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PBS - Chapter 2046 - He Won't Have a Say

"As I thought!"

Feiyue's blue eyes flickered as if everything was finally making sense for her.

She already had doubts ever since she detected the mysterious demonic Qi inside Qin Nan's body after his encounter with the Demon Emperor Wutian.

She also understood why Qin Nan was unable to practice the Art of Three Lifetimes.

Qin Nan was not at the initial stage since his past life was tied to two Supreme Highnesses. He could not even practice the Art of Ten Lifetimes, let alone the Art of Three Lifetimes.

"You two had gone through so much just to meet Qin Nan. I doubt you are only here to tell Qin Nan his past life?" Empress Feiyue said.

"Exactly!" Mo Xie nodded.

He looked at Qin Nan sternly and said, "I hope master will head to the Dao Seeking Land in the Void Heaven Realm to acquire the Art of the Immortal Demon. It will help you to achieve the Master Realm and awaken the memories of your past life!"

The eyes of Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and Rudao glittered as they collected their thoughts.

It turned out that the Dao Seeking Land was more important than they first thought. Both the Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon were in it.

"In addition to it, master, you shall not tell anyone your true identity. The rest of you should keep it a secret too."

"After all, the seven Heaven Highness Clans and some ancient Rulers of Dao have been searching for master's belongings too."

Mo Xie paused briefly before he added, "There's also one thing that master should keep in mind."

"Although my disciple Wutian and I are no longer as powerful as we used to be, we still managed to recruit thirty-six clans to our side behind the scenes. The Thousand Demon Sect, and the Luoyin Ancient Temple among the five factions at the boundaries of the First Immortal Realm are with us too."

"We also have two peak Rulers of Dao and four peak Masters of Dao in deep slumber in the Demon Burial Casket in the Void Heaven Realm."

"Once master learned the Art of the Immortal Demon and awakened your past life's memory, you can contact us through this badge if you need our help. We'll do everything we can for you," Mo Xie reached out his hands and handed a crimson badge around the size of a palm that was made of some immortal wood to Qin Nan respectfully.

If anyone was to take a closer look at the badge, they would notice the word 'Jue' on it.


Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli cursed in their hearts.

Even having the two peak Rulers of Dao and four peak Masters of Dao alone was enough for Qin Nan to dominate the scene in the Void Heaven Realm, not to mention the thirty-six tribes and factions like the Thousand Demon Sect and Luoyin Ancient Temple.

Even the seven Heaven Highness Clans or factions like the Mumen Sect and Shidao Tribe had to pay a huge price to fight Qin Nan!

However, Qin Nan did not seem too excited about the badge. There was only a puzzled look in his eyes.

He initially thought everything would be much clearer after he achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, yet it felt like everything was even more complicated now.

Was his past life Zhou Di or Huangfu Jue?

Empress Feiyue glanced at Qin Nan. She received the badge and said, "He needs some time to think about it. You two should leave for now."

Demon Emperor Wutian wore a cold look. He was about to say something when Mo Xie looked at him before bringing his fists together, "Cultivator Feiyue and the rest of you, you have my thanks."

He then bowed and Qin Nan before leaving the place.

Demon Emperor Wutian too bowed and followed his master.

"(Cough cough), Qin Nan, Lao Mo and I were going to lend you a hand when you were busy attempting to break through to the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm! However, Miao Miao and Bilan happen to attempt their breakthroughs at the same time too. Besides..." Li Ji rubbed his hands as he spoke.

He initially thought he should stay away from Qin Nan, yet it was no longer necessary now that he thought about it!

No matter who Qin Nan's past life was, he could use the chance to claim the Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon. He could claim the possessions of two Supreme Highnesses!

In addition to it, he could also abuse the fact that Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian were unaware that he was Zhou Di's reincarnation, and the fact that others had no clue he was Huangfu Jue's reincarnation!

Who would even dare to hurt Qin Nan?

"Li Ji, piss off, will you?"

Rudao rolled her eyes. She looked at Qin Nan and said softly, "Little husband, I think you shouldn't worry too much about who your past life is."

"I believe these so-called reincarnations are just what your past lives have left for you to make you stronger. It's like something that masters pass down to their disciples, or the things that fathers taught their children."

"It doesn't matter if your past life is Huangfu Jue or Zhou Di. You are still you. You just need to follow your heart regardless of what they had planned in the past."

Qin Nan fell silent for a moment. He let out a deep breath and said, "You're right."

Following it, a magnificent figure rose inside Qin Nan's Divine Sense.

To him, the Divine God of Battle, Xiang Zun was still the greatest fortunate encounter in his life!

Meanwhile, the rift in the Supreme-Transforming Right Realm...

Mo Xie and Demon Emperor Wutian were heading toward a mysterious place at a remarkable pace.

"Master, are we leaving just like that?"

Demon Emperor Wutian blurted out, "Our master has just awakened Zhou Xiao's memory, and considering how the Divine God of Battle and others were treating him, I'm afraid master will lean toward the Divine God of Battle and Zhou Xiao."

"Besides, even if master doesn't side with them, what if he simply follows his own will after claiming the Art of the Immortal Demon? Wouldn't everything we've done so far be meaningless?"

He believed they should just follow Qin Nan around and guided him on the path he was supposed to take.

Mo Xie did not look at him. He said coldly, "You shouldn't just focus on the surface! Empress Feiyue is around master now. She's no ordinary cultivator. She won't allow us to carry out our plan."

"There's no reason for us to follow master around unless we expose our strength and take Empress Feiyue down forcibly."

Demon Emperor Wutian said with a started look, "If that's the case..."

Before he could finish, Mo Xie wore a thoughtful look and said, "Based on my understanding of master, his reincarnation won't be so simple. He must have something in mind still."

"When the time comes, it won't matter if Qin Nan wants to be himself or side with Zhou Xiao. He won't have a say in it."

"I can guarantee you that once Qin Nan merged with master's flesh, it will mark the return of the Immortal Demon!"

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