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ZL - Chapter 1044- 4th guild

The red maples in a forest danced in the wind, their leaves rustling. From within, we could see skills being used. To fight for the southwest entrance, Tian Ling, Waterfront, and Nine Heavens cities’ players were battling all over the forest.

  The Appearance Alliance's forty thousand soldiers were trapped. Although Mu Xuan called a few guilds to help, they all came from Tian Ling City in the north and could only try to break out from there. However, their strength was limited. It was obvious that they were unable to break through the encirclement in a short period.


  I held Butterfly and led the Furnace God Cavalry forward. Lin Wan Er held her dagger and said, "Let's charge; don't wait for the ranged team!"


  I smacked God Dragon Horse's butt with the sword back and instantly it charged out ahead. Li Meng Yao, Wang Jian, Old K, and the others followed. With Flying General effect, the Furnace God Cavalry turned into a red patch that charged into the forest. Not far away were the Waterfront City players. They had noticed us and changed the direction their shields were blocking. King's Hunt had only recently ended; it was time to take revenge for that, too!

  "Block them!"

  A deputy guild leader of a Waterfront City guild raised his sword and rode a black horse. "D*mn! It's Tian Ling City's Zhan Long. They’re actually hiding behind us. D*mn it! Send this news to Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple. Brothers, their Furnace God Cavalry is quick and we have no chance of fleeing. Alongside our ranged allies, block their charge. They’re also humans. If they get hit, they will still die!"

  Dense arrows had arrived. In front, my Overlord Helmet ignored the stun effect of Scattered Shot and Pillars of Fire and Ice. I raised my hand and used Great Realm of Desolation to kill a level 174 Archer. Soon, I reached the shield formation, and when I did, I used Defeat the Dragon to grab that deputy guild leader. I pulled out the Zhen Yue Sword, which gave off a golden light. Level 19 God Tier skill Wind Carrying Slash exploded and ripped him, as well as dozens of Cavalry players behind him, apart!

  Before they could fix the breach, I summoned Ancient God Tiger to charge in. Death God’s Dance plus Sword Tempest exploded in the crowd and I also placed an Azure Dragon Crossbow to increase damage. With both of us attacking together, the area around was cleared out. The Furnace God Cavalry fighting with me also charged into the crowd. Indian players were getting stunned one by one and they were being killed just like that.

  The forest turned even redder. Everywhere the Furnace God Cavalry passed were stunned by the Quickness effect. The India guilds had no way of fighting back at all. Many of them were stunned and killed before they could even move.

  It was a one-sided destruction. Even Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes's guilds could not block the Furnace God Cavalry's full-speed charge, much less such a second-rate guild.

  Once Dong Cheng Yue led Zhan Long's ranged players over, we started to push in. No one survived and the ground was covered in Waterfront City players' corpses. Zhan Long sent seventy thousand people out and we were well split between the main guild and divisions. We were an army that crushed Waterfront City's scattered guilds.


  Skills shone and sparks flew as Mengyao's Nuwa Stone was sliced by a level 177 Warrior. This Warrior was actually a top 50 IBN player and he was really strong. A few skills were used; he took down 50% of her health. However, that was not enough. Mengyao started to fight back and she used Judgement to push him back. Old K used Greedy Nine-headed Snake to activate Whirlwind Slash. Before he even landed, Mengyao used Dragonblade Slash to kill this decent opponent.

  Zhan Long's elites were using all their skills. Li Mu's Smashing Buzhou Mountain and Thousand Man Enemy roared as One Second Hero used his Zhangba Snake Spear to charge at the crowd. Due to my orders, we did not join in from the start and had, instead, waited for this chance. Naturally, no one held back.

  I was in the crowd and Butterfly shone brightly to kill groups of players. The Furnace God Cavalry was three hundred meters in before a decent guild finally appeared—Starry Sky. It was India Region's fourth guild, with over one hundred fifty thousand people registered. Their number could be considered top three in China. Their guild leader, Power of the Stars, was ranked fifth on IBN. Fifty thousand of their elites were lined up ahead of us. They were like twin blades, one blade slashing at Mu Xuan and the other awaiting us.

  At the front of the crowd, Power of the Stars stood with his axe. Above his head was the guild leader emblem. This person looked quite handsome and seemed to be twenty-five years old or so. However, his smile was really annoying. It was teasing and playful as if he was looking down on an enemy; this smile also came from the pride in his heart.


  I shook Butterfly and the fresh blood scattered. Maybe because I hated arrogant people, I felt furious and pointed my blade forward. "Charge! Kill them and leave none of them alive. Use all your buffs. You guys don't need to consider the CD!"

  As I said that, my Zhen Yue Sword was already shining brightly and it turned into white glow. I activated Zhen Yue Warsong, raising the attacks of the surrounding Zhan Long players by 6,000. At the same time, One Second Hero waved Zhangba Snake Spear and used Roar of Zhangfei to increase our attacks by 150%. Mengyao also used Nuwa Protection to place a shield on the surrounding players. Dancing Forest's Rage of Huangzhong and Yue Yao Yan's Greedy Shield Formation were all used; the Zhan Long formation was now bathed in a bright buff light. At the same time, the Furnace God Cavalry all charged ahead to level this forest. It was a great land for charging. Since Starry Sky dared to choose this place as the battlefield, they had to bear the consequences of that mistake!

  When we were fifty meters away, Starry Sky started to buff themselves, too, having equipment that could raise stats as well. They were, after all, the fourth guild in India. Even if their equipment was weaker than ours, it would not be much lower. However, the courageous were usually the ones who won, so even if they used all their buffs, they would still die here!

  I did not charge too quickly this time and maintained parity with the Furnace God Cavalry. I smashed into the shield formation together with Li Mu and Wang Jian. I used Wind Carrying Slash, while Li Mu used Thousand Man Enemy plus Smashing Buzhou Mountain. Wang Jian was very violent; he used Halberd Whirlwind into the crowd and also the level 18 Double Hit to kill three or four people. He then charged and stunned many players with basic attacks.

  "Block them!"

  When he saw that his guild was about to get crushed, Power of the Stars could not maintain his calmness anymore. He used his skills to kill a Furnace God Cavalry, but he was powerless to change the situation. He could only grit his teeth. "Don't retreat! Our allies will come soon. Force them back!"

  His attempt at raising morale could not change the difference in strength. Zhan Long continued to stab in. Furnace God Cavalry tanked the damage to charge. We broke into the cavalry formation and killed the Archer, Mages, and Musketeers. This was a true massacre. Flying General with Quickness was just too strong. Before they could even react, those Archers and Mages were stunned in place. Moreover, the Furnace God Cavalry had been trained by Li Mu and Wang Jian like troops in real life. Their greed and desire to fight were removed and they charged as a formation. Each of them sliced their targets; only then could their killing ability and control be increased to the highest.


  Power of the Stars' voice was already shaking. He had a few Elder-level under him who were killed by Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest. That shook his own confidence. However, since he was the guild leader, he still had a trump card. He waved his blade and a bunch of magma wrapped cavalry charged out. This was their strongest soldier time.

  Unfortunately, when he sent them out, a bright glow shone from behind me. It was familiar. Finally, our deputy guild leader was willing to use her trump card!


  There was a roar as Little White was released. Lin Wan Er jumped up and knelt on its neck. She pressed her hand on it and ordered, "Little White, dragon breath!"

  The silver dragon roared once more and used a frost breath at the crowd. There were not more than one thousand Cavalrymen here, and hundreds of them were frozen in place right away. The Furnace God Cavalry had charged out, and most of them had died already. Lin Wan Er flew up with the silver dragon and breathed at the crowd. This was a God Tier Boss pet, so it was really tanky. Its overall Health was over a million. Even though the Starry Sky Archers and Mages had attacked it, it had not lost much health.


  Little White's entry caused the entire battle to become one-sided. After an hour of battling, Zhan Long's seventy thousand killed over 80% of Starry Sky. Even Power of the Stars was frozen by Little White and was killed by Li Mu's Thousand Man Enemy. A Starry Sky Flagbearer led thousands of remaining troops to flee.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.