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PBS - Chapter 2197 - Unexpected, Part One

The authorities and the Nine Heavens Supremes might not know what the objects were, but Xiang Hun knew what they were! 

The seed in the middle was the Seed Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's Seed of Essence!

Not only did the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree consist of the true essence of the Great Dao, it too had attempted to achieve the Supreme Highness Realm with Zhou Di, Cang, and the others. Unfortunately, it did not succeed. Only the four Supreme Highnesses including Zhou Di and Cang managed to do it! 

However, not many people were comparable to Zhou Di, Cang, and the others during the brilliant era! 

Many great authorities and Heaven Highnesses were less impressive compared to the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. 

Right before them was the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's Seed of Essence. They might be able to plant another Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree after claiming it, bringing them extraordinary benefits.

Xiang Hun was more surprised to see the book of scriptures on the altar.

If he did not remember wrong, the book of scriptures should contain the Art of the Immortal Demon which Huangfu Jue had invented!

Even though Xiang Hun believed the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity was the strongest in the world, but many people believed the Art of the Immortal Demon was on par with the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity! 

Xiang Hun planned to look for it and the secrets of the other two Supreme Highnesses after he claimed the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity.

He did not expect to find it here!

"Qin Nan, did you already know this? Is this part of your plan? Did you purposely leave the wisp of Indestructible Force here?" Xiang Hun transmitted his voice after collecting his thoughts.

"So what if it is? Is there any point telling you the answer?" Qin Nan chuckled.

"HAHAHA, that's true, it's meaningless to say it now, as nothing is going according to your plan!"

Xiang Hun burst out laughing and said, "But, I didn't expect to be surprised like this! To be honest, I must say something even though I know you won't agree."

"If you walk away now, I won't hurt you. I won't prey on your Undying Cycle Mountain and Ownerless Heaven Pattern either. I will even help you take out Cang a year later. What do you think?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with disdain.

Did Xiang Hun really think he could convince him to leave? What a joke!


Qin Nan did not answer. He dashed forward like a dragon leaping out of the sea and grabbed at the three objects.

"If you insist..."

Xiang Hun shook his head. He had to bear the accusation of killing his master on top of betrayal.

Meanwhile, on top of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree...

Many Nine Heavens Supremes quickly gave up the thought of entering the palace when they realized it was beyond what they could handle.

They were dying to know what was inside the palace, yet they knew the fight happening in the palace was out of their level.

Even the Patriarchs and Saints of the formidable factions had no chance of being in the limelight, let alone them. 

As such, the appearance of the palace did not really make any difference to the situation on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. It was still as chaotic with a lot of noises. 

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan could easily match the strength of those who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard. Princess Miao Miao unleashed the full potential of the Soulless Flesh with the seal which Senior Di had taught her.

Jiang Bilan was using a sword art. Her slashes would multiply rapidly, making her a difficult opponent for those who were in the same cultivation level as her.

"Tsk tsk, not bad, you two are quite strong. At least I won't feel that boring."

A sinister voice suddenly appeared beside them. They turned around and saw Zhuang Nan.

Princess Miao Miao's eyes immediately flickered with disdain. She moved her gaze away and said, "Ugh! How ugly..."

Jiang Bilan nodded in agreement.

Zhuang Nan twisted his lips. Ugly? What the heck!?

Cultivators stopped caring about their appearance after they achieved the Martial Monarch Realm, let alone people at his level!

Besides, how was he even ugly...

"Little girl, are you trying to mess with me by saying that? I should teach you two a lesson on behalf of Qin Nan!"

Zhuang Nan clenched his teeth as nine rays of light emerged on his back. Nine different forces exploded and collapsed upon the two women. 

"Humph, you might not know, but I'm actually Xiao Nanzi's mentor!" 

Princess Miao Miao was not afraid at all. The force of the Heavens and Earth dived from the sky in the form of an enormous mountain after she performed a hand seal.

Jiang Bilan moved around lightly as she unleashed her sword intents.


A series of explosions took place. The fight between the three escalated within a short period of time.

Their fight was easily the most intense one on top of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. Other ordinary Nine Heavens Supremes were no match against them.

"One Sword Connecting the Heavens!"

When Princess Miao Miao executed a secret technique to trap Zhuang Nan temporarily in a confined world, Jiang Bilan accumulated a blinding light with her sword before firing a sword intent.

The slash was insanely quick. It landed on Zhuang Nan before he could see a thing. 


Strong gusts of wind surged in all directions.

"Xiao Lanlan, that's so cool!" Princess Miao Miao said with a hint of envy. She wanted to practice sword arts too, yet she could not learn it for some reason.

"It's cool? You are both Nine Heavens Supremes, yet you still care so much about appearance. How disappointing!"

Zhuang Nan appeared on the other side as he spoke. Nine different lights were covering him like an ancient armor.

His aura was completely different from before too, like it had reached another level.

"Mm? The power of the nine fleshes has merged into one?"

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan noticed something surprising.

"I didn't merge them with force. It's a true merge! If it wasn't for Xiang Hun's request, I would be able to defeat Qin Nan with my Combination of Nine Fleshes!" Zhuang Nan laughed coldly as he made his move.

The lights nearby were forcibly converted into the nine colors. Strong auras began to gather in loud rumbles.

The nearby Nine Heavens Supremes were startled. The power of the nine fleshes was simply too overwhelming for them.

"You're being so full of yourself when you have only merged the nine fleshes?"

An aura began to spread across Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan as they collected their thoughts. 

"Is that..."

Zhuang Nan's eyes widened.

The Indestructible Force?

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