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PBS - Chapter 2192 - The Blossom, Part One

Time passed very quickly. Eight months later...

During this period, the nineteenth branch of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree turned livelier each day. Many rogue cultivators gave up on cultivating in seclusion and going on adventures in other forbidden lands so they would not miss out on anything. 

More than a month ago, even Li Yangfan whose whereabouts had remained a mystery had returned to the Li Clan.

Everyone could feel a shocking storm was brewing.

There were still five to six months left until the scheduled time when the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree would blossom, but they could easily pass the time by cultivating in seclusion.

Supreme Chang Xiao was a little perplexed in the city constructed by the Sky Taihuang Sect. Even the immortal tea he liked was a little tasteless for him.

Under the current circumstances, it was almost impossible for him to support Qin Nan secretly. He had to make a decision soon.

Was he going to attack Qin Nan with the other factions, or was he going to lend Qin Nan a hand?

Supreme Chang Xiao already made up his mind, but the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect and the Sanqing Ancient Sect kept changing their minds.

Supreme Chang Xiao understood where they were coming from, yet he despised them for lacking the resolution to make up their minds.

"Speaking of which, I wonder what that kid is up to now," Supreme Chang Xiao suddenly thought of Qin Nan. He was about to transmit his thought when something caught his attention.

His senses were extremely sharp as the Patriarch of a formidable faction. He suddenly felt a strange ripple from the Immortal Qi between the Heavens and Earth.

Supreme Chang Xiao soon put it behind his mind. It was a common phenomenon which would occur at least fifty times a year.

However, he soon felt another ripple which was stronger than the previous one. He could even hear something like the splashes of waves on a sea.

It was a rare phenomenon which would only occur once every two years.

"It must be that traitor Xiang Hun!" Supreme Chang Xiao's face turned cold. He had long held a grudge against Xiang Hun.

However, a few moments later, Supreme Chang Xiao began to realize something was not right. The ripples between the Heavens and Earth kept going, each stronger than the previous one. He began to recall something that happened a long time ago.

It was the exact same phenomenon when the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was about to blossom in the past when he was only in the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Could it be..."

A shocking thought crossed Supreme Chang Xiao's mind. He immediately flew above the city without any hesitation.

Many Nine Heavens Supremes appeared around him too. He could also see figures rising above the ancient cities nearby.

It was obvious that most people had realized something odd was going on.

"What happened?"

"Does it mean the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree is about to blossom? Or is it something Xiang Hun had triggered?"

As the Nine Heavens Supremes were discussing with confused looks, the enormous leaves with strange markings on top of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree turned golden.

A while later a Nine Heavens Supreme who was observing the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blurted out in shock, "The leaves have changed color!"

The words served as a great clap of thunder among the Nine Heavens Supremes. Their hearts were filled with astonishment when they saw the golden leaves.

The surge of immortal intents and the transformation of the leaves! 

These were the exact signs every time the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was about to blossom. 

"Quick, tell the elders and ask them to come back here at once!" the authorities of the formidable factions yelled after collecting their thoughts.


More leaves of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree had turned golden. The ripples of immortal intent from the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree surged across the Heavens and Earth like formidable tides.

Some of them even left huge cracks across the place.

Every cultivator was in great shock!

Even Zhuang Nan and his men had woken up too. They were staring at the dazzling phenomenon with blank faces.

Some time later, the last leaf of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree turned golden.

A shocking sight took place as soon as its color changed!

Each leaf began to emit a brilliant golden light as if they had come alive. The blinding light shone upon the spacious land.

The overwhelming aura of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree grew stronger and surged in all directions like an unprecedented calamity.

Various rare phenomena occurred deep in the sky. There were fairies dancing, roars of beasts, and ten suns circling across the sky.

Even though the Nine Heavens Supremes on the nineteenth branch were not in the middle of a storm, they felt utterly minuscule like a dust particle amid a great chaos.

Most importantly, these were only the beginning!


Even Xiang Hun was startled by the rare phenomena. He looked up in astonishment.

"Xiang Hun!"

"What happened?"

"Why did the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blossom in advance?"

The authorities of the formidable factions transmitted their voices to Xiang Hun as soon as they sensed his presence. Some of them sounded like they were reprimanding him.

The main reason being that many of their men had either gone far away or went into seclusion as they thought the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree would only blossom after five to six months.

"It seems like I've overestimated the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree!" Xiang Hun concluded.

It was reasonable for the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree to weaken after so many years.

He could not care less about the complaints from the other factions since their involvement would not affect his plan at all.

"I must tell the kid so he doesn't miss out on it!"

Supreme Chang Xiao transmitted his voice as he recalled something.

Meanwhile, the Westernmost Land...

Qin Nan's eyes suddenly sprang open. It felt like the surroundings had dimmed a little.

"So the tree has blossomed earlier than expected..." Qin Nan murmured as he rose to his feet. His body was crackling rapidly as a terrifying demonic aura surged over a few tens of thousand li away in the sea.

"Everyone, it's time!"

Qin Nan transmitted his thought.

The surroundings remained quiet and still.

Qin Nan was very patient. He was not in a rush. A few moments later, a formidable aura finally approached him, followed by a deafening dragon cry which echoed between the Heavens and Earth!

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