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PBS - Chapter 2064 - Sea of Indolence

"I should focus on improving my cultivation for now."

Qin Nan proceeded to inspect the third immortal jade.

The supreme force in his body was only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. He would have to reach the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm to achieve the Master Realm.

Otherwise, it was meaningless even if he were to claim the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruit now.

The third immortal jade contained a map of the Dao Seeking Land with markings of forbidden lands, ancient ruins, lands of fortune, and many more.

The place that caught his attention the most was the Southernmost Land where the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was located.

There were around thirty forbidden lands and ancient ruins close to the Southernmost Land, perhaps due to the influence of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. Among them were three mysterious places where even peak Nine Heavens Supremes were not recommended to set their foot on.

Qin Nan was not interested in them after taking a quick look at their information.

Even though the seven Heaven Highness Clans had yet to show their intention, they were obviously plotting against him, let alone the rest of the Supreme Daoism factions and other formidable factions.

If he were to head for the Southernmost Land and expose his whereabouts now, he was basically messing with the beehive, since many Saints, Saintesses, and Patriarchs would try to hunt him down.

"Ancient-Crossing Immortal Palace, first appeared around five hundred years ago. It had ten Nine Heavens' Pills of Good Fortune that can help a Nine Heavens Supreme to break through to the next cultivation level. Only one of the pills is left!"

"Phantom Illusion Mountain, rumors say it used to be the Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate's heirloom artifact. Those inside it will find themselves trapped in illusions. However, people with outstanding luck will either obtain a peerless Dao Art or breakthrough to the next level!"

"Tower of Obstruction, refined naturally by the Dao Seeking Land. It has thirty-three floors, each with various kinds of danger, successions, and fortunate encounters!"

"Land of the Duo, every ten years, two corpses in perfect condition that belonged to Masters of Dao would appear out of nowhere. Only seven months left until the next cycle!"

There were hundreds of forbidden lands, ancient ruins, and other fascinating places in the Dao Seeking Land. Qin Nan skimmed through the information.

Not one of them had caught his attention.

Even though he was only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, he had mastered the Dao Realm, thus he no longer needed to focus on improving his Dao mastery. He just needed to focus on his cultivation.

Based on his current situation, he needed a great amount of Immortal Blessing resources which would provide him with a huge supply of energy.

Qin Nan was only intrigued by the Land of the Duo, yet he still had to wait another seven months for it.

"Forget it, I shall visit the Sea of Indolence first!"

Qin Nan murmured and vanished into the rift.

The Sea of Indolence was located to the east of the Dao Seeking Land. It had a special species known as the Dark Flyers.

These Dark Flyers' cultivation varied from the Earth Immortal Realm to the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. They were brutal in nature. They would engage every human cultivator recklessly regardless of the difference between their strength.

However, these Dark Flyers' demon cores were extremely useful for cultivators. They could absorb its pure energy just by consuming them.

On top of it, there were ancient ruins and forbidden lands deep in the Sea of Indolence. Someone once found a land full of Immortal Blessing resources.

It was currently the most suitable place for Qin Nan's needs.

A few hours later, Qin Nan came out of the rift.

In front of him was an ancient city made of heavenly flames. It was floating in the sky as countless cultivators were flying in and out of it.

Not far ahead of the ancient city was a boundless faint-golden sea. The waves rolled as the strong wind blew, producing wisps of mystical auras.

It was the Sea of Indolence.

The city was named Gonggong. It was an ancient Dao weapon refined by a faction consisting of rogue cultivators called the Seekers of Immortality. It was also one of the fifteen cities in the Dao Seeking Land.

{TL Note: Gonggong is the name of the Chinese Sea of God.}

Qin Nan decided not to enter the city after giving it a thought. He turned into a ray of light and dived into the sea.

Several beasts over fifty zhang long with pitch-black bodies, enormous eyes, sinister fangs, and a light blue horn on their forehead charged at Qin Nan with shocking murderous intent.

They were the Dark Flyers.

The strength of the Dark Flyers that Qin Nan encountered were only around the eighth-layer Earth Immortal Realm.

Qin Nan activated the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle as he picked up his pace. He immediately shook off the Dark Flyers and went deeper into the sea.

The water of the Sea of Indolence contained strange power. The deeper Qin Nan dived, the stronger the hindrance on his eyes.

Around half an incense stick's duration, the Dark Flyers that Qin Nan encountered were in the Peerless Ruler Realm. They were around twenty times bigger too. They could easily produce a deadly undercurrent by beating their wings.

Qin Nan pointed his hand forward and killed three Dark Flyers in the peak Peerless Ruler Realm instantly. They turned into a mist of blood from which three light purple orbs came out of.

Qin Nan observed them closely before refining them with the Dao-Melting Immortal Flames.

A pure energy surged into Qin Nan's body and combined with his supreme force as the information on the map had mentioned. The gain was almost negligible, yet the process only took a short period of time.

"It seems like these demon cores are a better option compared to Immortal Blessing resources to improve my cultivation."

"I should look for Dark Flyers in the Greater Success Stage or the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!"

Qin Nan continued to dive deeper. He raised his brows some time later when he sensed auras of Peerless Rulers clashing with one another. He also picked up the presence of an Immortal Blessing resource.

Qin Nan soon noticed four men and two women lining up in formations while fighting three Dark Flyers in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. One eye of a Dark Flyer was amber. It was the Immortal Blessing resource which Qin Nan had detected.

The Dark Flyer obviously had a fortunate encounter which caused its eye to mutate.

"Now!" a short-haired young man who was the leader among the cultivators yelled. Three formations with blinding glows were activated, turning into a few hundred deadly attacks aiming at the Dark Flyers.

Two of the Dark Flyers failed to endure the blows. Their auras weakened significantly.

The Dark Flyer with a mutated eye was furious. It suddenly unleashed a remarkable force to break free from the formations. It flew straight at Qin Nan.

It soon noticed Qin Nan. It opened its mouth wide and tore at Qin Nan fiercely despite its injuries.

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