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PBS - Chapter 2050 - Setting Out

Qin Nan looked at Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli with a blank expression.

"Kid, even though you are the reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses, the two of us are still Masters of Dao! We've stayed here for more than a month because of you!" Li Ji harrumphed.

"Seniors, thank you!"

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization. He brought his fists together apologetically.

"Miao Miao and Lan Lan are still in the First Sacred Area. They aren't as crazy as you. They still need some time to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm," Li Ji said after a slight ponder.

"However, once they achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, I'll bring them to the Dao Seeking Land myself. You can meet them when the time comes."

Qin Nan nodded. He said as he thought of something, "Senior, how can I go to the Dao Seeking Land?"

Li Ji smiled, "I already knew you are going to ask me that."

He handed Qin Nan a piece of immortal jade and said, "Here is the map of the Void Heaven Realm I've sketched. You can take a look at it. As for the Dao Seeking Land, it's different from the forbidden areas and sacred areas you've visited so far."

"It doesn't have a fixed entrance, but it does have a fixed exit. The exit is located at Dingzhu City."

"If you have never been to the Dao Seeking Land, those whose have reached the Peerless Ruler Realm can stay in the Void Heaven Realm for around ten days. A seal will appear on your hands. You can use it to enter the Dao Seeking Land."

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

The Dao Seeking Land sounded quite interesting.

"The two of us have been waiting for you because we have a gift for you. This thing is called the Illusionary Immortal Mask. Anyone who wears it can manipulate their looks for fifteen days. Those below the Master Realm won't be able to see your true face."

Li Ji took out a mask from his storage bag. The mask was covered in ancient runes. It was emitting an ancient immortal aura too.

Qin Nan was startled.

As their cultivation improved, it was even more difficult to put on a disguise. There was almost no art that was effective. Even the artifacts capable of manipulating the looks of a cultivator were extremely rare, let alone one that could last for fifteen days.

Many Nine Heavens Supremes would be very interested in the mask if they were trying to sell it.

"Seniors, I will remember your kindness."

Qin Nan bowed. Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were not always beside him like copper mirror and Rudao, but they had helped him a lot too.

"Hehe, why are you being so courteous considering the relationship between us? Well, if you really want to repay our kindness, you can still teach us the Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon..." Li Ji squinted.

Qin Nan twisted his lips. The atmosphere changed completely.

"I won't hesitate to teach you if they do suit you," Qin Nan said.

"Mm, very well!"

Li Ji patted Qin Nan on the shoulder. Meanwhile, Mo Xiaoli was wearing a stern look. He asked, "Qin Nan, when are you planning to marry Princess Miao Miao and Lan Lan officially? You can't let them wait forever, right?"

The two glamorous faces crossed Qin Nan's mind. He straightened his face after giving it a thought, "Seniors, you are aware of the circumstances too. I'm afraid now is not the best time for that. We'll have to wait a little longer."

Mo Xiaoli harrumphed and said, "Wait a little longer? Will it be ten years, a hundred years, or a thousand years? It's too ambiguous, you have to give me an exact time!"

"Then I guess..." Qin Nan said, "Once I achieved the Master Realm, I'll bring them to the Secondary Lower Realm and marry them. May I ask seniors to go with us when the time comes?"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli frowned.

"The Secondary Lower Realm?"

"Fine, it's a promise. We'll visit the Secondary Lower Realm in the meantime too," Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli nodded.

"Seniors, it's time for me to leave then."

Qin Nan rose to his feet and brought his fists together. He put on the mask and changed his appearance into a young scholar before leaving the confined space. He returned to the Supreme-Transforming Right Realm.

Qin Nan looked around him and found himself in a deserted area. There was no trace of anyone else nearby.

Qin Nan transmitted a message to Yuanji, the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor, and Ling Lanlan so they would not worry about him too much.

"Feng Wuheng has also achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. He should be on his way to the Dao Seeking Land too. I should come up with a plan to rescue Meng Jiugong when I see him again."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly. He flew into the rift and traveled in it at an unbelievable pace.

Everything felt a lot different after he became a Nine Heavens Supreme.

The sky and the land were no longer vast to him. Everything felt a lot smaller too. He could easily trigger a calamity by unleashing his wrath.

Time gradually passed. Qin Nan traveled across the Supreme-Transforming Right Realm and reached the Void Heaven Realm after a few days.

An ancient sun was hanging high in the sky together with brilliant stars. There were mountains on the vast land in the distance with ancient forests. It looked similar to the Supreme-Transforming Realms.

However, the moment Qin Nan arrived, he clearly felt murderous intents from every inch of the land.

On top of it, the immortal intent in the rift was unusual too. It seemed to have merged with countless different wills, making it extremely complicated. Those without a certain cultivation might bring themselves great harm if they absorbed it.

"I didn't expect the battle would turn this place into something like this. The effects are still obvious after so long," Qin Nan exclaimed.

He was a little curious.

How strong would each art executed by Cang, Zhou Di, Huangfu Jue, and the other Supreme Highness be?

"I would like to learn what was the cause of the battle if I could..."

Qin Nan quickly calmed his thoughts as he continued on his way.

He suddenly frowned and inspected his body.

Wisps of blood-red glow appeared out of nowhere. They formed eight huge characters before disappearing into Qin Nan's body.

Qin Nan could not locate their presence when he scanned his body with the Divine Sense.


Qin Nan immediately took a deep breath.

The eight characters were the warning which he received when he claimed the Nine Dragons Seal!

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