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LGS - Chapter 1047 - Please Put Him to Death Together

Immediately, everyone’s gazes converged on the palace master. His face sank slightly, and he brought out his right hand from behind his back, which held a curved horn.

From the moment Xiao An had appeared, the palace master had taken out the xiezhi’s horn secretly, but he never expected her to notice. She had not just noticed through her powerful cultivation, but also because of her sharp judgement. He could vaguely sense that she would become an unexpectedly powerful enemy in the future.

The great cultivators present all knew about the wondrous effects of the xiezhi’s horn, which only proved the veracity of Xiao An’s words. Originally, they still had a tinge of doubt, but that had completely vanished now.

“The old are truly being succeeded by the new. Now that’s what you call a true prodigy!” Ji Fugui sighed.

Princess Xuanyue, the One Will Monk King, and an unbelievable successor of a bodhisattva. When these three identities were combined, even Ji Xuanri’s identity as the crown prince of the Green province paled in comparison.

He could already foresee that her existence would definitely influence the overall situation across the entire world.

“Amitābha. Congratulations, your majesty. Congratulations, your highness. Your family is united once more. You’ve regained your lost daughter.” The Dauntless monk smiled.

“I’m filled with gratitude over all the care you’ve shown my daughter over the years. I’ve almost forgotten, but I have to congratulate the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga on gaining a new Monk King.” The Fierce King of Chu also smiled with delight. This had been something that constantly weighed on his mind.

“Thank you for the congratulations then.”

The Dauntless monk and the Fierce King of Chu exchanged glances and smiled. The fate of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga and the King of Chu’s estate were basically firmly bound together. This was good news to both.

The cultivators all congratulated the Fierce King of Chu and the Dauntless monk before congratulating Xiao An.

The Light Queen’s expression changed again and again, unsure about how to respond. The palace master shut his eyes as if he was thinking about something.

Xiao An said nothing more, just nodding with a smile, but no one found that to be rude.

Everything was developing according to her expectations. At least she had not let him down.

From this moment onwards, her will could represent the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga and even influence the entire cultivation community of the Green province. Whether it was killing the Soaring Locust King or assisting the Golden Cicada Spirit King with his ascension, she could go about it with ease.

The only pity she felt was that he was not here.

“Sister Xuanyue, welcome back. It’s fantastic that you’re still alive. That way, we can resolve all of the misunderstandings.” Ji Xuanri walked over with a kind smile. Those who were not in the know would actually believe they were a pair of close siblings.

Xiao An was about to reply when she suddenly sensed something and gazed out of the grand hall. Ji Xuanri’s existence seemed to completely vanish from her eyes.

“Haven’t I warned you? Keep your distance. Don’t make us feel disgusted!” The Dark Queen’s voice was filled with joy.

Damned bitch! Ji Xuanri thought inside as anger flashed through his eyes. It was not only because of what the Dark Queen had said, but because her appearance had ruined all of his plans.

Xiao An did not do this to insult Ji Xuanri. Instead, she sensed the approach of that familiar aura, which made her think to herself.

He’s finally here. He’s so slow! He even missed out on my performance! Hmm? He seems to be very angry. What happened?

In the north, a streak of light whistled over, heading straight towards the peak of Great Buddha mountain.

With a boom, it slammed into the ground outside the grand hall like a rock.

Li Qingshan stood within the flying dust and bellowed, “Ji Xuanri, get your ass out here!”

His voice boomed like thunder, ringing across the entire mountain.

“Who is it!?”

In the grand hall, everyone was alarmed. Who was Ji Xuanri? The crown prince of the Green province, the future King of Chu. Only the Dark Queen was bold enough to insult him openly. Just who else was bold enough to tell him to “get his ass out here”?

Ji Xuanri instead began smiling. He communicated to the Light Queen. “Mother, our guest elder is here.” Finally, a part of the plan had returned to its original course!

The Light Queen sneered too. Originally, she thought they would still need a few more tricks before they infuriated him. As it turned out, he was even more foolish than they imagined him to be!

Li Qingshan, oh Li Qingshan. Great Buddha mountain will be where you die, and the people who kill you will be from your sect.

Li Qingshan took a step into the grand hall. The golden tiles under his feet shattered as his black hair drifted backwards.

He raised his thick brows and pursed his lips, exhibiting his fury. Even without letting out a hint of his aura, he could strike awe into the hearts of others.

The cultivators all felt a foul air rush into their faces as if a ferocious tiger had broken in among them and was looking for prey. They all raised their guard the moment he glanced at them.

“Sure enough, he’s vicious alright. I finally believe that he can kill, that he’s bold enough to kill Si Qing!” Jin Fugui was stunned at first before sighing in surprise to Yue Wuyang.

“This kid is getting bolder and bolder. I’d like to see how he gets out of here today!” Meanwhile, Yue Wuyang was a little worried. He had been stood up twice consecutively, but they were still two people engaged in the same pursuits, and he did not wish to see Han Qiongzhi heartbroken either.

Li Qingshan saw Hua Chengzan in the corner with a single glance. Seeing how he was fine, seemingly unscathed, he eased up slightly inside. He strode over, but there was a flash, and Ji Xuanri blocked his way again. He asked with a smile, “Qingshan, what do you need me for?”

Li Qingshan refused to be impelled by his words or actions anymore. He spit out two words. “Piss off!”

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Ji Xuanri shrugged and moved to one side.

The Light Queen called out, “How dare you! You’ve offended the crown prince. Do you understand your crimes?” She turned towards the Dauntless monk. “Dauntless abbot, is this how your Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga teaches your disciples?”

“Qingshan, what’s wrong? What happened?” the Unraging monk grabbed Li Qingshan’s shoulder and asked frantically.

“Master, this is between me and the Sword Collection palace. Don’t get involved!” Li Qingshan pushed aside the Unraging monk gently and took a step forward. He said to the palace master, “Hand him over, and we’ll go our own ways, or…”

The palace master interrupted him. “Or what? Chengzan is a disciple of my Sword Collection palace! He’s not someone you can act so brazenly with!”

“Don’t be afraid, little Hua. You have me today. If anyone even touches a hair on you, I’ll butcher them!” Li Qingshan surged with murderousness.

“Li Qingshan, why don’t you check where you are right now?” The Dauntless monk was furious.

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“Qingshan, this is a peaceful land of buddhist cultivation. No one can harm him. You might as well explain everything first.” Xiao An walked over and grabbed Li Qingshan’s hand, expressing that he was not alone and without support.

Li Qingshan settled down inside and considered the situation a little. His priority right now was still to ensure Hua Chengzan’s safety. For the sake of his friend, Hua Chengzan had willingly taken on the risk. Li Qingshan could not allow anything to happen to him no matter what.

However, before he could even explain himself, Hua Chengzan beat him to it. “Qingshan, so much for your friendship. Are you really so determined to kill me?”

“Little Hua, what did you say!?” Li Qingshan was alarmed. The Hua Chengzan before his eyes had become extremely foreign.

“So be it. If that’s the case, then let me make your scheme known to the public so that you can be judged by everyone. Not only has this person become a Demon King, but he’s even colluding with the Demon domain and wants to throw the Green province into turmoil. The Soaring Locust King only managed to break free because of his assistance. Please put him to death together, everyone!”

 ps: 好一场苦战,但我还可以战,还有四天!

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.