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IRNDGL - Chapter 109: Accepting The Truth

Vincent grew up in the Church of the Dome's St. Rolland Convent on Norzin 4th Avenue.

This was the Church of the Dome's second largest convent in Norzin and had its own comprehensive education system.

The convent took in gifted orphans to train the most outstanding priests and nuns for the Church of the Dome. After these kids grew up, they would be sent to parishes that required manpower.

At the same time, real orphanages were set up for children who had no talent to begin with or those eliminated from the education process to receive normal education after the removal of memories about the supernatural.

As a very orthodox priest, Vincent was a man of great learning; not only well-versed in theology but many other subjects as well.

One very important subject was the history of Azir.

Compared to the obscure history known to most ordinary folk, Vincent had systematically studied the ancient past hidden by transcendent folk.

The period till when the Second Era ended and the wall and fog constructed was a time of pure myth.

The Church of the Dome came about in the Third Era. Believers of the moon, who gained power through their connection with it. They reckoned the moon was the only original existence in this world that had survived till now and was keeping the gods within the dream realm in check.

Meanwhile, the sun was extinguished within the dream realm at the start of the Second Era, immediately causing the beginning of this dark age as well as the demise of giants.

Before today, Vicent had always believed that the sun and the moon were two different holy entities.

Although there might have been some connection between the two, it wasn't much. After all, the sun had been extinguished but the moonlight remained eternal, continuing to illuminate the world and giving strength to its believers.

Until now...

With his own eyes, he had seen his holy emblem glowing in resonance with the book titled Sun Scripture as if the two were parts of a whole.

The 'divinity' gushing out from this book brought about an irresistible warmth and power which washed away all the discomfort within his body.

Vincent was also able to vaguely sense it dominating his own powers.

His mind was filled with the thought that there could be a problem with this supernatural object recommended by the Seventh Apostle as 'a meditation aid and way to strengthen one's connection with the moon.'

Vincent felt utterly confused and didn't dare open the book in his hand. However, the doubt within him was continuously increasing.

What went wrong? What should he do now?

Unconsciously, he looked up to the only person who could guide him now.

Under the dim light, the bookstore owner revealed a slight, mysterious smile. "Don't worry, there's no need to be confused. Father, you will discover your own answer from this book and find the light that only belongs to you.

"Also, all your questions will be answered eventually. As long as you are willing and determined to seek them, I will also lend you my help."

With regards to this matter, the victim was the priest in front of him. The decision whether or not to investigate the truth was still his.

The Church of the Dome was powerful and had the great conviction of this priest.

Lin Jie wouldn't find it strange even if this priest chose to give up for his own interests or safety, even if his own conviction crumbled completely.

However, this was a psychological baseline that Lin Jie had set. From his current observations, the priest in front of him didn't seem like such a person. On the contrary, he appeared to be struggling with his emotions and seemed at a loss. However, the book was clenched tightly in his hand, which meant he had no intention of putting it down.

This meant that deep down, he had already made his decision and only needed someone to guide him.

A priest who often served as a guide for others also needed someone to show him a way when his own faith faltered.

Lin Jie was exactly the guide he hoped for; mysterious, powerful, and purposeful.     

Vincent replayed his impression of the bookstore owner within his mind and tried to guess his motive.

If the bookstore owner was really an immortal that had survived since the Second Era, he would surely have experienced that mythical age; or, be a part of those legends.

That would mean that his existence outlived the Church of the Dome, the sun extinguishing, the demise of the giants... and even the rise of humankind. It was likely that the bookstore owner had witnessed all of these.

He must have known all too well the truth about the moon and the sun, and this book, Sun Scripture, was the proof.

The bookstore owner had given this book and asked Vincent to find the light.

Could...Could he be using this opportunity to 'set the record straight' regarding this history that had been warped and distorted?

Vincent was taken aback by this notion, but he found it increasingly plausible the more he thought about it.

Otherwise, how was it possible that such a great being would even bother with an ordinary priest like Vincent to the point of deliberately leading him here?

Indeed, the next-door shopkeeper's request was definitely an outcome that the bookstore owner had planned for.

Employing such a natural and secretive method to lure Vincent here for a chat before handing this crucial book seemed as if he was merely toying with the threads of fate.

Vincent gasped silently. These great beings are truly terrifying indeed.

Vincent felt that declining in this situation would mean him ending up as one of the trapped souls within the stone gargoyle or as fertilizer for that rose.

He now understood that the previously transpired conversation was a warning in advance.

In a sense, there was no other option.

Besides, the intense need for answers and getting to the bottom of it all was too strong right now.

Was his faith actually the ashes of the sun, or of a false god seizing power?

And what was the reason for the church permitting the circulation of this hallucinogenic substance?

Accepting the book Sun Scripture was like accepting a part of the truth.

The priest exhaled slowly. Gripping the sacred scripture tightly, he spoke with determination, "I understand. It's my honorto receive your help. My only desire is to know the truth."

The determination displayed by this priest hadn't deviated from Lin Jie's judgment.

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"Coming to this understanding is proof that your heart has chosen a path. Well done," said Lin Jie with a nod.

"However, you still have even more to do. You have to rely on yourself if you wish to know the truth," Lin Jie continued.

After all, Lin Jie didn't have a deep understanding of the Church of the Dome and it would be better to let the other party fight the battle on his own turf.

But now this matter seemed even more complicated since it involved the Ash Chamber of Commerce.

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However, there wasn't just one solution and it beats having the priest investigate it all by himself.

After all, from Lin Jie's understanding of Cherry, she didn't seem like that sort of person. Therefore it could mean someone within might be attempting to ruin Ash Chamber of Commerce's reputation.

Lin Jie believed that Cherry would be interested in this.

Resting his chin on his palms, Lin Jie said, "I'll ask Cherry about what's wrong with this batch of Holy Moon Essence."

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