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PBS - Chapter 2038 - Judgement

Qin Nan was actually his master's reincarnation?

Xiang Hun could not stop thinking about it as soon as the thought crossed his mind.

He was quite confused about why Xiang Zun would acknowledge Qin Nan as his master without any hesitation.

Even though Xiang Zun did not despite the man's son, he definitely was not fond of the nouveau riche either. Besides, Xiang Zun could easily make a comeback on his own even if he had suffered serious injuries during the battle. He had no reason to support Qin Nan.

Besides, the First Immortal hated Qin Nan so much, yet why did he help Qin Nan to awaken the Wall of Hundred Immortal Beasts when Qin Nan visited the Seventh Sacred Area to lend him a hand?

However, if Qin Nan was their master's reincarnation, the answers to these questions were fairly obvious, including the reason why Qin Nan knew his name.

It was also quite easy to explain why he was seeing the piece of trash's memory after stealing Qin Nan's memory when he was ascending as an immortal.

Knowing Xiang Zun's capabilities, he could easily seal off Qin Nan's actual memory in advance just so Qin Nan could slowly learn the truth about his past life to claim the Flesh of Eternity again.

"I don't believe it!" Xiang Hun suddenly shook his head.

He wore a twisted look and snarled, "Master has clearly died during the battle! Xiang Zun or the Ninth must have told you my name. There's no way you would know..."

Qin Nan looked at Xiang Hun and said calmly, "Xiang Hun, Cheng Wuming, I admire the both of you. If you don't mind, you may acknowledge me as your master. I will help you get your revenge!"


Xiang Hun's mind went blank. He subconsciously dropped to his knees.

The words were exactly the same as what his master had told him in the past!

Qin Nan was really his master's reincarnation!

"Did the Patriarch of the Heaven-Slaying Sect just kneel before Qin Nan?"

The Peerless Rulers in the distance were utterly dumbfounded. They could not believe their eyes.

Even the peak Nine Heavens Supremes were astounded even though they were mentally prepared for it.

The Sixth Immortal had just knelt before someone!

"Damn it!"

The Ancient Taboo's expression darkened.

It initially thought Xiang Hun would never acknowledge Qin Nan since he was trying to rob something from him.

However, he ended up submitting himself to Qin Nan still!

That being said, he was completely unaware of the truth.

After all, he had assumed Qin Nan's past life to be that man's son!

Even though it greatly despised the man and had the urge to simply hack the man into pieces, it had to admit that it was quite impressed by the man's cultivation, talents, courage, and hindsight.

Li Ji who was hiding in the rift exclaimed, "Oh my, Qin Nan's background is indeed terrifying! It's going to be insane if the Sixth Immortal actually submitted himself to Qin Nan!"

Mo Xiaoli frowned and asked, "Should we maintain our distance from Qin Nan still?"

Li Ji rolled his eyes, "Are you stupid? Qin Nan is our beloved disciples' lover. He's their partner. How could we possibly stand aside when he's in trouble? We aren't going to betray him!"

"Yeah, you're right!"

Qin Nan stared at Xiang Hun. He was struggling to describe his feelings with words.

The memory fragments he just obtained had answered many doubts that were bothering him for a long time.

The reason why the Divine God of Battle had chosen him among the different realms, why he had knelt down before him and acknowledged him as his master, and had done so many things for him, was because he was once the Divine God of Battle's master.

He was also Xiang Hun and Cheng Wuming's master, and the master of that mysterious existence too.

There must be some other reason why Cheng Wuming had shattered his Dao Foundation

"Xiang Hun, rise to your feet. Even though my past life was once your master, I'm now Qin Nan, so there's no need for you to behave like this," Qin Nan transmitted his voice.

He initially took Xiang Hun as his enemy of life and death, but he could not get himself to hate the man after reclaiming his memory.

"Besides, the memory I've reclaimed is incomplete still. There are many things I still don't understand. Who exactly was my past life? And who is Cang?" Qin Nan asked.


Xiang Hun gradually collected his thoughts. He looked at Qin Nan's face carefully. His facial features and temperament were completely different from his master. There was not even the slightest resemblance between them.

However, a scene that happened a long time ago surfaced in his mind.

It was his first encounter with Cang. The man smiled at him and said, "Xiang Hun, I know you. Are you willing to stay a servant considering your talents?"

For some reason, the scene started becoming clearer. Cang's voice became louder too. It was exploding in Xiang Hun's mind like claps of thunder.

"Are you willing to stay a servant?"

"Willing to stay a servant?"


Xiang Hun exclaimed in shock, "Cang, don't you dare baffle me. Master has given me a chance to start over again. I've acknowledged him as my master, so he will forever be my master!"

Xiang Hun yelled in his heart, forcing himself to stop recalling the past.

However, his eyes widened when he caugt a glimpse of the colorless Flower of Eternity beside Qin Nan.

For some reason, the Flower of Eternity was very enticing in his eyes.

Once he claimed the flower, his Impenetrable Sacred Flesh would evolve into the Flesh of Eternity. It would be indestructible!

Perhaps he might be able to conquer the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

"Claim it, secure it!"

"Xiang Hun, stop hesitating. Just claim it!"

"You've already served him in your past life. Why must you be his servant again now that he has reincarnated?"

"You are the Sixth Immortal. How could you acknowledge a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage as your master?"

"Qin Nan is right. He's not your master. He's Qin Nan! At the very least, you can give him benefits once yu conquered the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!"

A voice kept uttering in Xiang Hun's mind.

His expression twisted. It went from angry to gloomy, then disgusted.

His whole body was shaking vigorously.

"Xiang Hun? What's wrong?" Qin Nan asked when he noticed Xiang Hun's unusual reaction.

He was still transmitting his voice as he was worried that their conversation might expose his true identity to the Ancient Taboo and the rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes.

Even though he was still unsure who his past life was, he knew he would be great danger once it was exposed.

Xiang Hun's eyes emitted a bloody flicker. His expression stopped shifting. He clenched his teeth as he ended up making a crazy decision.

"My master...no, Qin Nan, I'm sorry!"

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