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PBS - Chapter 2065 - Everyone Is Here

Qin Nan was speechless even though he was aware of the Dark Flyers' traits. He smashed the creature into a mist of blood. Its beast core and its amber eye floated in the air.

"Who's there?"

The four men and two women soon noticed what was going on. The short-haired young man yelled as he approached Qin Nan rapidly with a ferocious look, "Friend, trying to be the canary behind us? Not going to happen! Leave at once, or I, Zhu Ming will not show you any mercy!"

The other three men and two women were wearing icy expressions too.

"Huh? You don't know who I am?"

Qin Nan was startled.

"Do we know who you are?"

The short-haired young man wore a disdainful look. "Do you think you are Qin Nan or Feng Wuheng?"

Most cultivators in the Dao Seeking Land had seen Qin Nan's looks, but these young masters of renowned clans happened to overlook Qin Nan's appearance.

After all, they were not going to stand a chance against Qin Nan since he was currently a Nine Heavens Supreme. They had no reason to waste their time on him.

"You actually guessed it right. I'm indeed Qin Nan," Qin Nan smiled.

The young man and the others were stunned. They soon burst out laughing.

"Brother, stop playing dumb! If you are Qin Nan, I would be Li Yangfan!"

The young man said arrogantly, "Even if you're Qin Nan, the six of us can still defeat you easily!"

The real Qin Nan was not here. It did not matter if he was bluffing a little.

Qin Nan wore a strange expression. Was this guy kicked in the head by a donkey?

"Enough nonsense, you have three breaths' time to leave at once! Otherwise..." the young man demanded.

Qin Nan's eyes turned cold before the young man finished his sentence. A terrifying aura burst out of Qin Nan's body and loomed over the six cultivators.

Wisps of energy immediately spread in all directions.

The young man and the others were startled!

They initially thought the man was only a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage at most, but judging from his aura, he was at least in the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!

They might stand a chance against a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage, but they had no chance of winning a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage.

"Ugh, senior, we didn't realize how strong you are just then. Please don't take it seriously!"

The young man's expression collapsed instantly. He said with a wry smile, "Senior, you must be after the Royal Eye too. We have collected three of them. You may take them all!"

He quickly took out three amber eyes from his storage bag. They were the same as the one Qin Nan had picked up.

"Mm? Is this Royal Eye rare?" Qin Nan asked.

"Ugh, senior, don't you know?"

The young man was startled. He quickly said when he saw Qin Nan's eyes turning cold again, "The Dark Flyers like to feast on something called the Royal Grass. Once they ate it, their eyes have a fifty percent chance to evolve into the Royal Eye. The power it contains is close to an Immortal Blessing resource."

"These Royal Eyes are very useful for people who practice an eye-technique. Many Nine Heavens Supremes are buying Royal Eyes in the Gonggong City. Half a month ago, a peak Nine Heavens Supreme even claimed that he would trade a Nine Heavens' Pill of Good Fortune with one thousand and three hundred Royal Eyes."

Qin Nan raised his brows.

He did not expect the Royal Eyes to be so valuable.

"Mm, I will be taking these Royal Eyes. I won't be fussed with what you did," Qin Nan said.

The young man and the others were displeased, but there was nothing they could do since they had guessed it wrong in the first place.

"You will have to swear an Immortal Demon Oath so you won't tell anyone I've shown up here."

The young man and the others were startled. Why did they have to swear an oath?

"Don't tell me, you're actually..."

The young man might be a little slow but he was not stupid. His expression shifted when he thought of something.

"What do you say?"

Qin Nan rolled his eyes.

"We will swear the oath now!"

The young man and the others were dumbfounded. They immediately followed Qin Nan's instructions.

If Qin Nan had a bad temper, they might be killed or crippled if they were reluctant to obey a Nine Heavens Supreme.

Following it, they saw Qin Nan off as he continued to fly forward.

Around a thousand breaths later, the Dark Flyers that Qin Nan stumbled into were al in the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. Their size was around ten times bigger than those in the Peerless Ruler Realm. They could easily stir a great storm in the sea with a single swing.

Qin Nan's right arm exploded and transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber. He was going to unleash the aura in his body.

A series of deafening explosions took place at the bottom of the sea.

Qin Nan did not stop after killing a Dark Flyer. He kept killing every Dark Flyer he encountered. The blood of the creatures dyed the water red.

"Mm? I've already reached the bottom of the sea?"

Qin Nan noticed a pitch-black land after killing twenty-nine Dark Flyers.

There were several mountains in the distance.

"I'm in luck. There are five Dark Flyers in the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm and nineteen Dark Flyers in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm in that mountain..."

Qin Nan grinned. The Heaven-Shattering Saber left his hand and sliced the mountain in half with a brilliant glow.

Huge Dark Flyers flew out of the mountain with murderous cries.

However, little did Qin Nan know, at the same time in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm...

Zhuang Nan had reclaimed Feng Wuheng's appearance. He was leading the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect and the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Heaven-Slaying Sect as they arrived in the Void Heaven Realm. They were waiting for the seals to grant them access to the Dao Seeking Land.

Jiang Ni who had reached the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm too put on a gray robe and left a forbidden place in the Extreme Living Gate. He carried a broken sword and entered the rift as he headed for the Void Heaven Realm.

The shocking battle in the First Sacred Area that lasted for five days came to an end too. Two gorgeous women had conquered the scene by defeating countless Exceptional Geniuses.

Many news soon spread in the Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge and gathered a lot of attention.

Zang Gu, Yin Yi, Gu Xiaoyao, Mu Zhengze, and some other Exceptional Geniuses had fallen in the First Sacred Area.

Princess Miao Miao, Jiang Bilan, Lu Qingyin, Lu Gufeng, Lei Daoming, Yuanji, and others had successfully achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan spent a brief time with Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli before entering the rift.

On the same day, the Heaven-Slaying Sect was relocated to the Void Heaven Realm. The news took the world by surprise.

The Heaven-Slaying Sect had gotten so much attention that none of the seven Heaven Highness Clans, Mumen Sect, Shidao Tribe, and other Supreme Daoism factions were aware that the base of the Ancient Taboo was now empty.

The Ancient Taboo had gone missing.

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