crazy Act, Part Two

The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's ancient voice echoed in Li Yangfan's mind, "(Sigh), even though Xiang Hun only has half of the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity, it is still unstoppable. Qin Nan is already very impressive being able to come so far. You should focus on helping him with his breakthrough later. Perhaps he has a chance to take back his belongings after awakening Huangfu Jue's memories."

Despite what the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree said, it did not have the slightest hope in Qin Nan. After all, it was from the same era as the Supreme Highnesses. It was well aware of how terrifying the real Indestructible Flesh of Eternity was.

Li Yangfan had a grim look too.

The truth was, she did not really care what the outcome was in the end. She only admired Qin Nan a little.

However, Xiang Hun was treating people of their era with utter disdain and disrespect!

It was true that their era had declined significantly. It was nowhere close to the brilliant era of the four Supreme Highnesses.

Even so, many people were still working hard to alter their destinies to achieve greater heights in their era!

It did not matter how far they were able to go and what the outcome was, but the fact that they had never given up deserved everyone's respect! 

Therefore, she did not want Qin Nan to lose the fight. She was hoping that Qin Nan would defeat Xiang Hun and show him the fallen era had its brilliance too.

Yet, it was all coming to an end...


She lifted her gaze as she felt something and was dumbfounded by the sight before her.

She saw Qin Nan rising into the air. The will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking were grabbing at the remaining will of Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue's illusionary figure like two giant hands.


Qin Nan thoroughly unleashed his will.


The whole place was filled with shocking explosions. The will left by the fight between Qin Nan and Xiang Hun dissipated when a terrifying wave surged across the place.

Even Li Yangfan and Xiang Hun felt extremely minuscule before it!

"Qin Nan, you..."

Even Zhou Xundao, the mountain spirit of the Undying Cycle Mountain was in disbelief.

He was planning to ask the Nine Dragons Seal to lend Qin Nan a hand, yet he did not expect Qin Nan to do something so crazy!

Those were the will of two Supreme Highnesses!

Even though one was only the remaining will of a Supreme Highness and the other was summoned when the memories of a Supreme Highness were being awakened, meaning that they were not truly the will of two Supreme Highnesses, but they still originated from two different Supreme Highnesses!

What was a Supreme Highness?

The limit of the Dao in this boundless world!

There were only Supreme Highnesses since the world was born!

Each had unmatchable talents and pride with outstanding determination and luck, who had been through countless battles and calamities!

These peerless emperors might have reincarnated and passed away, but there was no way their will would be compatible with one another!

At that instant, the demonic realm which covered a distance of over a hundred thousand li outside the palace and on top of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree turned even more chaotic!

A sacred light and a demonic glow clashed with one another amid the chaos, as if two peerless emperors were having a duel of life and death. A destructive terrifying aura was constantly spreading in all directions.

The cultivators were overwhelmed by fear as if they suddenly found themselves in a great calamity. Even the Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage fled for their lives subconsciously, resulting in a great mess.


Inside the palace, everything was on the verge of collapsing as if the apocalypse was taking place.

Qin Nan was using all his might to merge the two terrifying will with force, as if he had no idea how crazy his act was.

He began to pay a huge price for it. His bones started exploding as his flesh was covered in wounds from which blood was pouring out.

His aura that was rising as he was attempting to achieve the Master Realm had declined rapidly too!


Xiang Hun burst out laughing after collecting his thoughts!

It was like a glimmer of hope in his darkest hour!

He initially thought he no longer had a chance to claim Huangfu Jue's memories today, yet he did not expect Qin Nan to do something so crazy and idiotic!

Qin Nan was going to kill himself at this rate!

"Qin Nan, I must apologize, I have judged you wrongly. You are no ant, your courage and boldness have completely exceeded my imagination. Even Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue are nowhere as brave as you!" Xiang Hun complimented. 

"Qin Nan, stop it at once!" Zhou Xundao yelled.

"Yangfan, stop him!" the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blurted out in a panic.

However, the situation changed once again when Li Yangfan came to her senses.

Zhou Di's remaining will and Huangfu Jue's will clashed even fiercely as if they were aware of what was going to happen next.

Qin Nan who was stuck in the middle sustained greater injuries. His Dao-Melting Immortal Flames, Divine Sense, and soul which were evolving in his body were struck with countless sharp blades!

An unprecedented pain was surging at Qin Nan's will! 

He had a feeling that everything was going to explode in mutual destruction. 

"Undying Seal!" Zhou Xundao emitted a brilliant light. He did not have time to hesitate.

"HAHA, stop wasting your effort. No one can save him unless a Supreme Highness is here. No one can calm Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue's will!" Xiang Hun burst out laughing.

"Is this...really the end?" Li Yangfan stared ahead blankly.

She could feel that the will of the two peerless emperors were struggling to come on top in the clash. Everything was on the verge of dissipating. 

"Merge at once!"

Qin Nan's roar echoed between the Heavens and Earth.

He felt like a mere dust particle or a mere ant amid the clash, like a little raft amid a storm!

However, he was unwilling to accept his fate!

He insisted to merge the two will into one!


The Nine Dragons Seal deep inside Qin Nan's soul was touched by Qin Nan's will too. It suddenly let out a long chime with a strong battle intent!

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