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PBS - Chapter 2199 - Unexpected, Part Three

"What a joke!" Xiang Hun laughed hysterically, "There has always been a bloodbath every time a precious artifact appears! Isn't it the same whenever the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blossoms?"

"And now, you're telling me we should compete fairly by dueling one another?"

Li Yangfan remained calm as she spoke, "Patriarch Xiang, my master has already made up her mind even if you don't agree with the terms. You may choose not to participate in the duels."

Xiang Hun's eyes flickered coldly. How dare a mere successor of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree talk to him like that?

He was about to make his move when Li Yangfan said, "Besides, Patriarch Xiang, even though my master has agreed not to intervene with the Dao Seeking Land..."

"My master has offered countless Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits over the years without asking for anything in return. She has helped many Nine Heavens Supremes to achieve the Master Realm."

"I don't think the Dao Seeking Land will blame her if she breaks the rule to erase an existence that isn't supposed to enter the Dao Seeking Land in the first place."

Xiang Hun immediately halted in his track.

Was she threatening him?

"Very well!"

Xiang Hun said with a dark expression, "Just do what you want then! However, you better stick to your promise that you won't lay your hands on the other two items!"

Even though he believed the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree had no chance of intervening with his plan, but he was extremely confident in his strength. He would still claim the two items in the end whether it was through a bloodbath or duels.

However, he was extremely displeased by the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's decision.

Li Yangfan looked at the crowd and said, "What do you all think?"

Qin Nan did not mind it. The duels would only benefit him.

Zheng Hou, Xiang Hun, Wang Tianfang, and the others were a little unwilling, yet what else could they do if Xiang Hun had already decided to compromise.

Li Yangfan waved her hand when she saw everyone stayed quiet. The palace immediately underwent great transformations.

The pond and the altar at the end of the hall rose and hovered above the ground. A mystical energy encapsulated them to prevent anyone from stealing them with force.

The ancient paintings on the wall also emitted ancient energy which combined into three dueling grounds.

"Fellow cultivators, we'll be drawing the sequence of the duels for the first round," Li Yangfan said.

Xiang Hun harrumphed coldly and went up to Li Yangfan. The others followed him.

The sight in the palace greatly contrasted with the ongoing chaotic battle outside the palace.

When it was Qin Nan's turn, a voice spoke in his mind, "My master wants to lend you a hand, but she wasn't allowed to meddle in the business here, so this is all she could do. She wants you to stop the traitor from getting his way."

It immediately answered the questions Qin Nan had in mind. He transmitted his voice, "Please thank Senior Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree on my behalf..."

"Thank you for your help last time too."

Qin Nan completed the draw. His duel was not in the first round.

"Are there any more rules? Say them all at once!" Xiang Hun said coldly.

"Patriarch Xiang, there aren't any rules. You may use everything in the duels," Li Yangfan said.

Xiang Hun stopped looking at Li Yangfan. He went to the center of a dueling ground.

"Patriarch Xiang, please go easy on me!" Xiang Qi flew to the dueling ground and brought his fists together.

Qin Nan placed his attention on Xiang Qi.

He was too focused on the wisp of Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon at first. He did not have time to look at the people who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard.

That being said, he knew some information about Xiang Qi. The third rank on the Supreme Leaderboard who was also the Young Master of the Shidao Tribe. He was strong without a doubt.

Qin Nan also noticed an outstanding power inside Xiang Qi's body. His mastery of the Shidao Flesh must be quite impressive.

"Xiang Qi is definitely no match against Xiang Hun, but I think Xiang Hun would have to show some of his true strength in order to defeat Xiang Qi," Qin Nan murmured.

"Enough talk, let's get on with it!" Xiang Hun said coldly.

Xiang Hun straightened his face and unleashed the power of the Shidao Flesh. Its murderous intent spread across the hall and dyed everything red.


Xiang Qi turned into a blood-red shadow and accumulated a murderous intent in his body. He was like a demonic sword about to unleash its power after being sealed away for countless years.

The eyes of Zheng Hou, Wang Tianfang, and the authorities widened. Xiang Qi had clearly preserved his strength in the previous fights. 

"The Shidao Tribe is getting weaker!" Xiang Hun did not conceal the disdain in his eyes. He surprisingly went forward instead of backing away. He was charging right at Xiang Qi.

Xiang Qi landed a powerful blow on Xiang Hun, but he was greeted by a shocking sight.

The murderous intent and his power dispersed. He did not inflict any harm on Xiang Hun.

Xiang Qi immediately sensed great danger. He executed a secret technique without any hesitation.

Xiang Hun clenched his hand into a fist and threw a punch at Xiang Qi's chest.


Xiang Qi went flying following a loud thud. He slammed into the barrier around the stage. The light he was emitting shattered while his murderous aura declined.

Blood leaked out from his lips.

"He was defeated by a single move?"

Zheng Hou, Wang Tianfang, and the others were dumbfounded. Most importantly, it felt like Xiang Hun did not even use a lot of his power when he threw the punch.

Qin Nan's eyes glittered too.

Xiang Hun chuckled and threw another punch at Xiang Qi.

Xiang Qi's eyes widened. He immediately used his trump card and ignited several talismans. A few magnificent figures with overwhelming auras appeared.

"You mere ants dare to intervene with the duel?" 

Xiang Hun threw another punch imperiously, shattering the magnificent figures in deafening blasts.

"The Ancestor of the Shidao Clan!" Xiang Qi yelled. His blood became restless as wisps of formidable power gathered around him.

Ghastly cries immediately sounded around the palace.

However, Xiang Hun tore the power into pieces and kicked Xiang Qi before he could make his move.


Xiang Qi had lost the duel.

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