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PBS - Chapter 2063 - Jolt of Surprise

"Mm," Qin Nan nodded after receiving the immortal jades.

"There's one more thing," the woman said after a slight hesitation, "The westernmost part of the Dao-Seeking Land is a space of chaos. Rumors say you will reach the end of the First Immortal Realm by crossing it, the place where the legendary battle in the past took place."

"Although the place is a great land of treasure with many fortunate encounters and valuable resources, but in the past, many peak Nine Heavens Supremes tried their luck, but they all went missing until today."

Qin Nan was startled, "The end of the First Immortal Realm? The place where the legendary battle took place?"

"The Battlefield of Aeon is where the main battle took place in the past. Even though many years had passed since then, it was still very deadly. Even Nine Heavens Supremes might die if they entered the battlefield without proper preparations."

"Apparently, it's also the only place where Masters of Dao could achieve the Ruler Realm."

Qin Nan nodded. However, there was no need for him to visit the Battlefield of Aeon in the near future.

The woman and the two young men voluntarily offered their treasure maps to apologize for their misbehavior. Qin Nan gladly received them.

He also asked the woman and the two young men to swear several oaths, ensuring they were telling him the truth and preventing them from telling others his arrival. He then let them go without troubling them any further.

"Let's check out the bets which the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect have set up," Qin Nan inspected one of the immortal jades.

He immediately saw the information of different bets, including the bet on when certain cultivators would achieve the Master Realm first or whoever would be the first to become a Master of Dao. There were also details of many peak Nine Heavens Supremes, and at the end was a Supreme Leaderboard.

The rankings on the Supreme Leaderboard were determined through the outcome of battles. It also had a note stating that the leaderboard did not necessarily reflect the actual strength of the cultivators.

The person in the first rank was the seventy-second Saintess of the Li Clan, one of the seven Heaven Highness Clans. She was currently a peak Nine Heavens Supreme and had only fought a single battle, in which she defeated the eighty-third Saint of the Zheng Clan, Zheng Hou!

The person in the second rank was Zheng Hou, the eighty-third Saint of the Zheng Clan. He had mastered the Dao Realm and had achieved the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. He had slain six peak Nine Heavens Supremes and twelve Greater Success Nine Heavens Supremes. He also defeated the ninety-ninth Saint of the Wu Clan, Wu Dongshan, and the ninety-fifth Saint of the Wu Clan, Wu Sheng in a two-on-one battle.

The person in the third rank...

The leaderboard had thirty-nine Nine Heavens Supremes who were in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

Apart from the Saints and Saintesses from the seven Heaven Highness Clans, Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and ancient tribes, Qin Nan also saw names of the Patriarch of Supreme Daoism factions on the leaderboard.

For example, Supreme Chang Xiao was ranked nineteenth on it.

These were only the Nine Heavens Supremes who were ranked on the leaderboard. There were a lot more peak Nine Heavens Supremes in the Dao Seeking Land, let alone those in the Greater Success Stage and Early Stage.

Qin Nan was not too surprised by the leaderboard.

Leveling up from the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm to the Master Realm and leveling up from the Peerless Ruler Realm to the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm was a lot different. The cultivators could choose between seventy-two Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth for the latter, but there was only one place for the former.

Therefore, most Nine Heavens Supremes of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had gathered in the Dao Seeking Land. Even though some Nine Heavens Supremes were more active in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, they would occasionally visit the Dao Seeking Land when they were free.

Only a few Nine Heavens Supremes had no intention to achieve the Master Realm.

"It's not necessarily a bad thing," Qin Nan's eyes erupted into white flames, which dissipated after a long time. He picked up the immortal jade that the woman gave him to inspect it.

A shocking scene occurred before him as he peeped into the immortal jade with his Divine Sense.

An indescribable, terrifying tree stood on a spacious land. Its trunk that seemed to contain a boundless power soared into the sky like it was holding the supporting the whole world.

Everything was minuscule before it.

"It already has such an overwhelming aura when it's still. I wonder how incredible it is if I see it in person," Qin Nan exclaimed.

He then calmed his thoughts and focused on the scene.

As Qin Nan continued to observe it, a wisp of aura which seemed to have traveled across a great distance landed on Qin Nan. He gradually merged with the surroundings.

If Qin Nan was just a visitor just then, it felt like he had returned to his homeland. Everything felt familiar to him.

"Mm, it's very useful indeed..."

Qin Nan gradually collected his thoughts. He was about to withdraw his Divine Sense when an ancient will suddenly went from deep inside his Divine Sense into the scene.

The scenery around Qin Nan changed completely.

He was no longer on the top of the mountain. He was brought to a boundless land where he could see the magnificent tree just by lifting his gaze.

"Is that..."

Qin Nan was astounded.

Why was this happening all of a sudden?

Why did it feel so real even though it was supposed to be an illusion?

Qin Nan's eyes suddenly widened. A great chill ran down his spine. His hair immediately stood on its end.

He just sensed something terrifying being awakened from a deep slumber inside the tree. It had fixed its attention on him.

A shocking sight took place following it.

Qin Nan's eyes were suddenly empowered to a ridiculous level. He was able to see through the enormous trunk.

Inside it was a pond with some kind of energy floating on it.

The energy would occasionally glow and turn into water vapor. It did not have a strong presence, but it remained eye-catching inside the tree.

The aura had a hint of eternity!

A familiar feeling rose inside Qin Nan's heart, as if the energy existed for his sake.

"Could it be..."

Qin Nan was startled, "Is this the Indestructible Force that Zhou Di mentioned?"

His heart pounded heavily as soon as the thought crossed his mind. A demonic aura in the form of a snake burst out of his heart and hissed.

The Indestructible Force and the pond vanished. They were replaced by an altar.

The altar was pitch-black with ancient characters of various sizes floating on it.

The words gathered and turned into a manual, a human figure, a stone tablet, and many other objects. Whenever they transformed into something, they would emit an overwhelming aura.

The altar was eye-catching in the tree similar to the Indestructible Force. Qin Nan had the same familiar feeling from it.

"Is this...the Art of the Immortal Demon which Huangpu Jue invented?"

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat.

The tree soon emitted a blinding glow which devoured Qin Nan.

Qin Nan felt his soul shudder. When he opened his eyes again, he was back at the top of the mountain as if nothing had happened.

The only difference was, the immortal jade in his hand had broken into pieces.

"I didn't expect the two things are both located in the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree!"

Qin Nan took a deep breath upon collecting his thoughts.

Based on what the woman told him and the scene he just witnessed, he was very confident that the Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon would show up too in five years when the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree bore the Heaven Dao Fruits.

If he was to head to the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree now, it was unlikely that he could summon them or they would appear on their own.

Qin Nan stared into the distance with mixed feelings.

The wind was blowing at his hair.

"It's fine, if it's exactly what I've speculated, I can just head to the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree when it's time and claim them both before I am clear about the identity of my past life," Qin Nan murmured as he made up his mind.

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