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PBS - Chapter 2194 - The Sky-Roaring Dragon

The atmosphere gradually intensified.

All kinds of voices sounded too. 

The rogue cultivators were a little nervous. Their hearts began to race as they could sense a terrifying tide about to appear out of nowhere.


A few moments later, Zheng Hou, a Saint of the Zheng Clan gave the order.

The Nine Heavens Supremes of the Zheng Clan immediately unleashed shocking auras as they charged forward. They performed hand seals and formed an ancient formation. It transformed into an ancient sword slashing forward.

It was the secret technique of the Zheng Clan, the Deadly Hook Sword Sacred Formation!

"Let's move out too!"

The rest of the Patriarchs and Saints spread their orders to their men.

Ancient formations and artifacts appeared simultaneously on the eighteenth and nineteenth branches. They emitted various glow as their energy began to tear the rift apart.

Meanwhile, the formations in the ancient cities and palaces which other factions had constructed between the third and seventeen branches were activated too. All of them were targeting Qin Nan and his men.

The blossoming of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was a few months earlier than expected. Almost everyone was taken by surprise, thus preventing them from putting their plans into motion, yet they still managed to set up traps in the two days they had.

"It's like the whole Nine Heavens Immortal Realm is targeting Qin Nan!" the rogue cultivators exclaimed.

Qin Nan remained expressionless as he was picked on. He did not unleash his aura, nor was he planning to defend himself.


Qin Nan did not move, but the dragon he was riding started moving. It swung its enormous claw at the ancient sword. The sword was knocked a few thousand zhang back following a shocking blast. 

The blood dragon swung its tail. It was surprisingly agile despite its shocking size. It avoided the formations and traps as it opened its mouth, spitting out flames in all directions.


A series of deafening explosions took place between the Heavens and Earth. The impact brought great chaos to the rift.

"Such a powerful formation!"

The Patriarchs and the Saints were astounded.

Many factions had joined hands, yet they were struggling to suppress Qin Nan and his men. That being said, they managed to slow down the advancement of Qin Nan and his men.

Xiang Hun was not surprised by the outcome. He was well aware of the strength of the six battling formations.

However, he stayed still and did not tell the others how to handle the battling formations.

He had yet to sense a reaction from the wisp of Indestructible Force inside the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree.

Based on his speculation, it would only react once Qin Nan set foot on the top of the tree. The wisp of Indestructible Force would only show itself by then.

He was waiting for both sides to weaken one another's strength in the battle.


Meanwhile, the sky and the ground began to shake vigorously.

The colors in the sky had merged completely into a dazzling dark purple.

The outstanding aura which the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was emitting was gone too.

The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's outline was a lot clearer compared to before.

"We can now head to the top of the tree!"

The rogue cultivators quickly reacted and turned into rays of light flying up the tree.

"Lure Qin Nan in!"

The authorities of various factions exchanged glances before transmitting their thoughts.

Many formations began to change. They stopped attacking Qin Nan and proceeded to surround Qin Nan as if they were forcing him toward the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. 

Qin Nan was not bothered by the formations. He fixed his eyes on the authorities in the distance.

The dragon stopped moving too. It raised its head and stared at the top of the tree.

The authorities were planning a full attack when the dragon came closer to the tree.

"Qin Nan, your sins are beyond redemption. I shall send you to Hell even if it means forfeiting my golden flesh!" Holy Monk Wangjin snarled. He turned into a golden guardian deity with a menacing look with a staff and a book of scriptures in its hands. 

The rest of the authorities immediately attacked too.

At the same time, ancient auras rose from the cities and palaces like they were going to devour everything in the path.

"Six Suns Traversing the Past!"

Xu Ruochen, Elder Long, and the Nine Heavens Supremes were ready for the attacks. They were engulfed in scorching flames after performing a hand seal. They immediately combined into a huge flame.

The dragon's aura skyrocketed as if it had just put on an unmatchable armor.

"Dragon Soaring into the Nine Heavens!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes of the formidable factions noticed the scenery around them had changed completely following the cry of a dragon.

The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was replaced with a boundless sea of blood. The dragon flew out of the water and tore the attacks into pieces.

"Is this an illusion? Wait a second..."

The authorities were startled. The dragon had turned transparent. Their attacks went through it without inflicting any damage on it.

"It can only maintain its current form for ten seconds!" Xiang Hun said.

He could not afford to let Qin Nan defeat the alliance of many factions so easily.

"We'll stop our attacks and surround it for now!"

The authorities of the factions changed their tactic decisively.

The shocking battle paused briefly. Only the loud whooshes that were produced when the cultivators were flying around were left.

Qin Nan shifted his gaze away. He looked at the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. The runes on every branch and leaf contained a mystical power.

Some places on the tree were emitting an immortal glow. There were mystical treasures and valuable resources available on it too.

Every time the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blossomed, it would turn into an unprecedented gathering for the cultivators not just because of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits, but the various fortunate encounters on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree too.

Apart from them, the top of the tree also served as an outstanding cultivation ground. Even those who did not obtain the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree would benefit greatly by cultivating on the tree to reach the peak Dao Realm.

Qin Nan suddenly heard a soft buzz.

He immediately sensed something. The barrier encapsulating the Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon was slowly opening up.

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