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EIF - Book 03 Chapter 140: An Emperor’s Death


Gu Hai’s dragon vein suddenly roared and rushed at the dragon vein Lu Yang had been standing on.


The two dragons clawed and bit each other.

Although Lu Yang’s dragon vein was larger, Huangfu Chaoge’s dragon vein had self-detonated earlier, which left Lu Yang’s dragon vein on its last breath. How could it be a match for Gu Hai’s dragon vein? Gu Hai’s dragon vein ripped it apart in the blink of an eye.


Lu Yang’s dragon vein let out a sorrowful roar as it got torn in half.


Then, Gu Hai’s dragon vein opened its jaws and started eating the tail of Lu Yang’s dragon vein.

Although Lu Yang’s dragon vein was huge, Gu Hai’s dragon vein seemed determined to swallow Lu Yang’s dragon vein even if it would get stuffed to death.

Despite Lu Yang’s dragon vein’s struggles, Gu Hai’s dragon vein swallowed the other’s tail in the blink of an eye and was already heading for its upper half.

Gu Hai’s golden dragon vein came out of the ground amid the churning dust clouds. As its claw stepped on the upper half of Lu Yang’s dragon vein, it opened its jaws wide and consumed Lu Yang’s dragon vein, biting and tearing pieces off.

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

The strong fed on the weak. At this moment, Gu Hai’s dragon vein was the stronger dragon.

Gu Hai ignored the dragon veins. Instead, he leaped up and soared over to the forest Lu Yang had fallen into.

Lu Yang had stopped after going through twenty mountains.

However, Lu Yang was already at his limit. Blood covered him, and he was on his last breath.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Lu Yang coughed blood continuously as he watched Gu Hai approach.

As he looked at Gu Hai, he seemed to see not just one person; the countless people that he had killed stood behind Gu Hai. Those people all held overwhelming hatred for him, all wishing to eat his flesh and gnaw on his bones.

Gu Hai’s body surged with energy, but Lu Yang was on his last breath.

The victor was already decided. It was no longer Lu Yang squishing Gu Hai to death, but Gu Hai could squish Lu Yang to death at any time.

Gu Hai’s eyes were bloodshot as he gazed at Lu Yang. “Wanqing, I finally can take revenge for you today!”

“Ha! Haha! Long Wanqing? Hahahahaha!” Lu Yang laughed weakly and miserably.

“I died because of Long Wanqing? Haha! No, it’s Long Xiaoyue! It’s Long Xiaoyue!” Lu Yang’s eyes turned dazed. He seemed to see a very spirited woman. Countless scenes instantly filled his mind.

Uncle Lu Yang, my father sent me to bring a birthday gift to you. However, take another look. I prepared an even larger present than that!

Uncle Lu Yang, your music Dao is so incredible. Will you teach me?

Uncle Lu Yang, this time, my father organized a competition among the various nobles. I am betting on you and even found a few people to help!

Suddenly, the conversations that Lu Yang had with Long Xiaoyue filled his mind. As he recalled those times, warmth appeared in his eyes.

Uncle Lu Yang, why do you want to kill me?

All the memories culminated in the scene of Long Xiaoyue’s death. He had controlled Li Haoran and killed her. The memory of Long Xiaoyue’s expression before she died suddenly appeared in his mind.

“I got blinded by greed. Haha! Xiaoyue, Uncle let you down!” Lu Yang’s eyes turned bloodshot.


As Lu Yang vomited blood, pained tears leaked out.


Gu Hai’s fist stopped abruptly in front of Lu Yang when he saw nascent souls suddenly coming out of Lu Yang’s internal organs and dantian. Then, they scattered. It seemed like a nascent soul came out of Lu Yang’s head as well, then turned into smoke and vanished.

Lu Yang’s three spiritual souls and seven physical souls had scattered. Gu Hai’s earlier punch had nearly beaten Lu Yang to death. Now, Lu Yang was just experiencing a dying flash. He was no different from dead.

As Gu Hai’s fist stopped in front of Lu Yang, Gu Hai’s face sank.


Suddenly, sonic booms rang out in the distance.

Prince Shenwu arrived with one hundred flying ships.

Prince Shenwu had rushed over at full speed. However, when he arrived outside Foundation Deity City, he saw a large dragon vein swallowing the last bits of Lu Yang’s dragon vein.

“Gu Hai’s dragon vein? It is eating Lu Yang’s dragon vein?” Sima Changkong exclaimed.

Gasp! The generals behind inhaled sharply. “Gu Hai won?”


Gu Hai’s dragon vein, which had grown much larger, roared and dived into the ground.

Now, everyone’s eyes shifted focus to Gu Hai.

With his fist poised, Gu Hai looked like he was going to kill Lu Yang.

“Gu Hai, wait a moment!” Prince Shenwu suddenly roared as his expression changed.

“Gu Hai defeated Lu Yang?” Sima Changkong still felt disbelief.

Countless soldiers behind all showed horrified expressions.

Gu Hai’s fist had stopped in front of Lu Yang; he had not landed the punch.

Prince Shenwu’s army had already arrived. Then, Gu Hai suddenly turned his head to look.

Gu Hai saw Prince Shenwu flying over quickly with some subordinates.


Everyone arrived before Gu Hai in the blink of an eye.

“Gu Hai, don’t kill him!” Sima Changkong exhorted.

“Huh?” Gu Hai looked at Sima Changkong in bewilderment.

“Lu Yang is still alive? Phew! That’s good. That’s good!” Sima Changkong let out his breath.

“Supreme Commander? Mister Sima?” Gu Hai said with a frown.


Suddenly, a sigh came from a nearby mountain.

Everyone turned their head to look.

Then, they saw an azure-clad man ambling out from that mountain.

“Li Shenji?” Gu Hai’s face sank.

Prince Shenwu just arrived with his army. When did Li Shenji arrive? Could he have been waiting nearby long ago, watching silently?

Furthermore, what is the meaning of his earlier sigh? Regret that I did not kill Lu Yang?

“Greetings, Southern Suppression Supreme Commander!” Li Shenji said respectfully.

Prince Shenwu coldly eyed Li Shenji. “Ha! Li Shenji, did you enjoy watching the fight?”

Li Shenji said with a bitter smile, “This humble one also just arrived. Just now!”

“Humph! You probably want to see Gu Hai kill Lu Yang, right?” Prince Shenwu said coldly.

“Prince Shenwu, you misunderstand. I just arrived!” Li Shenji insisted.

“Humph!” Prince Shenwu snorted coldly.

Prince Shenwu turned his head and looked at the dying Lu Yang. “Uncle Lu Yang, Shenwu is late.”

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes as he looked at Prince Shenwu.

At the side, Sima Changkong gave Gu Hai a bitter look and said, “Although Duke Lu Yang rebelled and deserves the capital punishment, it should not be you who kills him. Many old officials in the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s heavenly court have deep friendships with Lu Yang, so…”

Sima Changkong worried that those old officials would cause problems for Gu Hai. However, Gu Hai did not care, as he never thought of building his career in the Qian Nation.

Gu Hai did not land his final punch, not because of Prince Shenwu’s shout, but because Lu Yang’s physical souls had already started scattering. He had already beaten him close to death.

Gu Hai turned his head and looked sullenly at Lu Yang.

Gu Hai had heard Lu Yang’s earlier words. During Lu Yang’s dying flash, he felt regret. However, what was the point of that?

“Uncle Lu Yang? Come back with me to the capital. My eminent father cherishes friendships and probably will not kill you as long as you admit your mistake,” Prince Shenwu called out.

“Cough! Cough! Haha! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Lu Yang found strength from somewhere and slowly stood up.

Everyone looked at Lu Yang in astonishment.

Lu Yang tidied his imperial robes and his hair. However, he was so weak that he could not open his eyes fully.

After tidying up his appearance, he turned his head and looked to the north.

“The Qian Heavenly Emperor? Haha! My sworn elder brother? Ha! I wasn’t wrong. I wasn’t wrong to rise in rebellion. I am the Ying Imperial Emperor. He managed to establish the Qian Nation only because of me. Elder Brother! Haha! He cleanly forgot about me. I do not regret rebelling. I would do it again and still wouldn’t regret it. I want to take back what is mine. Even if I die, I have to try,” Lu Yang said weakly.

Everyone remained silent.

“My only regret is being overly ambitious back then and killing the lass Xiaoyue. The lass Xiaoyue is the only one I let down,” Lu Yang said weakly and bitterly.

Prince Shenwu frowned slightly.

“I am the Ying Imperial Emperor! The Qian Heavenly Emperor? I treated you as a brother, not because I wanted to be your subject. Haha! Have you forgotten the oath we took? I—Lu Yang—am not a bird in your cage. I might have lost, but I will always be the master of the Ying Nation! Forever!” Lu Yang said firmly.

With determination, Lu Yang drew the sword he wore.


After drawing his sword, Lu Yang suddenly placed it against his neck.

At this moment, everyone fell silent. No one stopped Lu Yang, and no one said anything, either.

Lu Yang issued his final words. “Qian Heavenly Emperor, I am not a bird in your cage. I will not be trapped by you forever. I am the Ying Imperial Emperor. Even if I die, I die an emperor’s death.” 


Lu Yang cut his neck with his sword. Blood spurted everywhere.


The sword fell. Lu Yang was just experiencing a dying flash in the first place. Killing himself was only maintaining his dignity. After he cut his neck, he fell and stopped breathing.

Everyone fell silent.

At the same time, the final bits of blessings left in Ying Capital scattered completely.

“Place him in a coffin and bring him back to the capital,” Prince Shenwu said in a heavy voice.


A group of subordinates put Lu Yang’s corpse and the sword he committed suicide with into a coffin. Then, they carried the coffin onto the flying ship.

When Gu Hai saw Lu Yang die, he should have felt relief from taking revenge and venting his hatred. However, his heart was heavy, instead.

Lu Yang had caused so much harm for the sake of his ambition. He finally understood what he did wrong before his death. However, what was the point of that? Could the dead come back to life?

“Han Nation citizens, Lu Yang already died. Many thanks to everyone for lending me your strength!” Gu Hai shouted after he sorted out his emotions.

Gu Hai’s voice immediately reached the ears of all the Han Nation citizens.

“Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Lu Yang died. His Majesty’s revenge is finally complete. Mister Gu, no, Your Majesty, many thanks!”

“Many thanks, Your Majesty!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Countless former Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty citizens felt respect and gratitude towards Gu Hai for helping Huangfu Chaoge take revenge. At the same time, everyone also acknowledged the Han Royal Dynasty, accepting that they were now Han Royal Dynasty citizens.

Gu Hai was right. This time, he had to thank the many citizens for their help. Otherwise, he could not have defeated Lu Yang. Likewise, Lu Yang would not have died.

Gu Hai had shattered Lu Yang’s ambitions with a punch, scattering Lu Yang’s three spiritual souls and seven physical souls. He had made Lu Yang regret and give up hope and eventually commit suicide.

Gu Hai had taken revenge for Long Wanqing, for Long Xiaoyue, for Huangfu Chaoge, and for everyone else.

However, Gu Hai did not feel happy.

Previously, he had revenge for Long Wanqing to cling to; he could fill his heart with hatred. Now that he had taken revenge, he felt empty.

Prince Shenwu left, leading his army away. After watching all this, Li Shenji left silently.

The energy that Gu Hai borrowed from the citizens slowly scattered. After all, it was just borrowed power. He could not maintain it for long.

Gu Hai slowly returned to Foundation Deity City, feeling disappointed and frustrated.

“Salutations, my emperor. Long live my emperor! May my emperor live for ten thousand years!” the officials said sincerely at the city gate.

“Long live my emperor! May my emperor live for ten thousand years!”

“Long live the Han Royal Dynasty! May the Han Royal Dynasty last for ten thousand years!”

The citizens of the city saluted sincerely as well.

The citizens felt grateful to Gu Hai. They acknowledged him and sincerely saluted him—this resulted in beneficence, which accumulated into providence that rushed to the blessings cloud sea.

This did not happen just in Foundation Deity City. The citizenry of the other eleven cities sincerely saluted Gu Hai as well.

“Long live my emperor! May my emperor live for ten thousand years!”

“Long live the Han Royal Dynasty! May the Han Royal Dynasty last for ten thousand years!”

Surging blessings gathered above Foundation Deity City.


This infusion soon made up for the blessings used when changing capitals.

Upon formally gaining the recognition of the twelve cities, the Han Royal Dynasty also took its steps into the Divine Continent.

The territory of the Han Royal Dynasty expanded to twelve large cities on the Divine Continent.

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