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PBS - Chapter 2034 - Awakening of the Past Life, Part Two

Twenty-seven figures were hovering in the air.

Judging from their auras, not one of them was in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. They were either in the Greater Success Stage, or the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!

"The Nine Heavens Supremes of the Extreme Living Gate are here!"

"The Nine Heavens Supremes of the Reincarnation Sect have arrived!"

"It's the Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect!"

The cultivators were astounded upon seeing the figures even though they were anticipating their arrival.

It was extremely rare to see such a formation in other places apart from the Void Heaven Realm!

Besides, this was only the beginning!

"He has already achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm?"

The expressions of the twenty-seven Nine Heavens Supremes sank when they saw Qin Nan, Jiang Ni, and Feng Wuheng's status.

"We are too late still?"

Qin Nan opened his eyes after being aware of their presence.

He was not surprised. He had long prepared himself.


The Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect did not waste any time further. An overwhelming murderous aura surged forward. It immediately sent chills down the spines of the crowd.

The strength of a peak Nine Heavens Supreme was absolutely terrifying. It felt like it was going to destroy everything.

"Don't you dare!"

A sudden roar exploded as Supreme Chang Xiao, Supreme Huanglei, and three other peak Nine Heavens Supremes approaching from the distance. The former flung his sleeves and shattered the force in the sky.

"Chang Xiao?" the Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect widened his eyes and snapped, "You should know what Qin Nan has done! If you dare to protect him, my Superfluous Lifeless Sect will wage a war against you!"

"That's right! So will the Ten Desires Sect!"

"Chang Xiao, does the Sky Taihuang Sect really want to fall out with ten Supreme Daoism factions?"

The hearts of the Peerless Rulers raced upon hearing the words.

If it did turn into a war between the Supreme Daoism factions, it would spread across the entire Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

Supreme Chang Xiao clenched his right fist. Blue veins surfaced on his forehead. It was the worst expression he had for the past few hundred years.

As a matter of fact, he was not extremely close to Qin Nan.

However, Qin Nan was a core disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect!

Ever since he took over the role of Patriarch, he had promised his father that no matter what happened, he would not be a bystander when his disciple was in trouble.

"Patriarch, forget it, Qin Nan will understand your decision," Supreme Huanglei said softly.

Supreme Chang Xiao loosened his right hand and took a deep breath. He had no other choice.

"Supreme Chang Xiao," Qin Nan suddenly spoke. He took out two badges and shattered them into pieces. He said, "From today onward, I'm no longer a core disciple of the Sky Taihuang Sect, nor am I your honorable disciple."

Supreme Chang Xiao and the others were startled.

Qin Nan lifted his gaze. He glanced at the reputable authorities and said with a calm smile, "Just come at me if you want."

A Nine Heavens Supreme of the Ten Desires Sect scoffed, "You're a brave man, but you are still going to die!"

Before he could make his move, a brilliant glow traveled across the rift and slashed at him like a godly sword.

The Nine Heavens Supreme was startled. He quickly executed a Dao Art to defend himself.

A series of explosions took place. The Nine Heavens Supreme was knocked a few hundred steps back before he finally nullified the attack.

"You guys are pretty quick."

A handsome young man approached from the distance with a faint smile.

Behind him were fifty other people, each emitting an aura of the peak Nine Heavens Realm.

Five among them were not emitting any aura, similar to the young man, yet the twenty-seven Nine Heavens Supremes, Supreme Chang Xiao, and his people were dumbfounded upon seeing them.

The Patriarch of the Heaven-Slaying Sect had arrived!

Five Masters of Dao were with him too!

"Beast Hide Drawing!" Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly.

"Qin Nan is mine," the Beast Hide Drawing withdrew his smile and said, "If you don't want to die, and if you aren't planning to wage a war against me, you should leave at once."

A shocking sight took place. The twenty-seven Nine Heavens Supremes held their breaths. They were all intimidated by the words.

"Fellow cultivator, aren't you being too full of yourself? Does the Heaven-Slaying Sect seriously want to fight us for a mere Qin Nan?" the Patriarch of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect said with a dark expression.

It was true that they did not want to fight the Heaven-Slaying Sect, yet that did not mean the Supreme Daoism factions would allow the Heaven-Slaying Sect to do whatever they pleased. Where was their pride? If the Heaven-Slaying Sect crossed the line too far, they would rather start a war against it!


Strong murderous auras surged across the place.

Countless skeletons arrived like a vast sea from afar, heading straight toward the three Supreme Mountains. They consisted of many in the early stage, Greater Success Stage, and the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

The weakest among them were Peerless Rulers in the early stage!


The Exceptional Geniuses and the Peerless Rulers felt their scalp turn numb.

There were simply too many skeletons. They could not help but wonder whether they would be crushed into pieces if they tried to stop the army of skeletons with their strength.

"The skeletons of the Forbidden River? Did the Ancient Taboo use its power?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled. Even the Beast Hide Drawing twisted his lips. It seemed like Feng Wuheng's appearance had driven the Ancient Taboo mad. It actually used its trump card!

"The Sixth Immortal, aren't you bold? I didn't get to kill you last time, but how are you going to run away this time?" a sinister voice echoed across the land. A bloody figure without skin came from the distance.

"Its actual self? The Ancient Taboo actually sent its true self?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were dumbfounded.

The Beast Hide Drawing wore a stern look too.

The cultivators could no longer describe their astonishment with words.

The infamous name of the Ancient Taboo had been around for many years. Countless Exceptional Geniuses, Nine Heavens Supremes, and even Masters of Dao had died in its hands.

Many factions despised it, yet no one could ever uproot it!

It had been extremely mysterious. It had never shown itself.

However, it had come in person because of Qin Nan and Feng Wuheng!

"Is that the true form of the Ancient Taboo?"

Qin Nan squinted. His Divine Sense shuddered as he was observing the Ancient Taboo.

Countless purple fragments merged into a complete purple crystal with the shape of a mountain. Its outer layer began to fall off.

A familiar ancient aura would rise whenever a piece fell off the crystal.

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