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PBS - Chapter 2027 - The Shaken Nine Heavens

Qin Nan's heart shuddered.

He did not expect the Dao Calamity to be so severe.

"Copper mirror, thank you, but don't worry, I'm prepared for it," Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and transmitted his voice.

He was long prepared to face a tremendous tide when he entered the seventh Sacred Area. The Dao Calamity was simply making it happen in advance.

"Qin Nan? Jiang Ni? Nie Wufeng? Lu Qingyin?"

"Three Supreme Mountains?"

The cultivators in the first Sacred Area were shocked when they witnessed the sight before them. They could not believe their eyes.

Why was there such a huge land with so many cultivators? Did they all come out of the Death Zone? Were the rules of the Death Zone broken or manipulated?

"We...we actually came back to the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm!"

The cultivators on the huge land collected their thoughts. Many were quite excited.

They had stayed in the Death Zone for more than a hundred years, yet they could not find any opportunity to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

They had long lost every hope, yet they did not expect to return like this.

"Patriarch, a place called the Other Shore appeared deep in the Immortal-Slaying River in the first Sacred Area. There were a few thousand ancient tombs there and nine tombs that belonged to Masters of Dao. There was also the tomb of the Second Immortal, Zhuang Chen..."

The number one Exceptional Genius of the Ten Desires Sect immediately reported everything he learned back to his faction.

"Tell everyone what happened immediately!"

The cultivators of other factions quickly transmitted their thoughts too.

The series of events that happened was too serious. They had to tell their factions immediately.

"Damn it!" Feng Wuheng cursed.

He did not think it would come down to this.

His secrets would be exposed in advance, which would definitely bring him a lot of trouble.

"Qin Nan, I didn't expect you to be someone from my Tribe of Immortal Spirits who has achieved Lineage Transcension with you."

Lu Qingyin grinned, "Unfortunately, you aren't in luck. Many people are unwilling to see you achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm."

Jiang Bilan glanced at her and said, "Qin Nan, just ignore her. The Supreme Mountain has appeared. Go ahead."

Qin Nan nodded. He looked at the two women thoughtfully before he unleashed a tremendous aura and flew onto the Supreme Mountain.

"Qin Nan, I was going to play with you for a little longer, but you left me with no choice!" Feng Wuheng's eyes flickered viciously.

He and Jiang Ni both went to their respective Supreme Mountain.

Countless rare phenomena occurred as destructive auras surged across the place like a majestic ocean.

Some time later, the news spread rapidly across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

"What? Feng Wuheng is the successor of the Second Immortal, Zhuang Chen?"

"(Gasp), that's the Second Immortal!"

"Not only that, he also possesses the nine fleshes, making him unbeatable!"

Feng Wuheng had grabbed all the attention without a doubt.

Every cultivator had fixed their eyes on him.

Meanwhile, the Sky Taihuang Sect...

"Qin Nan is now in grave danger!"

"The Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect and the Ancient Taboo are definitely going to make their moves!"

"According to Feiyue, Feng Wuheng needs something from Qin Nan for the nine fleshes to coexist."

"What should we do?"

Different voices appeared continuously. Supreme Chang Xiao frowned and said, "That's enough, I'll go to the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm at once."

"My decision remains the same. Qin Nan is still a disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect as long as it's within our capabilities. We will stand on his side no matter what happened," Supreme Chang Xiao turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the rift without caring about what the others were saying

Meanwhile, the Heaven-Slaying Sect...

"HAHAHA, it's finally here. The chance is here!"

The Beast Hide Drawing burst out laughing in the ancient hall. "My arrangements for so long are not in vain. Talk about the efforts I've put in!"

The ancient authorities below him brought their fists together, "Congratulations, Patriarch, your ambition is about to come true!"

The Beast Hide Drawing waved his hand and grinned, "The successor of the Second Immortal has appeared too. Based on my understanding of Zhuang Chen, it's definitely not a coincidence!"

"It's very likely that Zhuang Chen is planning something behind the scenes too!"

"However, that won't matter much. The Flower of Eternity is about to rise. No one can possibly stop me from acquiring the Flesh of Eternity!"

"My master, I shall help you reclaim your brilliance!" the Beast Hide Drawing yelled murderously, "Everyone, prepare to set out for the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm at once!"

The Beast Hide Drawing did not think the coexistence of nine fleshes was much of a threat to him. Once his plan succeeded, nothing could stand against him anymore.

Meanwhile, the Ancient Taboo...

In a vast river, countless white bones were emitting various auras dying the rift in different colors.

"Senior, please send me after Feng Wuheng and Qin Nan! The Immortals are not allowed to exist in this world!"

A magnificent figure walked out from the river with a ferocious aura.

"Hehe, that won't be necessary!" the Ancient Taboo let out a eerie laugh. "The Second Immortal, The Fifth Immortal, these forbidden existences must die! We've failed so many attempts previously. Now that they have risen, I shall deal with them myself!"

A thunderous clap sounded from the rift.

Meanwhile, the Void Heaven Realm of the First Immortal Realm!

The Void Heaven Realm was considered the highest place in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. It was the only place where Masters of Dao were commonly spotted. It was also the place where factions above the Supreme Daoism factions were located.

Currently, these formidable factions were having a lot of discussions too.

"The Other Shore, the mysterious seal, I feel like someone has mentioned about them before?"

"Is that so?"

"I don't think so!"

"The thing that the four seniors were after should be in that vessel!"

"That's right!"

"Maybe we should let them continue on."

"That won't do either. After all, the Second and Fifth Immortals have already shown up. We should send someone over to see what's going on."

A terrifying storm was gathering in the dark.

An unprecedented storm was on its way to the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm.

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