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PBS - Chapter 2041 - The Turn of Events

Empress Feiyue had invented the Art of Three Lifetimes when she was displeased by the restrictions from the Martial Spirits in the Canglan Continent.

She had fought countless battles after she came to the Nine Heavens. She had visited many ancient forbidden places too, thus she was able to continuously improve the art.

When she achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, she had already evolved the Art of Three Lifetimes into the Art of Ten Lifetimes, yet she had never used it until now.

She had perfected the art when she achieved the Master Realm.

The Art of Ten Lifetimes was different from the Art of Three Lifetimes and other Arts of Dao Seeking. It would grant her the combined strength of her ten lifetimes when it was activated.

On top of it, she would also acquire the arts and comprehension of her first, second, third lifetimes, and so on.

Therefore, whenever she used the Art of Ten Lifetimes, she could summon the illusionary figures of her first, second, and third lifetimes to boost her strength.


The Nine Heavens Supremes and the Masters of Dao were astounded.

Even the Ancient Taboo and Xiang Hun were in great astonishment.

Even though they were clueless about the details of Empress Feiyue's Art of Ten Lifetimes, it too was obviously an unusual path of cultivation similar to practicing thirteen Arts of Dao Seeking and merging the nine fleshes!

Not only that, she had successfully achieved the Master Realm!

"Feiyue, among the cultivators over the past ten thousand years, your talents alone are comparable to the Divine God of Battle, Xiang Zun. However, you are too naive if you think you are unbeatable because of a single art!"

The Ancient Taboo soon collected its thoughts. It let out a roar and gathered its forbidden force to execute a terrifying Master Art.


Xiang Hun's expression darkened, yet he was able to collect his thoughts very quickly.

As the Sixth Immortal, he had faced tougher situations than this.

The terrifying battle immediately intensified.

Empress Feiyue weaved through the deadly attacks like a mystical fairy. She was unleashing tremendous force to destroy everything by merely waving her hands.

The tide of the battle shifted. Empress Feiyue began to have the upper hand in it.

Rudao's eyes glittered with astonishment. She said after collecting her thoughts, "See, I told you, didn't I?"

Qin Nan was utterly impressed upon witnessing the sight before him.

He could not help but admit that the woman whose fate was coincidentally tied with his was worthy to be described as peerless.

"However, she is most likely going to pay a huge price after summoning the illusionary figures of her ten past lives to boost her strength," Qin Nan murmured with mixed feelings.

"Husband, don't just stand there. Feiyue must have sacrificed a lot to go so far. We can't let her down. We have to leave at once."

Rudao said, "Feiyue already told me that she will catch up to us later."

Qin Nan took a deep breath to calm messy thoughts. He said, "You're right."

He then looked at Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan. His face immediately went blank.

Even though Xiang Hun had taken away the Flower of Eternity and had used some obscure technique to forcibly sever the connection between him and the flower, he could still sense its presence.

He noticed a power similar to the Flower of Eternity rising slowly inside Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan's bodies.

"Qin Nan, you're damn lucky to have such a peerless woman helping you!" Li Ji said with strong hints of jealousy. He added, "They both have a great opportunity after the flower evolves, so they won't be able to leave for the time being."

"Now is your chance, you should leave first. We'll look for you after they are done."

Qin Nan immediately said, "Senior, thank you!"

He nodded at Rudao. The latter waved her hand and summoned countless runes around them which soon brought them away from the place.

The Ancient Taboo's eyes widened. Flames of fury exploded within it.

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"Feiyue, you deserve to die!"

It lifted its head and let out a furious roar. It grabbed a long river of bones and used it as an immortal sword, firing wisps of terrifying sword intents.

Empress Feiyue retained her calm expression. She swiftly reacted to defend herself.

Meanwhile, some mountain at the edge of the First Immortal Realm...

Not long ago, a terrifying battle had taken place here out of nowhere, resulting in a terrifying storm which shredded many Peerless Rulers, Heaven Immortals, and Earth Immortals with blank faces into pieces like a calamity.

The area within a hundred thousand li was in complete chaos. Fresh blood splattered across the place with dead bodies lying in huge pits.

"Ancient Taboo, just you wait, I'm going to make you pay tenfold of what you've done!" Feng Wuheng was covered in wounds. He stood still and shouted into the sky.

He had left with the people of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect, yet they ended up stepping into a trap which the Ancient Taboo had prepared in advance. Not only was he suffering from serious injuries, the people who came to save him had all fallen too!

There were several Masters of Dao and Nine Heavens Supremes among them. The Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect had basically sacrificed half of its core members!

Feng Wuheng's expression suddenly shifted. He spat out two enormous dark glows from his mouth.

The light dissipated, revealing two figures who turned out to be Lu Gufeng and Meng Jiugong.

He had only acquired the nine fleshes. He was unable to merge the nine fleshes into one without Qin Nan's blood. Since he was seriously injured, Lu Gufeng and Meng Jiugong whom he absorbed not long ago were separated from his body on their own.

That was not the end of it...

Feng Wuheng's figure began to shift. It eventually turned into a middle-aged man with dark green eyes with three scars on his forehead.

This was his true appearance. His name was Zhuang Nan, he was Zhuang Chen's descendant, the current Patriarch of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect!

However, in order to merge the nine fleshes and claim the succession left by his ancestor, he had forcibly devoured three Exceptional Geniuses of his faction with a secret technique.

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Feng Wuheng was wearing a pale face. He quickly performed a hand seal, trying to absorb Lu Gufeng and Meng Jiugong back into his body.

However, deadly attacks suddenly poured down from the sky.

More skeletons in the Greater Success Stage and peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm had arrived after Feng Wuheng had survived the ambush. They were determined to erase his existence!

"Damn it!"

Feng Wuheng's face turned extremely pale. He could not care less anymore. He immediately used his trump card to escape to safety.

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