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PBS - Chapter 2029 - Battle of the Calamity, Part Two

"Tombs of the vassals, kneeling before the Heavens and Earth!"

Nie Wufeng performed a hand seal. His body was covered in various wounds, from which black blood was pouring out. The blood rose into the sky and turned into the illusions of ancient tombs of different sizes.

The biggest tomb, even when only its outline was visible, was already quite terrifying in the eyes of the cultivators.

They were the same tombs that Qin Nan and the others discovered in the Other Shore!

Even though Nie Wufeng had only mastered the aura of the tombs, and was only able to utilize a tenth of their power, the aura was shockingly powerful, as if several ferocious beasts were trying to devour everything in their path.

"Forcing me to drop to my knees with just the aura of the tombs?"

Qin Nan's long hair drifted in the wind. The Tree of Dao stood firmly behind him while unleashing a tremendous battle intent, which merged with the battle intent from the Divine Battle Spirit and the Lord of All Worlds. The combined battle intent then took on the aura of the tombs.

The Supreme Mountain began to shake vigorously.

The calamities that had yet to descend from above were shattered instantly.


Qin Nan was caught in a series of explosions. He must admit that the aura of the tombs was somewhat powerful. He was under great pressure.

"When the mind is empty, all rules are empty. When the sword is of the void, all Daos are of the void!"

The boulder below Jiang Ni's legs was broke into pieces. The sky suddenly dimmed as icy sword glows appeared to destroy everything nearby.

It was the sword art which his past life had mastered, the Dao Assimilating Sword Technique.

He had only learned it recently, thus he had yet to achieve the level of turning everything into the void with his Sword Dao. However, it was still quite powerful now that he had claimed his past life's memory.

"Dao-Jolting Saber Art!"

Qin Nan unleashed wisps of saber intents to nullify the sword glows.

However, each sword glow completely overwhelmed the saber intents of the Dao-Jolting Saber Art. He did not notice it at first, yet after some time, he realized the sword glows were increasing while the saber intents were decreasing.


Qin Nan's eyes emitted a sharp flicker. The Tree of Dao soared into the sky with a destructive force that shattered the sword glows.

"Qin Nan, is the Tree of Dao your reliance? I shall suppress it now!"

Nie Wufeng yelled and clenched his fists.

"Emperor and Vassals as One!"

An illusionary tomb encapsulated the Tree of Dao. Following it, the rest of the illusionary tombs came over and stacked on top of the first tomb like chains being tied to the same spot.

The Tree of Dao shook vigorously while emitting various ancient glows, but the tombs merely underwent a series of explosions instead of cracking apart.

The Tree of Dao was trapped temporarily!

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, how are you going to stop me without that tree!" Feng Wuheng's body split in two.

The clone's eyes were pitch-black. It had a blank expression with no consciousness, but it had nine different glows flowing on it. Every cultivator could sense its terrifying ripple.

"Qin Nan, feel the strength of my nine fleshes!"

The clone took off from the mountain and charged at Qin Nan like a peerless sword with a terrifying aura. The rift nearby was immersed in chaos.

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan's figure vanished into thin air before reappearing not far away from the peak.

"Trying to reach the top? There's no way..."

Feng Wuheng let out a hollow laugh. He immediately ordered the clone to unleash the Flesh of Yin and Yang's power, teleporting it to a spot not far away from Qin Nan.

However, thousands of calamities poured down at the clone before he could finish his sentence.

The Supreme Mountain was meant to be tackled one step at a time, except in Li Baiye's case. If anyone tried to climb too far up in one attempt, they would be targeted by many calamities.


The terrifying force immediately devoured Feng Wuheng's clone.

Qin Nan fired boundless saber intents to shatter the sword glows from Jiang Ni and overcome the calamities as he continued to make his way toward the top.

"This is nothing!"

Feng Wuheng's eyes flickered with disdain.

The clone grew nine times in size following some rapid whooshes. The power of the nine fleshes formed a powerful armor on it to protect it from the calamities.

"The power of nine fleshes of the past and present, Qin Nan, die!"

The clone rose into the sky while lifting nine terrifying storms like a great deity. It walked toward Qin Nan, causing the whole Supreme Mountain to shake vigorously.

On top of it, everything around Qin Nan was sealed by a formidable force. He could not relocate himself to the other side with the Sky-Stride Blow.

In other words, Qin Nan had no choice but to defend himself!

"The Master of Sword in the past life, the Emperor of Sword in the present life!"

Jiang Ni's aura grew rapidly up to five times. The two illusionary figures behind him mimicked his actions as he lifted his sword.

As he slashed forward, the illusionary figures slashed forward too.

Three swords as one!


The rest of the Exceptional Geniuses and Peerless Rulers realized it was their chance. They immediately unleashed murderous auras while executing their Dao Arts.


Lei Daoming, Mu Zhengze, Zhao Li'er, and the others were startled.

How was Qin Nan going to defend himself?

"Qin Nan was surely going to die!"

The cultivators who did not participate in the battle were startled.

They all fixed their eyes on the scene!

If the successor of the Fifth Immortal died while he was trying to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, its significance would even surpass the death of a Nine Heavens Supreme.

"Xiao Lanlan!"

Princess Miao Miao yelled. She performed a seal with her left hand as a white petal floated out of her forehead. Jiang Bilan wore a stern look while performing a hand seal with her right hand. A black petal floated out of her forehead too.

A terrifying force began to spread toward the surroundings.

However, before they could react, Qin Nan burst out laughing just as the danger almost befell him.

"Feng Wuheng, Jiang Ni, Nie Wufeng, since I'm about to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, I shall fight you with all my strength!"

The cultivators immediately witnessed an astonishing sight as Qin Nan fully unleashed all the Arts of Dao Seeking in his body before them!

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