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PBS - Chapter 2001 - Chigu

A mountain in the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm...

Qin Nan's figure slowly appeared. He soon noticed a few badges in his storage bag glowing continuously. He immediately observed them with his Divine Sense.

"Qin Nan, what's up with the Capital of Future in the seventh Sacred Area?" "Qin Nan, respond at once!" "You little scum, I'll teach you a lesson when I go to the First Immortal Realm!"

These were from Supreme Chang Xiao.

"Qin Nan, was there anything precious in the seventh Sacred Area?" "Why aren't you responding? Are you in danger? Don't worry, your brother I will be there to help you!"

These were from the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor.

"Qin Nan, you must be flanked by many Exceptional Geniuses now. How could I possibly stand aside as your friend of life and death? I shall be there soon!"

This one is from Yuanji.

Qin Nan's lips twisted. He first replied to Supreme Chang Xiao's messages. The man immediately responded angrily, "If you don't respond to me soon, I will be there in person!"

"Anyway, let me ask you, what's the Capital of Future? Why did Chigu show itself and flew into the first Sacred Area when it appeared? Is something about to happen in the first Sacred Area?"

Qin Nan was startled. He asked, "What's Chigu?"

Supreme Chang Xiao sounded disdainful right away, "You didn't even know Chigu? The Spear Chigu is similar to the Wall of Hundred Immortal Beasts. It's ranked in the top ten among the Dao Seeking Weapons. It was the Fifth Immortal, the Divine God of Battle's weapon."

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

If the Divine God of Battle's weapon had flown to the first Sacred Area, it meant the great changes in it were about to complete.

"Patriarch, the Capital of Future is indeed tied to the unusual changes of the first Sacred Area. I'll be heading there soon, but I don't know much either."

"However, I can tell you that the treasure in the Capital of Future isn't available for outsiders, so the Sky Taihuang Sect won't have a chance to claim them."

Qin Nan transmitted his voice.

Supreme Chang Xiao finally responded after some time, "I won't be sending anyone there if you say so. Kid...be careful!"

Qin Nan smiled. He gave his promise before transmitting his voice to the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor and Yuanji. He told them he already went inside the first Sacred Area. He did not need their 'help'.

"I should go to the first Sacred Area now."

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and flew into the rift.

Meanwhile, following the abnormal occurrences in the seventh Sacred Area, the news regarding the appearance of the mysterious Capital of Future, how Qin Nan had vanished into thin air once again, and how Chigu had flown to the first Sacred Area was spreading wildly.

The Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and other factions were startled.

"Chigu has flown to the first Sacred Area not long after the Capital of Future showed up. It's definitely not a coincidence. Qin Nan must be heading to the first Sacred Area too!"

"Spread the words, send someone over immediately, and tell the Sacred One to take down Qin Nan and find out his secrets at all costs!"

"Hehe, trying to enter the first Sacred Area? Fine, I'll let Xiang Tianqi take him on there!"

The factions began to plan their moves.

In addition to it, the eyes of many Exceptional Geniuses of other factions glittered too.

Jiang Ni, in particular, was standing on top of a mountain with a sharp gaze.

"Qin Nan, fate has brought us together again."

"I just told my sect that I'm about to enter the first Sacred Area. I didn't think you would be going there too."

"That's fine, it's time for us to decide who's superior among us!"

A strong wind blew. Jiang Ni turned into a ray of light disappearing into the distance.

Not long after, Lu Qingyin, Xiang Yuansheng, and other Exceptional Geniuses realized they were unable to claim the treasure in the Capital of Future. They even triggered deadly tarps as a result. They had no choice but to leave with empty hands as they had no idea where Qin Nan went.

"Qin Nan has a flower that can protect him from every Peerless Ruler's attack..."

Lu Qingyin decided to spread the news after giving it some thought.

She was disheartened by the loss. She was merely trying to bring Qin Nan more trouble.

"How ridiculous, there's no way such a flower exists in this world. Even the Ten Trees, Six Grass Stalks, and Three Flowers on the Undying Cycle Mountain were nowhere as impressive! You only failed because you weren't strong enough!"

Many geniuses and experts scoffed at the information disdainfully.

After all, if what Lu Qingyin said was true, wouldn't Qin Nan simply be unbeatable unless they managed to seal his Divine Sense?

Meanwhile, the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect, one of the fourteen Supreme Daoism factions in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm...

A while ago, its previous patriarch, a Master of Dao was murdered by the Heaven-Slaying Sect. It served as a great blow to the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect. As such, the atmosphere had been tense among the elders lately.

However, a huge burst of laughter was echoing in the surroundings today.

"HAHAHA, what a blessing from the Heavens! Lu Gufeng of the Reincarnation Sect has gone to the first Sacred Area a few days ago too! Meng Jiugong of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect is also at the entrance of the first Sacred Area! And now, Qin Nan is going too!"

"I will take down Meng Jiugong first, then Lu Gufeng, before getting my hands on Qin Nan's blood. It will be the first step to achieve my plan!"

The person laughing was the current patriarch of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect.

The man in a blood-red robe with an immeasurable aura was seated in the spacious hall. His eyes had seven different lights flickering in them.

"Congratulations, patriarch!" An old man beside him said respectfully.

"We'll not discuss it now," the patriarch of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect waved his hand and said, "How are Feng Wuheng, Xuan'er, and Zhang Linshan doing?"

The three were core disciples of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect, especially Feng Wuheng, who was the strongest disciple of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect. He had earned some reputation in the Supreme-Transforming Realms.

The old man immediately answered, "We've locked them up in the Thousand Bloodlust Valley as you've ordered. I believe they have been thoroughly brainwashed."

"Very well! Bring them to me. I've looked after them for more than a hundred years. It's time for them to pay me back."

The Heaven-Repelling Patriarch's voice turned sinister.

Meanwhile, the Heaven-Slaying Sect, one of the fourteen Supreme Daoism factions...

The Beast Hide Drawing sat on its icy throne. Its finger was tapping rhythmically.

Didn't Big Brother hate Qin Nan's past life just like him?

Why was he helping him now? What did Big Brother give Qin Nan? Was he going to help Qin Nan again?

The more it thought, the more annoyed it felt. It had a feeling it had missed something, yet it could not tell what it was.

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