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PBS - Chapter 2049 - Perfect Dao Realm

Meanwhile, in the mysterious confined space...

The moment Qin Nan swallowed the drop of blood, a magnificent force merged with the supreme force inside his body like a peerless dragon.

In addition to it, an ancient will merged with the Tree of Dao under Qin Nan's guidance. The tree buzzed and emitted a faint blood-red glow.

"Thoughtless and mindless," Qin Nan emptied his mind. He proceeded to enter a mystical state.

The heart inside a person's demon was extremely tricky to deal with. It did not physically exist, thus the only way to eliminate it was to refine a sword of wisdom through his experience and destroy the demon.

Second, he had to empty his mind so the demon would not be able to interfere during important times.

However, it was extremely dangerous to empty one's mind while attempting a breakthrough. If anything happened, Qin Nan would not be able to react accordingly. He would fail his breakthrough and bring himself great trouble.

"How daring is the kid?"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli smacked their lips when they saw the Dao rhyme thickening again.

If they were in Qin Nan's shoes, they would immediately halt the breakthrough and get rid of the demon in their heart first.

Time gradually passed. The Dao rhyme continued to grow stronger. A magnificent Dao intent dissolved into the land as gusts of Dao wind came from nowhere and blew in all directions.

Seven days were gone fairly quickly.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli eventually realized that something was not right.

Normally, the time that had passed was more than enough for people to perfect the Dao Realm, but Qin Nan had not shown any reaction until now.

"It must have something to do with the extraordinary path of cultivation which Qin Nan is taking," Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli thought. They began to observe Qin Nan's breakthrough as they were quite intrigued.

Another seven days were gone.

Qin Nan finally showed some reaction after being still for so long.

The Tree of Dao emerged from Qin Nan's body on its own while emitting a formidable aura.

The roots, trunk, branches, and leaves suddenly exploded and turned into eleven different glows. They spread behind Qin Nan like a brilliant galaxy.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were startled.

An unexpected occurrence followed!

The light dots gathered and combined into a human figure. They then turned into a huge mountain and a river. Their shapes shifted continuously.

Every time they took the shape of something, the plants within ten thousand li of Qin Nan would grow rapidly like they were under the influence of some pure energy.

A terrifying aura kept growing like it was being accumulated.

In the end, the light dots formed a pattern.

The pattern was empty at first, but it felt like some formidable existence was drawing on it. A mountain and a river soon appeared on it, followed by ten other things. They combined into a scenery.

However, that was not the end of it. A human figure slowly appeared.

The figure was sitting with its legs crossed between the mountain and the woods. Above him was the sky, and below him was the ground. The drawing was not huge, yet both Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli felt like the man was sitting amid the Dao and the rules.

As more strokes were drawn, the human figure felt more real. Even his clothes were exactly the same as Qin Nan's.

However, it suddenly stopped when it was drawing Qin Nan's facial features.

Qin Nan did not notice that the wisp of demonic aura had sneaked out of his heart in the form of a little snake. It lifted its head.

In addition to it, the Ownerless Heaven Pattern in his Divine Sense emitted a blood-red flicker too.

The two terrifying ancient wills clashed with one another!

If Qin Nan was not in a mindless state, he would notice that everything in his body had turned chaotic as if a calamity of the apocalypse was taking place.

Qin Nan's body underwent a series of explosions. His skin erupted as blood poured out from the wounds.

"What's going on? Should we wake him up?" Mo Xiaoli's expression shifted.

"Not now!" Li Ji said thoughtfully, "He's at the final stage. If we wake him up now, he will be in great danger. We should wait a little longer. There might be a turn of events."

Qin Nan was covered in more wounds as time went by. The two Masters of Dao were extremely nervous too. Their forehead was covered in sweat. They were prepared to make their moves at any second.

The Nine Dragons Seal deep in Qin Nan's soul suddenly woke up like a beast in the nick of time, unleashing its wrath.

The two ancient wills disappeared instantly.

Everything in Qin Nan's body returned to calm. The man's facial features on the drawing were completed too.

Qin Nan's aura suddenly skyrocketed.

His cultivation was still in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, yet his presence had evolved completely.

Deep bell chimes echoed in the space as if they had sounded from ancient times.

Thousands of rare phenomena occurred at the same time.

The aura that the pattern was emitting changed completely. too like a peerless ruler. Its existence simply surpassed everything nearby.

"It's truly shocking, as expected of someone who has chosen an extraordinary path of cultivation!"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were astounded.

Even though they had undergone significant changes too when they perfected the Dao Realm, but they were nowhere close to Qin Nan's changes.

The rare phenomena lasted for a few hours before they finally dissipated. The terrifying pattern went back inside Qin Nan's body.

The wounds on Qin Nan's body healed on their own. They were shrouded by a glowing veil.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli withdrew their gazes. The light veil was similar to a cocoon. Once the wounds were gone, Qin Nan would be done with his breakthrough.

By then, his senses toward the Heavens and Earth would be different.

Time gradually passed. The glowing veil slowly vanished. It only disappeared completely after ten days.

Qin Nan's eyes slowly opened.

"So this...is the Perfect Dao Realm?"

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh.

For some reason, everything he looked at was extremely clear to him, as if nothing in this world could trick his eyes again.

"I didn't think I would refine a Drawing of the Dao Rules when I achieved the Perfect Dao Realm! The twelve objects on it must correspond to the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking. As for the figure..."

Qin Nan observed the drawing closely.

However, Li Ji's displeased voice interrupted his thoughts, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go to the Dao Seeking Land at once!"

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