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EIF - Book 03 Chapter 137: If There Is a Next Life

Foundation Deity City:

Seeking Gu Hai for revenge, Lu Yang arrived, standing on his dragon vein.

Huangfu Chaoge stood on his own dragon vein, feeling overwhelming grief and hatred and a craving to take revenge for Long Xiaoyue.

The experts stood on their respective dragon veins, looking at each other coldly outside the city.


In the city:

The officials looked at Gu Hai anxiously. “Mister G…Your…Your Majesty, what should we do now? His Ma…Big Brother Huangfu is definitely not a match for Lu Yang. Furthermore, in his current condition, Big Brother Huangfu…”

“Indeed. Your…Your Majesty, please save Big Brother Huangfu!” the officials pleaded with Gu Hai. 

Gu Hai looked into the distance and nodded. “Naturally, I will not ignore this fight between Huangfu Chaoge and Lu Yang. However, I am unable to interfere with my capabilities.”

“What should we do then?” the officials said anxiously.

“I need everyone’s help.” Gu Hai looked at the officials.

“Your Majesty, tell us. We will do all we can. However, we do not have any more spirit stones. Otherwise…,” the officials said bitterly.

“There’s no need. Just cooperate with me.” Gu Hai shook his head.

“We will cooperate with Your Majesty with everything we have,” the officials immediately swore.

Gu Hai looked at the officials in amazement. Huangfu Chaoge managed to take in good officials. I don’t even need to guess to know that most of Lu Yang’s officials ran away when he got defeated. Huangfu Chaoge’s officials, on the other hand, show such integrity while the nation is in crisis.

The Han Royal Dynasty needed such officials the most.

Gu Hai took out the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal with a flip of his hand.

“In our name—Gu Hai—we make an announcement to the entire Han Royal Dynasty. Lu Yang brought his dragon vein to Foundation Deity City, and Huangfu Chaoge went to fight him. We desire to help Huangfu Chaoge and will be changing the capital to Foundation Deity City, moving the Han Nation’s blessings to Foundation Deity City. Cooperate with us. Transfer!” Gu Hai shouted.


The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal shook intensely, all of a sudden giving off a strange energy that spread in the sky above Foundation Deity City.


A gale sprang up out of nowhere, above Foundation Deity City.

The officials looked at Gu Hai. “His Majesty is changing the capital? Every change will reduce the blessings by ten percent. This…”

However, Gu Hai continued with the change.

Blessings were extremely precious to a nation. Yet, Gu Hai was willing to give up ten percent of his nation’s blessings to save Huangfu Chaoge?

“Many thanks, Your Majesty!” the officials said in gratitude.

Huangfu Change had bequeathed his nation to Gu Hai and transferred its blessings to him. Naturally, these blessings were connected to the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty citizens. When Gu Hai spoke through the blessings, his voice reached the ears of the citizens.

Countless citizens in Foundation Deity City were already incredibly anxious. When they heard Gu Hai’s words, they immediately felt extremely grateful.

“Many thanks, Mister Gu! No, many thanks, Your Majesty!”

“Many thanks, Your Majesty!”


The Foundation Deity City citizens sincerely felt grateful to Gu Hai, giving rise to a fresh wave of blessings surging towards the sky above Gu Hai.

Simultaneously, Gu Hai’s voice also reached the other eleven cities of the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty.

“Lu Yang is here? His Majesty is in danger, and Gu Hai wants to help His Majesty?”

“It’s Gu Hai’s voice. He is changing the capital? He is going to waste a tenth of his nation’s blessings to help His Majesty?”

“This Mister Gu is worthy of His Majesty’s trust.”

“However, when His Majesty used the power of all his cities’ citizens, he was still no match for Lu Yang. Now, he is poisoned. How will this help?”

“Mister Gu, you must save His Majesty!”

The citizens of the eleven cities felt incredibly anxious.


Nine-Five Island:

The Great Light Sovereign Deity, Cui Tie, and a white-robed woman had decided to stay at the imperial casino’s holiday villa for a period. Meanwhile, Miao Chen sought out Gu Qin, and Gu Qin occasionally came to accompany them.

During this time, the Great Light Sovereign Deity, Cui Tie, and the white-robed woman investigated Gu Hai’s activities.

As Cui Tie learned of what happened, he could not hide his shock.

In just two years, an ordinary old man managed to accomplish so much? Just two years?

“Grandson, do you now know why I allied with the Han Nation? Only two years have passed. In another decade, it will probably be an imperial dynasty. Perhaps in another century, it will be a heavenly dynasty. Would we be worse off than slaving for the Solar Divine Palace? Hahahaha!” Miao Chen looked at Cui Tie cockily.

Cui Tie showed a dark expression. He only had his loud mouth to blame, making such an unfortunate declaration that day. During this time, Miao Chen kept addressing him as grandson.

The Great Light Sovereign Deity held a crystal wine cup as he watched at the side. When he heard Miao Chen’s complacent words, he turned sullen as though a murderous intent brewed in him.

Miao Chen looked at the Great Light Sovereign Deity with a cold expression and said, “Great Light Sovereign Deity, what’s wrong? You still want to kill Gu Hai? To eliminate a potential threat? Ha! Gu Hai is only a Golden Core Realm cultivator, and he already poses a threat to you?”

Great Light Sovereign Deity drank a mouthful of wine before saying, “Pose a threat to me? Ha! You are overthinking. I only find it unfortunate that I did not kill him back then. Otherwise, things would not be so problematic for me.”

“Problematic? Without Gu Hai, Queen Wa would have needed at least another two centuries to come back to life. Otherwise, your master from the Solar Divine Palace would not have sent you here to thank Gu Hai,” Miao Chen said indifferently.

“That is just Master being benevolent,” the Great Light Sovereign Deity retorted indifferently.

Miao Chen goggled. “Benevolent? That master of yours, the Supreme Singularity? You are saying that he is benevolent?”

The Great Light Sovereign Deity turned his head away. Clearly, calling his master benevolent was too much for him.

“Oh, right. Who is that white-robed woman?” Miao Chen looked at Cui Tie.

Cui Tie turned to the Great Light Sovereign Deity seated at the side. When the Great Light Sovereign Deity did not say anything, Cui Tie shook his head, unwilling to explain.

Miao Chen frowned slightly but did inquire any further.

Just then, a loud sound suddenly came from the blessings cloud sea above the Soaring Palace Hall.


As the loud sound rang out, the surging blessings suddenly and quickly flowed southwest towards the Divine Continent.

“What’s going on?” Miao Chen’s face sank.

Everyone walked out of the holiday villa and looked up at the sky.

At this time, a Han Nation official came over.

“Senior Miao, His Majesty is temporarily changing the capital to Foundation Deity City. The blessings are flowing towards Foundation Deity City,” that official explained.

“Oh? What did Gu Hai say?” the Great Light Sovereign Deity asked, feeling puzzled.

“His Majesty said, ‘In our name—Gu Hai—we make an announcement to the entire Han Royal Dynasty. Lu Yang brought his dragon vein to Foundation Deity City, and Huangfu Chaoge went to fight him. We desire to help Huangfu Chaoge and will be changing the capital to Foundation Deity City, moving the Han Nation’s blessings to Foundation Deity City. Cooperate with us. Transfer!’”

“Foundation Deity City? Fighting Lu Yang?” The Great Light Sovereign Deity appeared slightly surprised.

“That’s impossible. Gu Hai is only in the Golden Core Realm. He wants to use the nation’s power, but he is only in the Golden Core Realm. Even if he gathers boundless strength and energy, can his body take it? He might just explode!” Cui Tie exclaimed.

“Foundation Deity City? Since Gu Hai is there, we won’t remain here any longer. Prepare to leave!” the Great Light Sovereign Deity said.

“Alright!” Cui Tie nodded.

The white-robed woman who walked out nodded as well.


The three took out a flying ship and boarded it.


Cui Tie controlled the flying ship, sending it shooting instantly into the distance.

Miao Chen frowned as he watched, but he did not follow. Instead, he sought out Gu Qin.

“Senior Miao?” Gu Qin looked at Miao Chen apprehensively.

“The Great Light Sovereign Deity is a prideful person, submitting to only one person in the world, the Solar Divine Palace Master, the Supreme Singularity. I’m not sure if it is a good thing that he came to seek out Gu Hai. I have been accompanying them these days, trying to probe for information. However, I could not get anything. Immediately send someone to inform Gu Hai; tell him that the Great Light Sovereign Deity is coming,” Miao Chen said, frowning.

Gu Qin shook his head. “Senior Miao, don’t worry. I already sent someone to inform him. However, it will take some time for this information to reach my imperial father.”

Miao Chen nodded.


Outside Foundation Deity City:

Huangfu Chaoge looked at Lu Yang, revealing a ferocious smile brimming with hatred.

“Lu Yang? Ha! To think that I still have the chance to fight you. Heaven treats me well.” Huangfu Chaoge showed a frosty expression.


The dragon vein under Huangfu Chaoge’s feet surged, charging forward. His dragon vein was tens of thousands of kilometers long. When it rushed forward, bringing countless mountains soaring up with it, dust immediately filled the sky.

“Huangfu Chaoge, you are seeking death!” Lu Yang snorted coldly as he stomped.

Lu Yang’s dragon vein was fifty thousand kilometers long. It let out a roar as it rushed forward.

“Roar!” the two dragons roared as they clashed.


The two mountain ranges fought, displaying extraordinary destructive power. Boulders exploded, scattering fragments of mountains all over the place and into the sky.

“Activate the ritual array!” Gu Hai instructed.


Foundation Deity City’s ritual array activated.


Rocks pelted the ritual array, causing an endless loud cacophony. As the battle continued, the ground kept quaking. Even with the defensive ritual array isolating the city, the people inside could still feel intense trembling.


Two extremely huge golden dragons were vaguely visible in the dust clouds, frantically clawing and biting each other as they stuck close to the ground.

“You bastard! Huangfu Chaoge, are you tired of living, fighting like a mad dog?” Lu Yang roared.

“My life? I am using my life to fight with you. Dragon vein, rip, tear, and bite!” Huangfu Chaoge roared back.

“You stubborn thing, how long have you been growing your dragon vein? You actually want to compare it to mine? What a joke!” Lu Yang said coldly.



Lu Yang’s dragon vein roared, and tearing sounds came from the churning dust clouds. Then, Huangfu Chaoge’s dragon vein roared miserably.

However, Huangfu Chaoge’s golden dragon ignored all damage to itself, continuing to fight ferociously.

The two dragons fought until the sky turned dark. Debris filled the sky, and roiling dust clouds veiled the surroundings.


Suddenly, the first wave of blessings came from Nine-Five Island.

Gu Hai’s eyes lit up. “They’re finally here!”

“Huangfu Chaoge, you are not my match, and neither is your dragon vein. Humph!” Lu Yang’s furious roar came from the dust clouds.

The battle in the distance suddenly stopped. Many rocks fell to the ground, and the dust clouds started to dissipate. Now, everyone could see inside.

The dragon veins emerged from the ground as two huge golden dragons. Huangfu Chaoge’s golden dragon had many holes in its body, while Lu Yang’s golden dragon was covered in wounds.

However, the victor was already clear.

In the end, Lu Yang’s golden dragon was several times larger.

At this moment, Lu Yang’s golden dragon was biting on the tail of Huangfu Chaoge’s golden dragon, slowly consuming it.

In the blink of an eye, the larger golden dragon had mostly consumed the smaller golden dragon. Only the head of the smaller golden dragon remained outside.

As Lu Yang stood on the dragon vein’s head, he looked coldly at the smaller dragon vein being consumed. With a ferocious expression, he scoffed, “You want to fight me with just you?”

Huangfu Chaoge grew increasingly weaker. His body swayed, and he found it hard to keep his eyes open. As he raised his head to look at Lu Yang, he suddenly smiled warmly.

“What are you smiling at?” Lu Yang said.

“Emperor Lu Yang? Ha! You are not suitable to be an emperor, after all. You are not qualified. To think that you can’t even tell that I really am seeking death. Hahaha!” Huangfu Chaoge laughed bleakly.

“Seeking death?” Lu Yang raised his eyebrows, and his expression suddenly changed.

Huangfu Chaoge tottered as he looked at the sky. With a happy smile, he recalled his days with Long Xiaoyue. In that instant, scenes of the past quickly played through his mind.

Brother Huangfu, this garland is for you to wear. Hahaha!

Big Brother Huangfu, we are now sworn siblings. Big Brother will have to take care of this little sister from now on!

Big Brother Huangfu, you understand me better than anyone else. You are the only one who can hear the sorrow in my music. Thank you for consoling me.

Big Brother Huangfu, sorry, I already have someone in my heart. If there is a next life and I meet you first, I will definitely fall in love with you first. For this life, I’m sorry.

Big Brother Huangfu, I’ll recommend some beautiful girls to you. I guarantee that you will like them!

It was like he experienced a dying flash. All the scenes he saw in his mind were about Long Xiaoyue.

The weakened Huangfu Chaoge showed a brilliant smile. As he smiled, two lines of tears flowed down his face.

“Xiaoyue, you said it. If there is a next life, you will fall for me first. I’m coming! I’m coming!” Huangfu Chaoge smiled weakly but happily.

“Oh no!” Far away, Gu Hai’s expression changed.

“You bastard! Huangfu Chaoge, you dare?!” Lu Yang exclaimed.


The dragon vein that Huangfu Chaoge stood on exploded.


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