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PBS - Chapter 2195 - The Celestial Palace, Part One

"It's been ten seconds!"

The gazes of the authorities sharpened.

Deadly attacks rose again in every direction which spread like a huge web, leaving Qin Nan and his men with no escape.

White flames erupted deep in Qin Nan's eyes as his arm transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber.


The blood dragon he was riding shattered as the Nine Heavens Supremes reclaimed their normal appearance. They immediately split into ten groups.

"Thousands Heavenly Feathers Formations!"

"Ancient Formation of Extermination!"

Five groups of the Nine Heavens Supremes began to emit white glow like a blizzard while the other five were unleashing a murderous aura in the form of sabers and spears.


Following a series of explosions, the attacks executed by the authorities began to lose their ways as they entered the white mist. They landed at other places instead of their targets. 

The strength of the other five groups also exceeded their expectation. They broke through the seals across the place with force, resulting in a huge crack.


The authorities of the formidable factions were startled.

Qin Nan was long prepared for it. He and the two women left the surround through the crack and soared into the clouds.

"Damn it!"

The authorities were displeased by the outcome.

They had allowed Qin Nan to escape even when so many factions had joined hands.

Qin Nan was not far from the peak of the tree. He would soon reach the peak in no time considering his speed.


Qin Nan and the two women were astounded.

The top of the tree was encapsulated by a blinding light. They felt like they had arrived at a sacred place brimming with pure immortal Qi as they set foot on the tree.

Their rate of cultivation would multiply by a hundred times at least if they cultivated for a day on the tree, let alone all the other benefits they would get.

Immortal rays were flickering too amid the bright light, like the blossoming of bamboo shoots after a rain.

Most importantly, there were ten fruits floating in the air at the center, each with mystical runes on them as if they contained the secrets of the Heavens and Earth.

They were the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits!

"Ten...ten Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits?"

Many rogue cultivators and authorities of formidable factions had reached the top of the tree. They were astounded by the sight before them. They could not even believe their eyes.

In the past, the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree had only born one to five Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits every time it blossomed. It had only born one to two Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits after the terrifying battle in the past!

It only started to bear three to four Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits a few hundred years ago. It was rare to see five Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits. It only happened once every one thousand years!

"The Will of Eternity has appeared. Even the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree which is evolved from the Great Dao won't be able to resist it!" 

Xiang Hun also arrived at the top of the tree. He was not too surprised by the sight of it.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Rapid whooshes soon occurred around the tree.

The rogue cultivators immediately made their moves with great passion in their eyes.

They never thought about competing for the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits at first, but they realized they had a much better chance to claim one of the fruits now!

Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he made his move.

"Qin Nan, don't you dare!"

A loud roar exploded above Qin Nan as a young man with sharp brows and an outstanding aura came up to Qin Nan. He was holding an ancient sword. He fired a tremendous sword intent at Qin Nan.

It was Zheng Hou, the Zheng Clan's Saint!

"Blossoms of the Bodhi Flowers, all living creatures as Buddhas!" 

The golden warrior attendant which Holy Monk Wangjin turned into came from the distance too with white flowers blossoming on his hands. He swung his hands at Qin Nan to unleash his anger.

"Crimson Emperor Saber Intent!"

Qin Nan executed the slash with the combination of nine Arts of Dao Seeking!


The Nine Heavens Supremes of other factions, Xu Ruochen, Elder Long, and their men had gathered on top of the tree too. 

The noises pierced through the clouds!

Even though Xu Ruchen, Elder Long, and their men were nowhere close to the scale of the alliance between the formidable factions, their strength under the influence of the six battling formations and the Synchronization of the Minds was quite shocking. The alliance of the formidable factions only had a slight advantage in the battle!

Meanwhile, the ten Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits were too attractive for the cultivators who were stuck in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm for a long time. They were unable to focus fully on the battle. 

After all, the formidable factions would benefit the most after they defeated Qin Nan, but the individual cultivators were not going to benefit a lot from it.

"My friends, you have witnessed the strength of Qin Nan's men! As I've told you, it might be a great opportunity for you two!" Supreme Chang Xiao transmitted his thought and pointed his sword forward.

"Do you think you can bully the people of the Sky Taihuang Sect as you please?" Supreme Chang Xiao unleashed an imperious aura and charged into the battle with Supreme Huanglei and his men.

The Patriarchs of the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect and the Sanqing Ancient Sect hesitated at first, but they soon clenched their teeth and made up their minds.

"We will lend Qin Nan a hand!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes under their leads began to make their moves.

"The three Supreme Daoism factions are going to side with Qin Nan?"

The people of other factions scoffed with cold eyes.

In addition to them, Xiang Qi who was leading the Shidao Tribe slowly changed their focus and went for the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits.

The Mumen Sect reacted the same way too.

They had both made their decisions!

"Xiang Hun, aren't you going to do it?" some of the authorities groaned when they felt the pressure increasing.

"Be patient," Xiang Hun said calmly. He placed his hands behind him as if he was only going to be a bystander.

It was in his best interest that both sides were at a standstill.

"Mm? Is it coming?"

Xiang Hun's heart skipped a beat as he wore a passionate look.

A while later, the top of the tree began to shake vigorously as the light rippled like water.

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