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PBS - Chapter 2036 - Close to Accomplishment

"I didn't think I'll be having a conversation with my future life one day. This is quite interesting," a faint voice echoed across the galaxy like thunderous claps.

"Who exactly are you?" Qin Nan stared at the figure and asked the question that had bothered him for a long time.

"I'm sorry, I've given my all in that battle. Not only did I fail to leave you with anything, I even place you under great danger and pass on great responsibilities to you."

The illusionary figure murmured on its own as if it did not hear Qin Nan's question, "However, I've achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Flesh of Eternity. Even though my flesh has been disintegrated, but it's indestructible. Its power will be awakened in the Dao Seeking Land."

"You must claim it when the time comes."

Qin Nan was startled. The Flesh of Eternity?

The illusionary figure seemed to run out of energy. His voice started discontinuing and faded away, "I'm not sure if you are currently a Human Immortal...a Nine Heavens Supreme...or a Master of Dao...but remember...you must let...Cang..."

The illusionary figure vanished upon completing the sentence.

Following it, Qin Nan felt like he had turned into a different person. The vast galaxy began to shift continuously before turning into disjointed scenes.

He was standing on top of a mountain imperiously.

He was extremely young. Meanwhile, the Divine God of Battle was standing behind him with a struggling expression. He eventually clenched his teeth and dropped to his knee as if he had made an important decision.

On the other side was a middle-aged scholar with a smile on his face.

In the following scene, the Divine God of Battle, the middle-aged scholar, and him were standing on an ocean. The ocean was full of corpses. The water was dyed blood-red. Two young men were kneeling in the air in tears and grief.

He walked up to them sternly and reached his hand out.

In the next scene, he was holding a chubby kid in his arms. His face was full of love. The middle-aged scholar, the Divine God of Battle, the two young men from the previous scene, and many more were sincerely happy for him.

The next scene appeared. He was wearing a cold expression. He was heading somewhere with a sword in his hand.

A battle had broken out.

The Great Dao had collapsed. The world was no longer the same. It had turned into a blood-red hell.

His figure fell into the void. The middle-aged scholar had a twisted look on his face. The God of Battle was covered in wounds. The two young men and many other figures were enraged.

Meanwhile, above the first Sacred Area...

"Qin Nan is awakening the memory of his past life?"

"Is there more to Qin Nan's identity?"

The authorities in the Master Realm and the Nine Heavens Supremes immediately noticed something odd. They all took a deep breath.

They were not that stupid since they had already come so far. They immediately thought of many possibilities.

Qin Nan had only come from the Lower Secondary Realm, yet he was the successor of the Divine God of Battle. Even the Patriarch of the Heaven-Slaying Sect who was also the Sixth Immortal was so concerned about him...

It would be insane if everything was tied to Qin Nan's past life!

"Who is it? Sixth Immortal, who is Qin Nan's past life!?" the Ancient Taboo started screaming with a twisted expression as if someone had stabbed it in where it hurt the most, "Tell me, or I swear I'm going to kill you no matter what the price is!"

The Beast Hide Drawing ignored it. He too was frowning.

He clearly took away the memory of Qin Nan's past life. How was he awakening it now?

If Qin Nan's past life was not that worthless trash, why did the memory he took from Qin Nan belong to the worthless trash instead?

"I almost forgot. The memory I stole were only fragments. The Divine God of Battle must have preserved a piece of it knowing his character. It would only be awakened when Qin Nan achieves the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm," the Beast Hide Drawing thought in relief.

The Beast Hide Drawing then saw the Ancient Taboo's reaction and chuckled, "Why are you so scared for? Don't worry, Qin Nan was my master's son in his past life."

The Ancient Taboo was startled. Did he mean the guy with extraordinary talents, yet who was indulged in beauty and alcohol?

"He's still alive!"

The Ancient Taboo's expression sank. Blue veins surfaced on its forehead.

Previously, the Ancient Taboo was more determined to kill Feng Wuheng, but Qin Nan had now taken the first spot on the list.

Even though the guy was not really a threat in its eyes, he was still that man's son after all. He was like a malignant tumor for the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

"His son?"

The rest of the Masters of Dao and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes who knew the secrets of the past gasped. They were absolutely astounded.

They did not expect Qin Nan's background to be so terrifying!

"They found out still..."

Supreme Chang Xiao let out a sigh in his heart.

The Sky Taihuang Sect already speculated Qin Nan's identity before.

Even though Qin Nan's past life was only a nouveau riche who was indulged in his desires in the past, his path ahead was still going to be troublesome once the news spread across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Besides, Qin Nan had already offended so many Supreme Daoism factions!

"What's happening?"

The Peerless Rulers far away were dumbfounded.

Why did the battle stop all of a sudden?

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan were communicating with two powerful existence.

"Were you referring to Xiao Nanzi's past life?" both of them frowned.

"Yeah, my advice is, don't be tied with him for the time being. Otherwise, you'll find yourself in deep trouble. Besides, Qin Nan wouldn't want you two to be in danger too."

Princess Miao Miao harrumphed coldly and said, "Old man, are you going back on your words now?"

Mo Xiaoli and Li Ji who were hidden in the rift immediately wore a twisted expression. The two Masters of Dao felt an urge to slap themselves in the face.

Why did they bother giving their disciples the promise o save Qin Nan? They even swore thirteen different oaths for it.

"Wait, something is happening!" Li Ji blurted out.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan lifted their gaze. They immediately felt a strange energy ripple in their souls.

The White-Blue Flower came from the distance and flew to Qin Nan's forehead. It emitted a brilliant glow across the place.

The flower was also close to its final form after Qin Nan awakened the memory of his past life!

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