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ZL - Chapter 994- The Executor

By the time we reached our place, we were all soaked in the rain. The initial summer rain was quite torrential, but because Lin Wan Er was on my back, only my legs and arms got wet. When I placed her down, the way her skirt wrapped around her legs was really tempting. When I turned around and saw Dong Cheng Yue, I nearly lost my senses. As she was too focused on shielding us from the rain, all her clothes had gotten wet. That white shirt, which was completely drenched, pressed onto her youthful body, showing her twin peaks. One could not help but feel their blood rise.


 Dong Cheng Yue looked at my gaze. Although Tang Qi was stunned, too, Dong Cheng Yue still turned around and smiled at me. She even bent forward so she could make her cleavage more visible to me. I looked away and then said, "Dong Cheng, you're completely soaked; go take a hot shower. If not, you'll fall sick."

 Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "En, I will go now!"

 After saying that, she turned and stared at Tang Qi. "You look again and I will beat you to death!"

 Tang Qi: "..."

 I pulled Lin Wan Er's hand and said, "Wan'er go bathe, too; I will make hot ginger tea for everyone."

 "En en."

 The two girls went to shower and I returned to my room. In less than ten minutes, I finished and walked out with dry clothes. I took cups and then made two cups of ginger tea for them. Both girls took a long time to bathe and only came out ten minutes later. They drank the tea while smiling and talking about what had happened earlier. They also agreed to head out again some other time in the future; they also wanted to wear high heels then.

 I said, "Then you must call me."

 Lin Wan Er laughed. "Do you like watching us dance?"

 I replied honestly, "En, it is quite nice to watch. Especially with heels, you two look no worse than SNSD."

 Dong Cheng Yue said, "Actually, when Wan'er was at her peak, she was better than that girl band, alright? In her first concert, she sang and danced. That video was uploaded everywhere, and that's also why she remains so famous even after quitting the music industry. She created a classic that no one can hold a candle to even now."

 Lin Wan Er looked at me, asking, "Honey, what were you doing when I was still a singer?"

 I thought about it and replied, "I was probably a security guard... The manager always told me to help them load and unload!"

 "D*mn..." Dong Cheng Yue said. "Logically speaking, with your skills, your life shouldn't be so bad. What were you thinking?"

 I looked at her. "I was a special police before that and did many cases; there were very few that I couldn't crack. I should’ve gotten promoted, but because I offended too many people, I was kicked out of the force. If you were in my position, you'd also be willing to end up as a security guard."

 Lin Wan Er placed down her cup and kissed me on the cheek. "It is okay; no one will bully you anymore. If not, Sister Wan'er and Dong Cheng will beat them up so badly!"

 I spread my right hand and flames wrapped around it. "No one dares to offend me now. Don't worry; I'm not anyone's shadow apart from you two. No one can insult me and make me feel pain anymore. I'll live for myself, freely and as I please."

 Dong Cheng Yue pointed at herself. "Oh, I have a part?"

 I smiled. "You are Wan'er and my best friend, so of course you’re included, but if you don't want it, then I shall protect Tang Qi then."

 "No need." Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "He can protect himself. You should protect me; I am so weak."

 I glanced at her. "A few hours ago, when we were attacking House of Prestige, you didn't look weak when your one spell killed twenty-plus people!"

 She smiled. "You... That just shows that I’ve got the heart of a male, but I do look weak!"

 "Okay, let's stop this and prepare to go online. Tian Ling City will have a meeting; let's see what Lochlan will decide!"



 After sending the two girls to their respective rooms, I went online. It was already past eleven.


I appeared in Tian Ling City, right outside the palace. The moment I appeared, two Guards Army Lieutenants knelt. "Greetings, Commander in chief!"

I nodded and walked into the palace.

There were a few hundred steps up to the hall, with many guards standing on either side. I moved forward slowly; these guards all held their breaths and did not dare to move at all. In front of the hall was Situ Xin. "General Li, you are finally here!"

I smiled. "General Situ, how are His Majesty's injuries?"

"After using Lady Frost's pills, he is fine and can move about normally, General, you don't have to worry!"


When I entered the hall, I noticed that Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, and Jian Feng Han were present. Apart from them were Louis, Les, Xiahou Ren, and Floating Clouds; all of them were tied up as they stood in place.

A little while later, Lin Wan Er, Drunken Spear, Wang Zecheng, and the others also entered the hall. Everyone found their places to stand. At the throne, Lochlan was already seated, just that his face was still ashen-white. It seemed like his injuries were already fine.


At twelve midnight, Lochlan stood up and spoke in a voice tinged with sadness, "The recent battle on Fire God Mountain is a nationwide tragedy. My father tried to rebel, but Master Li used the Royal Army and Guards Army to repel him. Unfortunately, after this battle, the Tian Ling Empire has been badly affected. We must band together; if not, this empire will be exposed to danger."

Baili Ning, Situ Xin, et cetera cupped their fists. "Your Majesty is wise!"

Lochlan waved. "Read my decree!"


The secretary walked forward and said, "As the South Protecting King started a rebellion, his title was revoked and he was demoted to a commoner. However, he is pardoned and is allowed to be buried in the final resting place of emperors, but his name will not be carved! Apart from that, Fire Axe Army Commander Louis, who colluded with him, has his title stripped and is demoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Les is demoted to a normal soldier. Xiahou Ren, who sowed discord, will be beheaded, while Floating Clouds, who was forced, is demoted to a normal soldier."

I looked at Lochlan and understood. The young emperor was using this chance to clear out all the high-ranking generals!

The secretary continued speaking. "Fire Dragon Army Fang Ge Que was brave; he is promoted to a Country Protecting General and is hereby appointed as the Fire Dragon Army’s new Commander. The Fire Axe Army, which is presently fifty-thousand-man strong, will be headed by Major Luo Fei as its new general; he is promoted to Country Protecting General. The Violent Thunder Army, which is currently forty-thousand-man strong, will have Major Xu Yan as its new Commander. The Purple Spirit Army numbering fifty thousand has Major Jian Feng Han as its Commander. The Dragonling Army will be regrouped to ten thousand strong; the Guards Army General will take on the role of its Commander. Due to Situ Xin's contributions, he is promoted to Commander in chief!"


With this announcement, some people felt happy while some felt sad. Fang Ge Que was finally in charge of the Fire Dragon Army, while Wang Zecheng and Q-Sword did not get anything. No one expected Lochlan to make a Major from the Guards Army the commander. Apart from that, Jian Feng Han was a huge winner, for he became the Purple Spirit Army Commander. Although the Purple Spirit Army had always been a backup, if they were trained properly, they could become terrifying, too.

One more point, Louis and Les's Commander in chief rank was stripped off. Situ Xin was promoted to Commander in chief, which meant that there were now two. One was him and the other was me.

Lochlan stood up and said, "Master Li has returned; the Tian Ling Empire has a pillar it can lean on to once more. He will reshape the army and will wield the highest power. I have discussed with everyone to establish a new rank known as The Executor. When it is peace time, he has the right to adjust all troops, and in wartime, he is the first choice for a commander!"

Stunned, I cried, "Your Majesty, definitely not!"

Lochlan was stunned, too. "Master Li, why not?"

I cupped my fist. "I can't accept this. Moreover, the empire shouldn't have such a rank. You just have to choose a commander during wartime. The Executor is just too powerful and will affect the power hierarchy."

I looked at Fang Ge Que and lowered my voice to whisper, "Fang Ge Que, help me!"

Fang Ge Que understood and cupped his fist. "Your Majesty, Li Xiao Yao's words make sense. Commander in chief, Country Protector General, et cetera are enough."

Baili Ning also chimed in. "Your Majesty, please follow General Li's will!"


Lochlan thought about it and then said, "Okay, we shall discuss The Executor position in the future!"

A message came from Lin Wan Er: "You fool, why didn't you accept that. The Executor, such a cool title..."

I smiled and replied, "Forget it. I am happy with my position as Commander in chief, in case this title brings me more trouble in the future."

Lin Wan Er was smart and blinked her eyes. "Do you think... that this was something Lochlan thought of to test your loyalty?"

I nodded. "I’d rather think so than not."

"En, that's good. Better keep a low profile."


Lin Wan Er sent another news: "Right, have you heard of the all-star competition? I heard that it is going to begin soon."

"All-star competition?"

"En, it is an invitational!"

"I didn't know at all..."

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