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PBS - Chapter 2018 - The Reappearance of the Demonic Qi

"Those two statues are so terrifying?"

Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, Meng Shanyue, and the cultivators were startled.

Those who had only mastered the Four Extremities without achieving the Dao Realm groaned as blood leaked out of their lips.

Qin Nan who was standing in front of the statues was under the strongest pressure. He felt like he was carrying a mountain on his back. It was so heavy that he was struggling to unleash his immortal force.

"Death to those who trespass into the sacred area!"

The two statues uttered the words thunderously. A formidable force swept across the battlefield. The incomplete remains rose to their feet with shocking auras. The horde of dead bodies immediately charged at Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, Meng Shanyue, and the others.


Xiang Tianqi wore a pale face.


The two status made their moves too. They suddenly moved toward Qin Nan at an indescribable speed and threw a fist at Qin Nan as their arms emitted an immortal glow that seemed to contain the power of a realm.

A great sense of danger exploded in Qin Nan's heart.

Qin Nan immediately opened the jade jar without any hesitation.


A brilliant blood-red glow soared into the sky of the battlefield. Wisps of energy poured down and dyed the surroundings red.

"What's happening?"

Xiang Tianqi and the others noticed an ancient aura hindering their Divine Sense and vision. They were unable to see and sense what was going on around them.

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"That Fifth Immortal has made some preparations beforehand!"

Meng Shanyue's expression sank. He knew Qin Nan had no chance of defeating the two statues with his cultivation. Only the Fifth Immortal was strong enough to face the statues.

Meanwhile, in the blood-red glow, the fists of the two statues could not move any further as if they had encountered a wall. The fists were only two zhang away from Qin Nan.


Raging flames erupted in the eyes of the statues as if they were being provoked. The strength they were unleashing grew further and surpassed Qin Nan's understanding.


At that instant, a magnificent figure emerged from the drop of blood in the jade jar as half of it evaporated. Everything immediately lost its significance before its imperious aura.


An intense fight took place. Qin Nan could no longer see the figure and the statues. He could only sense the world turning into a void while the galaxy was shattered into dust. The rules of Dao were obliterated too.

Time gradually passed. Qin Nan had completely lost track of time. When he came to his senses, the destructive auras were slowly dissipating as everything returned to normal.

The remaining blood returned to the jade jar and sealed itself. The red glow slowly disappeared too.

In front of Qin Nan were over a few hundred ravines. The two statues fell onto the ground after losing their brilliance.

Qin Nan was startled. He did not expect that the damage caused by the terrifying fight was less severe than a fight between two Peerless Rulers in the early stage.

"Something isn't right, they must be fighting in another dimension that surpasses this battlefield and this land," Qin Nan murmured.

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He soon calmed his thoughts and flew to the platform. He grabbed at the seal with his left hand while placing his right hand on the jade jar. He was ready to take it out if necessary.

Even his past life had failed to claim the seal. He did not dare to lower his guard.

As he thought, as soon as his hand touched the seal, thousands of black lines surfaced from the middle of the platform.


The Heavens and Earth shook vigorously following the deafening roar.

Everything nearby was placed into stasis. A terrifying demon over a million zhang tall appeared from the rift. Its enormous blood-red eyes were staring down at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan's expression sank. He tried to remove the cork on the jade jar, but it was somehow covered in demonic runes too. He could not pull the cork out.

The demon did not waste any second. It opened its bloody mouth to devour Qin Nan.

A chill ran down Qin Nan's spine like he was placed in an icy cellar. Countless thoughts crossed his mind.

The Ownerless Heaven Pattern in his Divine Sense glowed as if it was trying to protect Qin Nan.

However, Qin Nan's heart stopped beating as a wisp of ancient demonic Qi burst out of it and took the shape of a snake with its mouth open like it was uttering a roar.

It was like an ant trying to go against a gigantic mountain.

However, a shocking sight took place. The bloody mouth above Qin Nan suddenly came to a stop. It groaned softly before vanishing into thin air.

Everything returned to normal, as if nothing had ever happened.

"The demonic Qi is still in my body? Why was the demon so afraid of it?"

Qin Nan was utterly confused. Was it something his past life had prepared too? Why didn't the Ownerless Heaven Pattern mention it before?

Qin Nan soon shook his head. Everything was too complicated for him to understand.

As a safety precaution, Qin Nan removed the cork on the jade jar and let the blood-red aura spread toward the surroundings before he placed his hand on the seal.

An icy sensation spread throughout his body and formed a layer of ice on him.

Following it, countless needles bypassed his flesh and pierced his soul. He immediately took a deep breath as his face turned pale.

The indescribable pain lasted for quite some time. It had no sign of stopping. Qin Nan began to shiver with cold sweat dripping from his forehead despite his firm will.

He suddenly sensed his immortal force and flesh entering a numb state.

The pain soon disappeared, but no matter how hard Qin Nan tried, he was unable to use his immortal force to raise his arm.

"Did it seal off my flesh completely?"

Qin Nan wondered. He soon noticed the Nine Dragon Seal turning into a tiny rune floating deep into his soul.

"It must be the outcome after the seal has recognized his master..."

Qin Nan was just about to feel relieved when he suddenly sensed the warning consisting of blood-red letters turning into a blood-red ray and dissolved into his body.

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