Chapter 1048 - Northmoon Descends, Listen to My Roar!
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1048 - Northmoon Descends, Listen to My Roar!

The incense smoke curled through the room. The towering buddha statue sat high above with its eyes half-closed, calm and collected. The murals depicted the arhats and the heavenly maidens, as well as the eight legions. They assumed various postures and appearances, vivid and life-like, overlooking everything that happened in the hall.

“Please put him to death together!”

The words were like a clap of thunder, echoing through the hall and landing in everyone’s ears. They all looked at Li Qingshan.

Demon King! Released the Soaring Locust King! Colluding with the Demon domain!

Out of all these accusations, only one of them had to be proven, and that was a crime large enough for death.

Li Qingshan stood proudly, completely unfazed by this. His heart only sank lower. He was not worried about these accusations and slandering. He was worried about Hua Chengzan. Even if he faced death threats, he was certain that Hua Chengzan would never say something like that unless his will was subjected to someone’s control.

“So this is the secret within the sword, Sword Collection palace?”

Xiao An wanted to argue for him, but she saw Li Qingshan standing there sternly, without uttering a single word. He did not want to argue with a friend, and with everything that had happened, there was nothing to argue about! He had not trained and cultivated for all these years to bicker with others!

As a result, Xiao An let go of his hand and stood to one side silently.

Ji Xuanri smiled. “Sister Xuanyue, given your current identity and status, you should draw a boundary with people like him.”

Xiao An smiled at him. Her beauty was enchanting, leaving Ji Xuanri momentarily stunned, unable to say anything.

“Fellow Hua, you say my disciple has been colluding with the Demon domain and that he released the Soaring Locust King. Do you have any evidence?” the Unraging monk asked.

“Unraging master, we’ve already come so far. Do you still plan on shielding your disciple? If you don’t believe me, then ask him to release his aura. Let’s see whether it’s demon qi or not!”


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