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PBS - Chapter 2039 - He Is Mine

Xiang Hun unleashed a tremendous aura after finishing the sentence. It suppressed Qin Nan like an ancient mountain and stopped him from moving.

He reached out his hand to grab at the Flower of Eternity.

If someone was observing him closely, they would notice his body trembling, not only because of excitement, but something else too.

"Xiang Hun, don't you dare!" Qin Nan snarled.

Even though he did not treat Xiang Hun as his servant after reclaiming the memory of his past life, they could still be friends in their present life regardless of their past.

However, Qin Nan did not expect Xiang Hun would decide to take his Flower of Eternity away!

Wasn't it considered an act of betrayal?

"Qin Nan, don't you worry, your past life was my master. I won't hurt you, nor would I expose your true identity! Once I claimed the flower and conquered the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, I'll let you rule over a place too!" Xiang Hun said.

He grabbed the Flower of Eternity and backed away.

The scene took every cultivator by surprise.

What...what just happened?

The Ancient Taboo was the first to react. It burst out laughing, "HAHAHA, as expected of the Sixth Immortal. How could you possibly be willing to submit yourself to a piece of trash?"

Even though it was not necessarily favorable for the Ancient Taboo that Xiang Hun had claimed the mysterious flower, it was still a better outcome than letting the man's son keep the flower and recruit the Beast Hide Drawing to his side!

"Did he just turn against Qin Nan?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes of other Supreme Daoism factions were overjoyed.

Supreme Chang Xiao, Mo Xiaoli, and Li Ji were the only ones with dark expressions.

"I didn't expect the Sixth Immortal to be such a vile person. He betrayed Qin Nan just like that!" Li Ji cursed. "Mo Xiaoli, I didn't say a word just then, did I?"

Mo Xiaoli agreed, "Indeed, we didn't say a single word."

Even so, they both sighed in their hearts.

Didn't they want to save Qin Nan too?

They could imagine how their beloved disciples were going to react once the incident was over.

Yet, what could they possibly do?

They did not stand a single chance against the Ancient Taboo and the Supreme Daoism factions.

"Qin Nan, all we can do is bringing them to safety and protect them," Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli murmured.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan's expression turned extremely cold.

He was not too bothered by Xiang Hun's behavior, yet for some reason, he was feeling extremely uncomfortable after he reclaimed his past life's memory.

He too was feeling sorry for his past life!

Even though he was unsure how his past life and Xiang Hun and met in the first place, he could still tell from the scenes he experienced and the words he heard that Xiang Hun and the Ninth Immortal, Cheng Wuming's clans must be wiped out by some other faction.

His past life had decided to take them in and help them to get their revenge!

Despite everything his past life had done, Xiang Hun still decided to betray him?

"Qin Nan, no, I should be calling you Zhou Xiao instead!"

The Ancient Taboo wore a sinister look after the burst of laughter, "So what if you've awakened the memory of your past life? Things have changed. No one is going to help you now. Die!"

A terrifying force surged forward and shattered everything in its path.

Even though Qin Nan had achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, his figure was still too tiny compared to the force. He was only like an ant.

Xiang Hun's heart shuddered. He had an urge to intervene, but he decided against it in the end.

He was not planning to harm Qin Nan, yet he was not going to help him either.

"Hehe, if that's the case..."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with determination.

A sharp saber glow suddenly appeared as if it had just traversed the void. It tore the force apart and left a huge crack behind.

"Who was it?" the Ancient Taboo wore a fierce look.

"I won't let you kill my husband like that!"

An indifferent voice appeared followed by a glamorous woman with fair skin. The aura she was emitting had surpassed the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Master Rudao?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled.

Recently, two women had shocked the world after achieving the Master Realm.

One of them was Rudao.

Besides, did she just refer to Qin Nan as her husband?

"Mengyao, you..."

Qin Nan was startled too.

He did not expect the woman to suddenly show up after she had gone missing for a long time.

"Husband, we'll catch up again later," Rudao teased. "I shall bring you away from this place first."

Wisps of saber glows poured down and engulfed Qin Nan like a stream.

"Hehehe, I was wondering who it was. I didn't think it was you!"

The Ancient Taboo's eyes turned bloodshot like a menacing beast, "I've sealed you in the casket with a single order in the past! And now, I'm here in my true form, yet you still dare to rescue someone from my watch? You dare to act so recklessly when you've just achieved the Master Realm?"

Every word it uttered was like the wrath of the Great Dao, sending chills down the spines of many Masters of Dao and Nine Heavens Supremes.

Rudao's aura was extremely weak in comparison.

"So what if she's acting recklessly in front of you?"

Another calm voice echoed across the place.

Another glamorous woman in an icy blue shirt and an icy expression approached from the distance. Her hair was tied up in a bun.

Every step she took would leave blossoming ice flowers behind it.

"Empress...Empress Feiyue?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes and the Masters of Dao were dumbfounded.

The Peerless Rulers in the distance widened their eyes in disbelief.

In their eyes, the things that the Patriarch of the Heaven-Slaying Sect had done were not as shocking as Empress Feiyue's arrival.

It was Empress Feiyue!

A peerless legend of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

She had also achieved the Master Realm not long ago!

Judging from her past achievements, she was most likely the strongest Master of Dao now!

"You? You are here to help Qin Nan too?"

The blood-red glow in the Ancient Taboo's eyes dissipated by half. It had suddenly lost its demeanor.

"From today onward, you all should remember this!"

Empress Feiyue stood in the air while facing the authorities. She spoke with a cold voice, "Qin Nan is under my watch. I will kill whoever that dares to touch him!"

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