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PBS - Chapter 2075 - Heart-to-heart

A while later, at the bottom of the cave...

The surroundings had lots of powerful forbidding auras and formations to conceal the cave's existence and keep the cold away.

A few holes were dug on the walls with a fire burning inside them to light up the surroundings.

The atmosphere was relaxing and soothing as the light of the flames had made everything a little blurry.

Jiang Bilan was lying on an elegant bed. She was staring at Qin Nan who was within inches from her and feeling his manly presence. She was a little surprised and embarrassed. She was panicking too.

She did imagine the scene before, but it was just a random thought.

However, even though she was extremely smart, she never thought this day would actually happen in reality.

The great disaster she went through made her feel like the Heavens had been very harsh to her, but now, she realized the Heavens had actually been good to her.

She was so immature in the past.

She was so full of herself.

She had done so many stupid things.

And yet, the Heavens and Sacred Leader Qinglong were willing to give her a chance.

Having this thought, Jiang Bilan subconsciously reached out her hand to touch her beloved man's face. However, Qin Nan suddenly grabbed her hand instead.

Her body shuddered. She held her breath. Her heart began to pound heavily.

They stayed still for a long time. Jiang Bilan let out a relieved sigh when she saw Qin Nan was not moving. However, her face blushed further as a thought crossed her mind.

Qin Nan was completely drunk and unconscious. Wouldn't that mean she would have to...

She thought of something while she was feeling embarrassed. She calmed her thoughts and pulled her hand out. She kissed Qin Nan on the forehead and left the bed.

Princess Miao Miao was playing with an artifact at the entrance of the cave. She was startled when she suddenly felt the movement behind her. She said with an indifferent grin, "Why are you being so shy? I was a lot better than you!"

Jiang Bilan blushed. The Princess said, "You can sit here and calm down a little before going in again."

Jiang Bilan sat beside the Princess. She said softly after a while, "Princess, even though it's normal for men to have more than one wife in this world, but I'm pretty sure you're not the kind who is willing to share your lover with someone else."

Princess Miao Miao's hand shuddered. She said with a smile, "If things didn't turn out like this, it's true that I won't be able to accept it even if I know Qin Nan loves you and you are in love with him and are willing to sacrifice yourself for him. I'll still be bothered by it."

"Then why..."

It was the Princess who planned everything.

"If I tell you I'm doing this just so Qin Nan won't be disheartened, I'm pretty sure you won't believe me either."

The Princess added, "You must know that I've inserted my natal force into you when you turned into the Death Crystal. However, there's one thing you didn't know."

"When my fragmented soul entered the crystal, I still had a little consciousness left. I was able to see the things you've been through, including how your clan was wiped out, and every thought you had."

"For some time, I wasn't able to distinguish between you and myself."

"That's why..."

"I no longer feel conflicted since then."

"Xiao Nanzi is just lucky that even the Heavens are favoring him. He has found two great partners, ugh, there's also another one too..."


Princess Miao Miao looked at Jiang Bilan and winked, "You weren't bothered either, right?"

Jiang Bilan was startled. She only knew the truth now.

A smile slowly blossomed on her face after some time, "The Heavens are still taking good care of me. Qin Nan isn't the only nice person I met."

She grabbed the Princess' hand and ran into the cave.


A few moments later, the two women were lying on each side of Qin Nan.

"Why...why did you drag me here? I've already done it with Qin Nan!" Princess Miao Miao said softly while blushing.

"Princess, if both of us aren't bothered at all, why can't we do it together?"

Jiang Bilan blushed as she spoke, "Besides, I have no experience at all. I'm hoping that you can teach me!"

Princess Miao Miao giggled. She said, "Xiao Lanlan, seriously, you are already a Nine Heavens Supreme! Why are you being so shy? Fine, I'll teach you."

Jiang Bilan blushed even further.

Princess Miao Miao lied still. Her hair spread across the bed. She said, "Even though you're nervous, you should try your best to calm down. If you can't, you can just cultivate. It's only a night, it will be over quickly..."

Jiang Bilan was stunned. "Just...just that?"

Princess Miao Miao asked with a curious look, "Isn't that all? I heard someone else mentioning that we just need to lie on the same bed and sleep for a night."

"That's...that's not it!"

Jiang Bilan said, "Right, you only had a fragment of your soul left. You might have forgotten some of your past. I...I happened to see a drawing about it before. I still remember some of it, I'll draw it for you..."

Jiang Bilan's drawing completely toppled Princess Miao Miao's understandings.


The two women soon lied still with red faces.

Princess Miao Miao, in particular, was clenching her fists. She was completely clueless about what to do. Her mind was filled with random thoughts.

Even though she did lose some of her memory, she still remembered the details when she spent the night with Qin Nan. She always assumed she had done it right, thus making her more experienced than Jiang Bilan.

Little did she know...

"Well, should...should I go first?" Jiang Bilan gathered her courage and said.

"Mm, yeah...you...you can go ahead..."

Princess Miao Miao nodded.

Jiang Bilan was extremely nervous even though she was mentally prepared for it. She cautiously reached her hand toward Qin Nan.

Qin Nan suddenly turned and scared both of them.

"Princess, Bilan..."

Qin Nan was sleep talking. His nose tingled as if he had picked up two of his favorite scents. He pulled Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan into his arms.

Both their minds went blank. Before they could react, they felt a warm hand moving on their clothes to undo the buttons before reaching into them.

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