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PBS - Chapter 2057 - Killing Decisively

"Crap! Run!"

A strong sense of danger rose from the bottom of Supreme Pingling's heart. His hair stood on its end as he quickly executed a move to split into countless tiny snakes fleeing in all directions. He no longer had the same imperious demeanor.

Supreme Longhui and Supreme Hongxiu shared the same reaction too. They used an ancient talisman and an artifact which unleashed a great power to encapsulate them, trying to bring them away from the place.

They might seem to be in a miserable spot, but it was only because they did not expect the young man to possess something so shocking.

However, the indescribable pattern emitted a slight flicker. They immediately felt an enormous hand smashing their art, talisman, and artifact into pieces.

"That is no ordinary thing, use everything you have!"

Supreme Pingling let out a roar when he realized he was unable to escape. An ancient brush with the shape of a snake came out of his body. The two snakes on his shoulders wrapped themselves around the brush.

An ancient aura surged across the place.

The brush was something he had found in some ancient ruins. It had saved his life many times, but every time he used it, it would lose its energy, thus he would only use it as a last resort.

Supreme Longhui and Supreme Hongxiu clenched their teeth and took out two ancient artifacts.

Every Nine Heavens Supreme had achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm over a long time, thus they would have certain trump cards up in their sleeves.

Qin Nan waved his hand to control the Dao Pattern. It came down at the three Nine Heavens Supremes.

The sky and the ground shook vigorously as all rules were broken.

A formidable force that was like the judgment of an ancient immortal made the brush and the two ancient artifacts tremble resentfully. However, they soon broke into light dots after a series of explosions as they could not withstand it.

"How could this be?"

The eyes of Supreme Pingling, Supreme Longhui, and Supreme Hongxiu widened. It felt like three huge mountains were collapsing on them.

The three Nine Heavens Supremes cried out in agony and dropped to their knees. Their bones cracked loudly as blood jetted out of their skin. They were in a miserable state.

They were heavily injured and defeated by a single move.

"The three Nine Heavens Supremes...have lost?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes and Peerless Rulers in the Imperial Courtyard were dumbfounded.

Those were one Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage and two Nine Heavens Supremes in the early stage, and they were from the Heaven Highness Clans!

"Does this mean..."

Many people were startled.

Was the young man a peak Nine Heavens Supreme?

"(Cough cough), we didn't expect you to conceal your cultivation. You're a peak Nine Heavens Supreme!"

Supreme Pingling spat out a mouthful of blood. His hair was disheveled.

The lips of Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui were trembling.

They had begun to regret their actions.

If they knew Qin Nan was a peak Nine Heavens Supreme, they would not bother asking him to return the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence.

Who would even think a peak Nine Heavens Supreme would take part in the trial?

Qin Nan ignored Supreme Pingling's comment. He withdrew the Dao Pattern. His eyes flickered with joy.

Its power had grown significantly compared to when it was still the Tree of Dao. It faintly resembled the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh which the Beast Hide Drawing had refined.

It was capable of crushing every art and rule in its path!

"It still hasn't unleashed its full power, that means I might not necessarily be at a disadvantage if I'm fighting against a peak Nine Heavens Supreme," Qin Nan murmured.

He then glanced at the three Nine Heavens Supremes and pulled a saber out of the rift with an icy aura.

Supreme Pingling, Supreme Longhui, and Supreme Hongxiu were startled.

"Mister, you may take the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence. It's our fault. We will surely make up for it," Supreme Longhui said.

Supreme Hongxiu immediately nodded in agreement.

It was just the way of the world. If you were strong, you were right. If you were weak, you were wrong.

Qin Nan walked closer as if he did not hear them. He said calmly, "I already made it clear. If you try to kill me, you shouldn't blame me for killing you."

The place fell silent.

The cultivators in the Imperial Courtyard were stunned.

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme was going to kill Supreme Pingling and the others?

Supreme Pingling's heart turned cold. He blurted out, "Cultivator, why do you have to go so far even if there's a misunderstanding? You should know that I'm from the Wang Clan. I'm an elder too! According to our rules, if you kill me, you will suffer the wrath of my clan!"

"It won't do you any good..."

Before he could finish, a cold saber glow sliced at his throat. Fresh blood jetted into the air.

Supreme Pingling had fallen!

Qin Nan's face remained calm. He did not want to waste his time any further.


Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui felt like their scalp was going to explode. They did not think the young man would be so bold to kill them.

"Mister, don't do it! Feel free to say it if you have any request..."

Supreme Longhui blurted out, but the same saber glow sliced at his and Supreme Hongxiu's throats before he could finish. Their expressions froze as they could no longer make any sound.

Two more Nine Heavens Supremes had fallen!

The eyes of Nine Heavens Supremes, Peerless Rulers, and cultivators in the Imperial Courtyard widened. They could not believe their eyes.

These were elders of the Wang Clan, Wu Clan and Zheng Clan!

Even though it was not rare for Nine Heavens Supremes or even Masters of Dao from the Heaven Highness Clans to be killed in the Void Heaven Realm, but most importantly, it was happening right in the Imperial Courtyard!

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme was seriously challenging the authority of the three Heaven Highness Clans in front of the public!

If the three Heaven Highness Clans knew, they would surely unleash their wrath on him!

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