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PBS - Chapter 2072 - Heaven Highness Fist

Qin Nan took a quick glance at the two ancient talismans. The first one contained a deadly force, and the second contained some kind of teleportation energy.

Supreme Zhi Guang was obviously putting up an act when he begged for mercy. He was waiting for Qin Nan to lower his guard or hesitate slightly so he had a chance to make his move.

If he failed to kill Qin Nan, he would escape with the second talisman.

Qin Nan claimed the two talismans.


He suddenly noticed a storage bag with a faint glow on Supreme Zhi Guang's waist. It was surprisingly in great condition.

Normally, most storage bags would be destroyed in battles that involved Human Immortals and above.

Most cultivators would not want the enemy to claim their belongings after they died.

However, Supreme Zhi Guang was extremely confident in himself. He never thought he would lose the battle. It also indicated there must be something important in the storage bag that he wanted to preserve desperately, thus he had put in some effort to protect the storage bag.

"Lucky me," Qin Nan grinned.

He used his eye-technique to get rid of the forbidding auras. After a few moments, he checked the contents of the bag with his Divine Sense.

He immediately saw amber orbs piling together with a shocking energy.

Beside them was the inner core of the Dark Flyer. It was not emitting any aura, yet it had a faint presence that made it stood out from the other twenty-three inner cores of beasts in the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Realm.

Qin Nan was already expecting the inner cores, but his eyes flickered with astonishment when he saw the amber orbs.

They were the same Royal Eye which the eyes of Dark Flyers had a chance to mutate into. There were a total of one thousand and five hundred of them!

Even though Qin Nan had no clue what Zhi Guang was planning, these Royal Eyes were very useful for him too. He could exchange them for a Nine Heavens' Pill of Good Fortune!

"Huh? What is this?"

There were many artifacts, pills, and badges in the storage bag. None of them had gotten Qin Nan's attention. He was focused on a copper mirror with a mystical aura and a manual with an ancient intent.

"Heaven Highness Fist?"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered when he saw the manual's title. He quickly took it out and skimmed through it.

His lips twisted following a glance.

There was nothing in the manual. The content was obviously erased.

It made a lot of sense, since the Heaven Highness Fist must be the most important art of the Li Clan. They would not let an outsider learn it so easily.

Qin Nan burned the manual before taking out the copper mirror. It had thirty-two light rays on it. Some of them were expanding continuously.

"These light rays must represent the Freezing Tides in the Sea of Indolence," Qin Nan murmured. He put the mirror away.

The Freezing Tides were quite powerful. He might be able to abuse them like what Supreme Zhi Guang did.

Qin Nan claimed the Royal Eyes, inner cores, and other valuables in the storage bag.

When he was about to withdraw his Divine Sense, one of the badges began to glow.

Qin Nan inspected it after a brief hesitation. An icy, angry voice exploded in his mind, "Who are you? How bold of you to kill I, Li Changsheng's brother! I don't care where you are, I'm going to kill your whole family for it!"

Li Changsheng was the ninety-eighth Saint of the Li Clan.

Qin Nan would normally ignore the menacing words, but Li Changsheng had threatened to kill his family right away. It had obviously poked Qin Nan's reverse scale.

"I'm the one and only Qin Nan! Go ahead and try it if you aren't afraid of death!"

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh and responded. He then smashed the badges into pieces.

Li Changsheng was obviously going to talk a bunch of nonsense. Qin Nan was not in the mood to listen to him.

Qin Nan looked at Supreme Zhi Guang's dead body instead.

"I wonder if the Ownerless Heaven Pattern can obtain the power of lineage from a dead body? Let's give it a try," Qin Nan thought for a moment before he released the Ownerless Heaven Pattern which absorbed Supreme Zhi Guang's body.

Qin Nan sat on the ground with his legs crossed. He unleashed the twelve Dao intents as a safety precaution. He then took out the beast cores to recover his strength.

Qin Nan's supreme force barely recovered two hours later.

The Ownerless Heaven Pattern that had remained silent throughout the process suddenly had a reaction. A bunch of ancient words floated out from it followed by wisps of the power of lineage it had retrieved.

"Well done!"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

He no longer had to put in so much effort to get his hands on the seven Heaven Highness Clans' blood essence to collect their power of lineage just so he could achieve Lineage Reversion and Lineage Transcension.

"I should try absorbing it!"

Qin Nan absorbed the power of lineage following the thought.

An aura that did not belong to him appeared.

In addition to it, the slight power of lineage which Qin Nan had refined previously through the blood essence of the Nine Heavens Supremes from the Zheng Clan and Wu Clan suddenly appeared on their own too.

Time gradually passed. Qin Nan finally absorbed the power of lineage after an hour. An odd feeling rose inside him.

Even though Qin Nan had no idea what kind of special capabilities the Li Clan's lineage had, his strength still improved slightly.

He could also feel a faint rejecting force in his body.

After all, the lineage of each clan was on par with one another. They were incompatible with one another in nature too.

"The rejection is still weak. However, it's definitely going to grow once I continue to absorb their lineage," Qin Nan frowned.

How could he resolve the problem?

He had faced a similar problem too when he practiced the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking. However, the Dao glow in the form of a rare nine-colored light forcibly merged them in the end.

He no longer had something like the Nine-Colored Dao Glow to merge the power of different lineages.

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