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ZL - Chapter 1002- Hundred Abyss Cavalry

Level 7 Hybrid Demons were not tough to kill, but they were really frightening. The Frost Serpent's body was huge, and when it opened its mouth, it looked like a giant bell. Li Mu and One Second Hero charged over and became in danger of getting eaten whole. This Frost Serpent opened its mouth; it could swallow them and their horses. Darling Duck's face turned white from fear. "D*mn... Li Mu is about to get eaten!"

Fortunately, the Frost Serpent's attack was over in an instant, and after swallowing them, the two were out again. Li Mu, whose face was covered in a sticky liquid, activated Thousand Man Enemy. In Lu Bu's form, he sent out a slash at the Frost Serpent's body.

I did not join in, for the corridor was quite wide. It was at least two hundred meters wide, so other Frost Serpents were around. Further ahead, we could hearmore hissing sounds; there was actually a dense bunch. They were all level 172 level 7 Hybrid Demons, probably the strongest ones that current players could face. Thus, all of us were much more careful.Twenty to fifty of us would go kill one; this way, we would not suffer many losses. I was bolder and formed a party with a few girls to push in. The party was with Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, and Thousand League Spring. We had tank, damage, and healing. As such, with our fast killing speed, the experience should not be bad.

Although I always felt that the guild would really be considered strong if it was strong overall, it was also good to increase the peak players' experience. After all, during each war, the ones who led the tempo for offense and defense were basically Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, One Second Hero, and Dancing Forest. By now, after many large-scale battles, the top first-rate players should have all noticed this.


As we continued, there was suddenly a dropping sound as a Frost Serpent gave us fierce-looking armor. I bent down to pick it up. This armor looked really exquisite and had a sense of majesty to it. There were layers of frost around the armor, and its stats looked quite decent, too—

Frost Demon Armor (Divine Artifact)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 3,740

Strength: +185

Stamina: +181

Agility: +177

Bonus: Increase user's Defense and MagicResistance by 70%.

Bonus: Raise user's Health by 16,500.

Effect: Ice Demon Protection, form a layer of frost armor to tank damage; durability is linked to one's own stats.

Set equipment: Frost Demon Set Chestplate

Required level: 165

Required Charm: 200


I held the Frost Demon Armor and said toLi Mu and Wang Jian, "The monsters here can drop level 165 set equipment. Our target has appeared; our goal is to gather this equipment and try to equip all the Furnace God Cavalry with this!

Li Mu waved a pair of bracers. "I got one just now, too. Should we open up the guild purchase system?"

I nodded. "Okay! 2,000 RMB for each piece and 10,000 for one set. Fan Shu City earns so much every day, so we don't lack money."



The appearance of the Frost Demon Set gave everyone hope.Especially the Furnace God Cavalry, they were really excited about this. Everyone understood the charm of set equipment. The overall stats of a Divine Tier set was equivalent to random equipment of the Demon Harvest Tier.

Set equipment could increase the level of any equipment and not only that. An example was my Overlord Set, which was at the Deity Tier;once all parts of the set were gathered, the stats would be similar to having three-star god artifact equipment. It could even be compared to a set of four-star equipment!

We pushed forward. The corridor was wide and long, so we could not see the end at all. That was good, too, for there were Frost Serpents all around. This allowed us to get the equipment while we were still in our current location.


My blade slashed off the Frost Serpent's teeth, and then I used the Zhen Yue Sword to perform a sweeping. With a peng, the words ‘Breaking Strike success!’ appeared. Lin Wan Er smiled. "You're still practicing Pulse Breaking Style?"

I nodded. "En, I need it for solo battles.Haist... Unfortunately, mine is far worse than Mocha's. I saw how she defeated Li Mu and Wang Jian; that's truly the peak Pulse Breaking Style..."

Lin Wan Er was a little unhappy. "Huff. Lin Mu, Wang Jian, and Song Han paid such a hefty price. If Mocha returns to Zhan Long, she must apologize to them. After all, even though they don't say it, they’re definitely left with some PTSD."

I laughed. "I know. We don't have to tell her; she will do it. She may even be willing to give herself up; when that happens, Li Mu and Wang Jian will surely benefit."


Actually, even if Lin Wan Er did not mention this, I knew that Mocha leaving had dealt a huge blow on all of us. Li Mu was a direct person and was similar to Ye Lai. He was also crazy in terms of mechanics, so losingMochadid not matter much to him. Wang Jian and Song Han, on the other hand, were different. Wang Jian was talented and learned things really quickly. Moreover, he had a deep interest in tactics. Song Han's talents were not as good as Wang Jian's, but he was more hard working. The two of them stood no chance against Mocha's Pulse Breaking Style, so it would of course leave a shadow in their hearts.

Fortunately, Wang Jian understood our feelings with Mocha and did not ask much. This was what I was most grateful to him about. If Wang Jian really did ask and force her to apologize, I would be put in a tough spot. Sometimes, a guild leader needed his brothers to help him. I understood that, so while I could fail everyone, I should never do so with this band of brothers.


Seven hours passed with us clearing the Ice Cavern. During this period, I went offline and took a bath. Along with more and more equipment appearing, many of the Furnace God Cavalrymen had become fully equipped. Eventually, each of the Furnace God Cavalry that had entered was wearing a Frost Demon Set. Only Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian, and the others who were chasing for God Tier equipment, not Divine Tier, had no sets.


I sliced off a Frost Serpent's head and asked, "Is there any news outside?"

Lin Wan Er used her long-ranged skills to draw another Frost Serpent over while saying, "Legend and Judgement are all clearing maps or army missions. Ye Lai brought Xia Yu Army to Dragon City to find Hybrid Demons. Rising Sun Like Blood are in Ba Huang City borders, while Wang Zecheng didn't lead people to attack other guilds. Still, the one making the most moves should be Hero Mound."

"What’re they up to?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er replied, "Three hours ago, Q-Sword and Tang Qi led around ten thousand of their main force over to the War God River. Our spies in Flaming Cloud City saw that they entered Starry Marshes!"

"Starry Marshes?" I frowned. "Wasn't that an abandoned map with just useless water and nothing. Why did Hero Mound go there?"

Lin Wan Er shook her head. "Rumors can't be trusted. Since no one has gone down there before, naturally no one knows what is truly below. I also got news that Q-Sword's sister, Sword Tears, had led more than seven thousand Hero Mound players over, so there's definitely something down there. If you truly wanna know, just ask Tang Qi."

I waved. "If I ask him, he may not say it..."

"Let Dong Cheng ask then."


Dong Cheng Yue's face was filled with rage and sadness. "D*mn, are you two shameless people asking me to bait him? Forget it.Actually, I found out long ago that there is a map below; it's aSSS-grade map similar to ours now. Based on the screenshot that Tang Qi sent, level 170 Divine Tier mounts can be found there. Although they aren't as good as the Furnace God Cavalry Horses, they're also quite good."

"Oh, what screenshot? Share it; we will keep it a secret."


In the next moment, Dong Cheng Yue shared the mounts to the five-person channel. It did look quite strong—

Hundred Abyss Cavalry (Divine Tier Boss Mount)

Find the original at h*sted novel.

Strength: +320

Stamina: +310

Agility: +300

Attack increase: +95%

Defense increase: +135%

Movement speed increase: +450%

Health increase: +18000

Effect: Abyss Travel.Can step on water and not sink; movement speed will decrease by 40%.

Effect: Deep Abyss Gravity.Release gravity to targets ten yards around, causing the enemies' movement and attack speed to be reduced by 30%.

Mount durability: +100%

This novel is _hosted_ by hosted novel.

Mount Stamina: 310 points

Stamina recovery: 2 points per minute

Required level: 170


"What a strong Hundred Abyss Cavalry!" I was stunned. "These mounts are so amazing; the two effects are quite shocking! Especially the second one, it's so useful when charging at people!"

Lin Wan Er asked, "En, that's probably why he pays so much attention to that map?"

I killed monsters while saying, "If this Hundred Abyss Cavalry can form to a scale, they’ll be quite invincible. Also, that Abyss Walking effect, if it is true, then Hero Mound's main force can cross War God River and Sea of No Return. Cross-map fights will be their main battlefield."

Dancing Forest smiled. "Don't worry, guild leader; our Furnace God Cavalry won't lose to them!"

I nodded. "En, we will definitely win in a confrontation, but if the map is complicated, then we will lose."

"Continue to kill monsters; let's get more Frost Demon Sets. Hero Mound won't be a threat to us at all afterward."

"I'm not worried about that. The one who should be worried is Wang Zecheng. When Hundred Abyss Cavalry forms, Wang Zecheng will be really unlucky; Q-Sword definitely won't let that traitor off so easily."

"Hehe! True!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.