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ZL - Chapter 1052- Lightning Break city

Green Rock City's walls were not high, but it was enough to block the incoming enemies. A group of Archers from the city above fired down at us, and those arrows landed on the Tian Ling City players' shields. The moment I arrived under the city walls, I ordered, "Summon your mounts to increase defensive stats!"

  The allied players summoned the war horses and jumped up. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Furnace God Cavalry held up their shields to block the Archers. On the distant city walls, many Green Rock City Mages started to toss sixth advancement techniques, like Ice Pillar, at the crowd to increase damage. In a few minutes, many people, who could not withstand the piling damage, died.

  The south of the city was still surrounded. More and more Tian Ling City soldiers gathered, but even then, the Korean and Japanese players did not retreat at all. We were all waiting for a chance.

  A while later, the Heaven Barrier Army, which was led by Lin Qiong, had arrived. There were eagle screeches as red flames spread all over. Chi Yu Qing was here with the Flame Hawk Archers!

  "Lin Qiong, charge in with me; let’s open the gate!" I shouted. 

  Lin Qiong nodded naturally. "Understood, Marshal Li!"


  I grabbed Old K's arm and used Icy Wings to fly into the sky. I told Chi Yu Qing, "Have the Flame Hawk Archers cover for me. Once the gate is open, retreat with them!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  Old K was shocked. "What can I help you with?"

  "Help me clear out the soldiers here using your skills!"

  This guy was a maniac. When he heard of such a matter, he cared not for the danger at all and just nodded, saying, "Okay!"


  I jumped and instantly arrived within the city. I tossed Old K down right away. He really was fierce and used Savage Jump Slash to switch locations as he dodged a huge bunch of damage. He then roared and used Whirlwind Slash on the players and NPCs. I opened a palm and a ball of lightning materialized. The next moment, heaven-shaking power surged forth. Dark clouds gathered in the sky as many lightning dragons shot at the crowd. 

  A few seconds later, Lin Qiong's blade landed on the crowd and sword energy spread out. I dove down and used Seven Star Fragments Slash and Sword Tempest. In the air, many arrows descended. Chi Yu Qing commanded the Flame Hawk Archers to suppress the enemies. Although we were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, we were able to crush the close to ten thousand defending troops.


  A guild leader from Green Rock City was furious. "Dragon Crystal Cannons, shoot those birds down! They're such bullies! Cavalry camp, charge and chase them out! Archers, use Scattered Shot to stun that Xiao Yao Zi Zai and protect the entrance. Quick! If not, the city would be lost!"

  In the distance, the four Dragon Crystal Cannons turned their barrels and started to fire into the sky. This led to the Flame Hawks crying out. The Flame Hawk Archers were afraid of nothing, only the Dragon Crystal Cannons that ignored defense. One cannon and a large group of them were injured. Two cannons could cause substantial damage.

  At this time, a bunch of Green Rock City Cavalrymen held their axes and spears in front of me. They saw death as their only hope, but the sun flag in front of their chest was just too annoying. Old K slashed and used Whirling Battle Axe to hack them. I followed behind and slashed at the crowd.

The level 19 Wind Carrying Slash exploded and six people in front of me was insta-killed. I also used Blade Rush, followed by Seven Star Fragments Slash. Energy surged all about. When things were done and my vision cleared, the handle of the city gate was just there and was less than ten meters away from me!

  "Lin Qiong, cover me!"

  I shouted and flew toward the handle. At the same time, I said to the guild channel: "Li Mu, Wang Jian, prepare to bring people to charge in from the gate; I am going to open it!"

  Lin Qiong's blade was covered with the power of the stars as he attacked the crowd. Neither NPCs nor players could handle it. Their attacks were nothing to Lin Qiong. How could a two-star God Boss be hurt by their damage?

  "Don't go!'

  A Green Rock City Monk stood in front of me with his blade, the Monk Ring above his head shining brightly. A level 180 Monk was really rare; his shield shone with a godly light. Tsk! JBN ranked eleventh. This should be Green Rock City's top Monk. For him to have been left behind to defend the city, Frost Forest really was being careful.

  The Monk looked at me coldly. "You want to open the gate? Get past me first!"

  The blade in his hands suddenly disappeared and golden light surged in his palm. He shouted, "Buddha Light!"

  "Good good..."

  I was shocked. I knew this skill. It was one of the Monk's seventh job's skills, which could turn defense into offense, dealing huge AoE damage. Still... The name of the skill was Rulai God Fist First Move!

  Forget it. I raised my head and could feel the shockwave of the Buddha Light. I retreated and lost 50,000 Health. Wow, defense turning into offense! Moreover, this Monk's Defense was really high!

  I retaliated, energy currents surging beneath my feet. I did not hesitate to use Strength of a Thousand Men on him. Butterfly struck his shield and damageg numbers rose—



  What was surprising was that he actually did not die. He charged at me with 20% health remaining. The Golden Defense had scattered, so he led with Mountain Strike. This was a pure physical damage and the 9000+ damage it dealt was not high. He then raised his hand and green energy enveloped him. This was Holy Light; instantly, his health was back to 70%.!

  I opened my hand and used Great Realm of Desolation at close range!



  Great Realm of Desolation reduced healing by 50%, which caused the Holy Light effect to be reduced. I raised Zhen Yue Sword, and having no more time patience to spend dealing with him, I slashed him six times.


  Fresh blood splattered. Butterfly had pierced through his chestplate, pinning him on the city wall. Finally unopposed, I grabbed the handle of the gate. I pulled the chains and the heavy iron gate started to rise. When it was up by 0.5 meters, Li Mu, Wang Jian, One Second Hero, et cetera crawled in as if they were afraid that I would die inside. When they saw that I was still alive, they summoned their mounts and started defending me. A few seconds later, Yue Yao Yan, Meng Yao, Dancing Forest, et cetera entered, too. The Furnace God Cavalry appeared and started to battle with the players inside.

  The city was taken!

  In five minutes, players from Judgement, Appearance Alliance, Enemies at the Gate, et cetera all surged in. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others led the Furnace God Cavalry to gain the high vantage point. The players started to climb using ropes and we started a massacre within the city walls.

  I slashed dozens of people, and soon Butterfly became covered in blood. The country war had just begun, yet Butterfly's stacking effect was about to max out. I was killing too quickly!

  Pa pa...

  The blood dripped onto the city bricks. I looked to the southwest; battles had begun at the foot of the mountain. Right, the Japanese and Korean players were back. At least five million of them were here, but what received them were the two-million-strong China players composed of the Heaven Barrier Army, two hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons, and five hundred Flame Dragon Cannons. 

  The moment the Green Rock City was breached, they would definitely get massacred. To assist the situation outside of the city quickly, we had a strategy. We killed any players or NPCs we saw. What we wanted was the city, not prisoners.

  Close to two hours of fighting and Green Rock City had officially become a China map. Mu Xuan was the one who destroyed the throne. She killed the most in this battle and tossed many spells out. The Japanese and Korean players were all in tears.


  "Marshal Li, we’ve taken down Green Rock City!"

  Lin Qiong held his bloodstained sword and led his guards to report to me.

  I nodded. "Well done, General Lin!"

  "Marshal Li," Lin Qiong nodded, asking, "how are you planning to deal with this?"

  I had a plan. "General Lin, leave twenty thousand Heaven Barrier troops to defend here. I shall leave twenty thousand Flame Hawk Archers to defend along with them. Plus... if we kill the Green Rock City residents, they won't be able to target and think about this city anymore. After all, they know how hard to attack this city is. Without strength and enough flying troops, we all know that it is impossible."

  "Yes!" Lin Qiong smiled. "Since that's the case, once the battle there ends, I will order the troops to shift one hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons up here to defend!"



  After resting slightly, I led the Furnace God Cavalry down and started to join the fighting on the main battlefield.

  The Japanese and Korean players were really tired, but most of their expressions were full of rage. They did not expect us to target Green Rock City. This secondary city was their final castle, and losing it meant that they were roamers and did not even have a city of their own.

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