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PBS - Chapter 2026 - Dao Calamity, Part Two

"What's going on?"

"Why are the Supreme Mountains a hundred thousand zhang tall?"

The cultivators were absolutely dumbfounded. They could not believe their eyes.

In ancient times, even the most talented Exceptional Geniuses could only summon a Supreme Mountain with a height of ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang even when the mountains were emitting different glows. It was the same for Empress Feiyue too!

Even though the Supreme Mountain which Qin Nan was only a zhang taller, its significance was beyond everyone's imagination!

"How is this possible?"

Jiang Ni was fine, but Feng Wuheng immediately wore a twisted expression.

Qin Nan was only the successor of the Fifth Immortal. He might be a little special, but so was Feng Wuheng who was the successor of the Second Immortal with all nine fleshes.

Why was Qin Nan's Supreme Mountain a zhang taller than his?

Was it because of the Tree of Dao?

Qin Nan squinted. He was not too surprised by it.

After all, he had made a lot of progress on the unusual path he had chosen. It was reasonable that his Supreme Mountain was different from the others.

However, Qin Nan's eyes suddenly widened.

He noticed a blood glow floating out of his body. It was the warning of a Dao Calamity when he claimed the stone seal.

"Does this mean..."

Qin Nan immediately had a bad feeling.

A shocking rare phenomenon took place as if it was to prove his speculation.

A huge ravine appeared amid the sea of lightning in the sky, from which a formidable immortal intent poured down. The people could even see the clear blue sky through it.


The ravine immediately caught everyone's attention. They were startled upon noticing the immortal intent.

The auras in the Other Shore were unfamiliar to many of them, yet they were very familiar with the immortal intent pouring through the ravine.

It was the immortal intent of the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm!

The ravine cracked further and soon covered in a distance of a few tens of thousand li.

Each time it grew bigger, the people could see more of the sky. The immortal intent kept growing stronger too as it spread across the place.

It felt like a tiny enclosed space at the bottom of the ocean suddenly had a crack on it. The water began pouring into the space. As the crack gradually became bigger, the water would pour into it at a higher rate until it filled up the whole space.

The cultivators immediately felt a great chill running down their spines.

The ravine was already over a million li long and a few hundred thousand li wide. It was as if some supreme being had unleashed a tremendous blow.

More rare phenomenon followed!

The three Supreme Mountains lifted from the ground and flew out of the ravine under the lead of Qin Nan's Supreme Mountain. They soared into the sky beyond the ravine.

The ground began to shake vigorously before it all ended. A series of deafening rumble followed.

An astonishing sight took place. It was as if an enormous hand had grabbed the land they were on and pulled it away from the Other Shore. The land began to rise like an island.

"Run, the island is going to fly out of the space too!"

The cultivators immediately panicked. They were afraid it might be some kind of a trap. They immediately unleashed their immortal force and flew away.

However, when they flew out of the edge, they were shredded into a mist of blood as if there was a realm of swords out there. Even peak Peerless Rulers shared the same fate.


The sight had exceeded the cultivators' understandings. If they could not leave, they would have to follow the land that was flying out of the crack.

How did it suddenly end up like this? What was going to happen after they were out of the crack?

"It's almost out in the open!" a Peerless Ruler in the Greater Success Stage blurted out.

"Damn it!" Feng Wuheng cursed. Nine vortexes gathered around him.

The battle was forced to come to a stop. Every cultivator immediately defended themselves like they were facing some formidable foes.

Qin Nan immediately stood beside Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan. He unleashed the Tree of Dao with its various glows.

He quickly took out the jade jar too.

Everything had happened because of the blood glow. It was coming right after him. It might be extremely dangerous, thus he had to treat it cautiously.

The land eventually flew out of the crack.

The cultivators suddenly felt they were engulfed by a familiar aura. They somehow felt at ease too.

One second...

Five seconds...

Ten seconds...

The cultivators were utterly confused after twenty seconds had passed.

Why didn't anything happen?

"Look, isn't that..." an astounded voice blurted out.

The cultivators immediately looked toward it and were dumbfounded.

They noticed a huge gate standing on a sea and the outlines of enormous cities far away from it.

The cities had many light rays flying out of them and heading straight toward them.

They had entered the gate before too. It was the entrance of the First Sacred Area!

As for the cities, they were where the cultivators usually stock up before entering the First Sacred Area.

In other words...

They had left the First Sacred Area and returned to the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm!

"Qin Nan!"

Empress Feiyue's emotionless voice suddenly echoed in Qin Nan's mind, "I've just found out that the Dao Calamity was different from other calamities."

"It does not possess any power, nor would it destroy any cultivators. However, it would result in different situations according to the person it's befalling on."

"For example, you've practiced thirteen Arts of Dao Seeking and is about to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. You will encounter a lot of enemies and have to fight with all your strength."

"It's fine if you're still in the Other Shore, since you can still conceal your strength for some time, but now that you've returned to the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm, you'll be showing the whole world your secret!"

"And that's only one thing..."

"Qin Nan, you must prepare yourself!"

It was the longest sentence Empress Feiyue had ever said to him in a single breath.

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