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PBS - Chapter 2022 - Claiming the Stone Seal

The Human Corpse did not only possess the cultivation of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm in the Greater Success Stage, but it also had Meng Shanyue's consciousness too. It was fearless and not afraid of pain, thus its strength was absolutely terrifying.

Unfortunately, it had stumbled into Li Baiye.

Li Baiye and taken an unusual path of cultivation just like Qin Nan. His strength could not be evaluated in normal ways. The experience he had accumulated was at a shocking level.

His strength was utterly terrifying after he achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

A few moments later, Human Corpse was constantly knocked back as more wounds were left on it.

Some time later, the Human Corpse was covered in blood. Its aura had weakened significantly too.

"The mundane matters just kept coming, but I come and go alone. My eyes can see through the illusions, while my sword sets my body straight. I have no thoughts and no desires!"

Li Baiye had perfected his Dao. His sword glow lit up the battlefield. The crowd had a feeling they were brought to an illusionary world.

A moment later, they returned to the battlefield as the sword glow vanished into thin air.

The Human Corpse was beheaded. Black blood squirted out from the cut as the ancient talisman on its forehead burned into ashes which dispersed in the wind.

"Qin Nan, it's now over between us, but we shall meet again in the Void Heaven Realm if destiny brought us together!"

Li Baiye withdrew his sword and turned into a ray of light flying into the distance.


Qin Nan murmured. Even so, he felt like he owed Li Baiye a great favor.

"Damn it!"

Xiang Tianqi's expression sank. He snarled, "Lu Qingyin, Qin Nan's power is being sealed away still. We'll kill Qin Nan according to plan!"

Lu Qingyin nodded with a stern look. She immediately gave the order.

The geniuses and disciples of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits, and the rest of the cultivators immediately executed their arts and destroyed the Immortal Blessing resources and corpses along the path that the Human Corpse had cleared previously.

Xiang Tianqi activated the Shidao Flesh to strengthen his aura. He led three Exceptional Geniuses and seven peak Peerless Rulers of the Shidao Tribe and charged forward like a powerful saber.

The rest of the people from the Shidao Tribe formed several formations to clear a path for them.

Qin Nan observed Qiu Hong and his men's condition before scanning Xiang Tianqi and the others with his Divine Sense.

He had absorbed half of the Nine Dragon Seal with only a small portion remained. The Flower of Eternity was with him too. He should have no trouble handling the situation.

Meanwhile, outside the terrifying tomb...

The auras of the Heaven Corpse and Earth Corpse dropped significantly after the Human Corpse had fallen. Their strength was currently in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. Meng Shanyue was immediately enraged.

Yet, his anger did not make much of a difference!

Feng Wuheng summoned Zhuang Chen's skeletal arm and used it like a sword to unleash formidable sword intents. He proceeded to utilize the special power of the nine fleshes.

Nie Wufeng gathered the strength of the tombs while Jiang Ni and Su Nu assisted him to entrap the Earth Corpse.

Some time later, the Heaven Corpse fell to the ground with an extremely weak aura after a huge blast.

"I don't believe it..."

Meng Shanyue let out a furious roar as he was shattered into pieces by the skeletal arm.

The aura of the Earth Corpse in the distance dropped by half once again.

"Damn it, that piece of trash Ancient Taboo only knows to waste my time. I wonder what's going on inside the tomb. I must go inside it at once!"

Feng Wuheng harrumphed and sprang into the sky.

"I'll let you two handle the Earth Corpse."

"The rest of you, come into the tomb with me!"

Nie Wufeng transmitted his thoughts and flew to the terrifying tomb with a passionate look in his eyes.

He had learned something important after claiming the succession in the vassal's tomb!

Inside the emperor's tomb was a stone seal resembling nine dragons!

If he could get his hands on the seal, it would bring him insane benefits. He should be able to achieve the Nine Heavens Realm with it!

"Qin Nan, the Fifth Immortal and you must be after the stone seal! If you did claim it, I'm afraid I'll have to kill you for it!"

Nie Wufeng's eyes flickered murderously.

The Mumen Sect was only planning to use Qin Nan to achieve their goals. However, the Nine Dragons Seal was just too useful for him. He would go against his faction's will just to claim it.

The Earth Corpse was soon eliminated too.

Su Nu left the tomb that belonged to a Master of Dao and gathered the disciples of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect to enter the emperor's tomb with her. Jiang Ni sat down with his legs crossed.

He had yet to fully comprehend the flesh of his past life. He was surely going to enter the emperor's tomb too once he was done!

Meanwhile, inside the terrifying tomb...

When Feng Wuheng, Nie Wufeng, and the disciples of the Mumen Sect arrived in it, Xiang Tianqi was leading his men and crushing the last ten corpses.

Qiu Hong and his crew were half-recovered from their injuries. They struggled to their feet, but three swords suddenly punctured their bodies and nailed them to the ground.

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"Qin Nan, die!"

Xiang Tianqi let out a furious roar. His hair drifted wildly in the wind as he dragged a long spear out from the rift. It was a fragmented Dao Seeking Weapon!

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The Exceptional Geniuses and peak Peerless Rulers performed hand seals to fire the power of their Shidao Flesh into Xiang Tianqi's body.

Xiang Tianqi's aura skyrocketed. He swung his spear around, leaving thousands of shadows across the place, which eventually merged into one and stabbed at Qin Nan with a blinding glow.

The Art of Great Destruction!

Meanwhile, Lu Qingyin used the world constructing power to teleport the Flower of Eternity to ten thousand zhang away.

It felt like time had frozen at that instant.

Qin Nan's eyes stared at the shocking glow that was approaching him. His eyes that were covered in a layer of ash erupted into white flames.

The flames were only sprouting when the glow was ten zhang away.

The sprouts of flames erupted when the glow was five zhang away.

The flames burned vigorously when the glow was two zhang away.

Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle, activated!

The Nine Dragons Seal suddenly sped up its transformation. The runes immediately entered Qin Nan's body.

A tremendous aura exploded across the land.

"You are not worthy enough to kill me!"

The Divine Battle Spirit and the Lord of All Worlds emerged from Qin Nan's back simultaneously. The three combined into one with a formidable aura. He thoroughly unleashed the immortal force in his body while gathering the will of the two Arts of Dao Seeking on the Heaven-Shattering Saber!

A powerful saber intent soared into the sky!

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