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PBS - Chapter 2030 - Wrath of the Supreme Daoism Factions

The will of the Battle Dao Immortal Manuscript, the True Scriptures of Sky Taihuang, the Dao Scriptures of Ten Desires, the True Scriptures of Lifeless Taiyan, the True Scriptures of Ultimate Life Dao, and other Arts of Dao Seeking soared into the sky and dyed it with various colors.

Previously, Qin Nan's glow was relatively dim as he was flanked by Jiang Ni, Feng Wuheng, Nie Wufeng, and other Exceptional Geniuses, like he was going to be devoured at any second. However, he was now an unmatchable emperor with an imposing presence. His aura had skyrocketed while his glow surpassed every cultivator at the scene.

He had immediately become the brightest existence in the whole battle!

"The...Dao Scriptures of Ten Desires?"

Su Nu's eyes widened in disbelief.

"The True Scriptures of Ultimate Life Dao?"

Jiang Ni was stunned too.

"Is that the will of the Sanqing Mystical Scriptures?"

"Could it be the will of the Heaven Illusionary Ancient Scriptures?"

"Aren't those the will of the Illusionary Dao Immortal Manuscript, Reincarnation Dao Manuscript, and Sky-Inheriting Inscriptions!?"

The peak Peerless Rulers of the various factions blurted out.

The whole place fell silent.

The sight was simply too astonishing!

Even though there was no restriction on the number of Arts of Dao Seeking a cultivator could practice in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, people would only practice one or two, or at most three to four Arts of Dao Seeking under normal circumstances.

After all, the more they practiced, the more difficult it was to master them all.

Therefore, it was absolutely ridiculous that someone had practiced twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and mastered them to be able to unleash their formidable will, not to mention that every Art of Dao Seeking except one actually belonged to the Supreme Daoism factions!

In other words, apart from the True Scriptures of Sky Taihuang and the Battle Dao Immortal Manuscript, Qin Nan had somehow stolen the Arts of Dao Seeking of eleven Supreme Daoism factions!

"Dao-Jolting Saber Art!"

Qin Nan fired his saber intents at the attacks that were directed at him again.

However, the saber intents were more than ten times stronger than before. They simply shredded Feng Wuheng's clone, Jiang Ni's slash, and the various Dao Arts into pieces.


A shocking explosion took place.

The Tree of Dao unleashed a formidable force and destroyed the illusionary tombs. It then returned to Qin Nan's back.

The will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking merged with the Tree of Dao, causing Qin Nan's aura to rise even further.

It was the true strength of the Strongest Immortal!

"I remember now, you had kidnapped many Exceptional Geniuses during the battle to compete for the Fruit of the Heavens and Earth even though it was going to infuriate their factions and went off the radar for some time! Many people thought you had lost your mind, but you were actually..."

Lu Qingyin's eyes were filled with astonishment as she suddenly realized something.

She initially thought she had learned everything about Qin Nan. He had achieved everything through the successions left by the Fifth Immortal, yet she now realized how terrifying he was.

"Master, we have a problem!"

Su Nu took a deep breath after collecting her thoughts. She quickly transmitted her voice.

She initially thought the Ten Desires Sect had no reason to involve themselves in the great storm, yet it was now impossible to leave themselves out.

Every Supreme Daoism faction treated their Art of Dao Seeking very importantly. They would kill any outsider who laid their hands on their Art of Dao Seeking regardless of their identity at all costs!


Mu Zhengze and Zhao Li'er too came to their senses. They immediately wore a complicated look on their face.

Even though the Sky Taihuang Sect had formed an alliance with their Sky Taihuang Sect and Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect, Qin Nan's doings had obviously crossed their lines.

"Just tell your faction the truth. I believe Qin Nan won't blame you no matter what order your faction gives you in the end."

Lei Daoming looked at the terrifying figure close to the top of the mountain. His eyes were brimming with admiration for the first time as he spoke, "I believe he has long prepared for this to happen when he decided to go down this path."

Lei Daoming finally realized Qin Nan's potential was beyond the Sky Taihuang Sect's reach.

All kinds of news soon spread among the Supreme Daoism factions.

The Ten Desires Sect, Superfluous Lifeless Sect, Extreme Living Gate, Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate, and other Supreme Daoism factions were enraged!

"That Qin Nan, I kept wondering why he kidnapped Lu Gufeng for no reason when it's going to offend us, but it turns out he was after the Reincarnation Dao Manuscript!"

"I didn't want to be involved at first, but I can't overlook it now!"

"Spread the words, send the Supreme Elders to the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm. Don't let Qin Nan achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. We must kill him on the spot!"

"We can't let Qin Nan live!"

"We even sent Mu Zhengze and others to help Qin Nan. How dare he do such a thing to us!?"

"Master, please calm down. Our factions have just formed an alliance. If we kill Qin Nan now, the Sky Taihuang Sect won't be happy about it!"

"Send a message to Chang Xiao, he must give us an acceptable explanation!"

The Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect and Sanqing Ancient Sect did not fall out with Qin Nan right away since they had just formed an alliance with the Sky Taihuang Sect, but the remaining Supreme Daoism factions immediately sent out their men.

Orders were being given out rapidly.

The Nine Heavens Supremes and even some scarier existence immediately flew into the rift with murderous auras.

The news immediately spread to other factions and ancient tribes across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm like a great storm.

Many cultivators were dumbfounded once again.

Many had set their eyes on Feng Wuheng's nine fleshes not long ago, yet Qin Nan had gotten everyone's attention again.

Meanwhile, somewhere mysterious in the Void Heaven Realm...

A beautiful woman withdrew her auras after receiving the messages from her badge.

Her cold eyes stared into the distance across the rift.

She vanished into thin air some time later.

At the same time, in another mysterious place, strong saber intents were dissipating.

A figure under a black robe grinned before it faded into the distance.

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