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PBS - Chapter 2066 - The Dark Flyer Attempting to Break Through to the Master Realm

Ten days later, in a pitch-black ravine at the bottom of the Sea of Indolence...

Qin Nan sat with his legs crossed. A formidable energy surged into his body, followed by thunderous blasts. A terrifying aura surged in all directions.

It lasted for half the duration of an incense stick before everything returned to calm.

Qin Nan's eyes slowly opened.

"The supreme force in my body has grown significantly," Qin Nan wore a satisfied look.

He never stopped killing the Dark Flyers apart from the time he was absorbing their beast cores. He had killed five Dark Flyers in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm and at least twenty Dark Flyers in the early stage or the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm."

"Time to continue," Qin Nan had no intention to stop. He picked up the Heaven-Shattering Saber that was soaked in blood and turned into a ray of light.


After some time, Qin Nan wore a puzzled look.

Why was there not a single Dark Flyer along the way?

Normally, he would have encountered more than ten Dark Flyers by now.

"Something must have happened," Qin Nan picked up his pace and activated the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle.

He soon noticed a tiny glow ahead of him that was spreading like an enormous web. He would not notice them if it weren't for his outstanding eye-technique.

"They seem to be coming from that way," Qin Nan changed his direction after observing the light closely.

"Is that..."

Qin Nan came to a stop after some time.

A spacious forest showed up in the distance. Each tree was over a thousand zhang tall and was emitting a golden-blue glow like an enormous mountain.

The end of the forest was a huge vortex with flickers of lightning and fire. Qin Nan could sense its formidable energy from a great distance away.

Even a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage would be shredded into pieces if they were caught in the vortex.

A peak Nine Heavens Supreme could barely survive from it.

Qin Nan immediately withdrew his aura and slowed down. His eyes flickered with astonishment when he entered the forest.

He could sense the presence of ten Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage and two peak Nine Heavens Supremes in the corners of the forest!

In addition to them, a terrifying force was rising under the vortex. It was placing Qin Nan under great pressure.

With Qin Nan's current cultivation, peak Nine Heavens Supremes could no longer pose any threat to him. Only Masters of Dao could make him feel threatened.

"Could it be...a Dark Flyer with the cultivation of the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm is attempting to break through to the Master Realm?" Qin Nan squinted.

If it was a cultivator attempting to break through to the Master Realm, they would need a great scene with a lot of attention.

However, it was not a requirement for the beasts of the Dao Seeking Land.

"Fellow cultivator, you must have guessed that a Dark Flyer is attempting to break through to the Master Realm."

A middle-aged man's voice appeared in Qin Nan's mind, "Everyone knows that the Dark Flyers have no chance of achieving the Master Realm, which means, the Dark Flyer is going to fail its attempt."

"However, unlike us, the Dark Flyer will only die once it fails its attempt. Its flesh won't be destroyed."

Qin Nan said calmly, "You're thinking of joining hands with me to take on the two peak Nine Heavens Supremes for the Dark Flyer's beast core?"

Even though the Dark Flyer was going to fail its attempt to achieve the Master Realm, its flesh and beast core would have greatly evolved during the process.

Its beast core would greatly differ from the beast core of any other Dark Flyers in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

It was an extremely rare opportunity.

"Exactly! The two peak Nine Heavens Supremes are from the Superfluous Lifeless Sect and Chizha Tribe. They have defeated many strong cultivators, so we won't stand a chance if we don't join hands!"

The voice said, "The other Nine Heavens Supremes have already agreed that we will compete for the beast core once we took out the two peak Nine Heavens Supremes. Even if you didn't claim the beast core in the end, I will still give you two beast cores that belonged to two Dark Flyers in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm."

Qin Nan nodded in agreement after a slight ponder.

Even though he was not afraid to fight the two peak Nine Heavens Supremes on his own, he would still struggle if the rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes teamed up against him too. It was better for him to join hands with them first.

"You have made a smart decision!" the man said respectfully. "Please stay in your position. We'll attack them together when the time comes."

The voice disappeared after Qin Nan gave his acknowledgment.

Time gradually passed. A thunderous blast suddenly occurred in the vortex. The energy spread and triggered over thirty rare phenomena over the forest.

Stormy clouds came from nowhere even though they were currently in the sea. The clouds gathered like a huge black veil.

A terrifying aura surged across the forest like a storm.

The water and the ground shook vigorously.

"It's happening!"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

Following a deafening roar, a gigantic Dark Flyer with a colorful glow sprang into the sky from the forest. It swung its claws and unleashed a tremendous force at the clouds.

Countless Dao runes spread across the air.

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The huge blow did not deal any damage to the clouds, yet every Nine Heavens Supreme could sense a huge gap was torn apart inside them.

Ancient runes burst out of the clouds rapidly and descended from the gap like a mysterious gate.

Qin Nan felt his chest tightening as if he was under great pressure.

The whole area sank due to the pressure from the gate's presence.

However, the gate suddenly stopped when only half of it was exposed.

The Dark Flyer's eyes spat out flames of anger. It cried angrily while releasing the energy in his body before flying at the gate.

The sea was in great chaos. The rare phenomena shattered while the black clouds dissipated. The whole forest was in ruins!

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The two peak Nine Heavens Supremes that were the closest to the vortex and the Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage were startled. They immediately unleashed a brilliant glow and backed away.

it did not feel like the creature was attempting to achieve the Master Realm. It felt like it was bringing a great calamity upon the place instead!

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Written by Supreme Villian. Translated by XephiZ.