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PBS - Chapter 2085 - The Conspiracy of the Mysterious Old Man

Time passed very quickly. Forty-five days later, in Baixian City...

The city was on par with the Gonggong City in the Dao Seeking Land. It too was a half-Dao Seeking Weapon and might only be stronger instead of weaker than the Gonggong City. The only difference was, the city did not have a ruler, nor were there any factions stationed in it.

The main reason was that the city was extremely close to the Land of the Duo, thus it was usually deserted until the Land of the Duo was about to open.

Normally, the city would only be lively around two or three days before the Land of the Duo's opening since the peak Nine Heavens Supremes of many formidable factions would show up by then. However, more than three Supreme Daoism factions, ten powerful clans, and a Heaven Highness Clan had arrived when there were still ten days until the Land of the Duo's opening.

"Did you hear? Qin Nan has already gone to the Land of the Duo more than a month ago!"

Isn't that obvious? How could I not hear something so important?"

"Damn it, I wonder if Qin Nan had already taken the successions and fortunate encounters!"

"Hehe, he wouldn't do it if he's a smart man! Many factions are here because of him. They didn't come for the successions and fortunate encounters! That being said, if Qin Nan had claimed the successions, the other rogue cultivators would pick on him too!"

"You're right. Cheers!"

Most cultivators in the tea houses and inns were discussing Qin Nan.

Supreme Huanglei shook his head when he heard the discussions.

As Supreme Chang Xiao's Junior Brother, he had a good impression of Qin Nan, but unfortunately, the Sky Taihuang Sect could only help him so much.

"You're planning to visit the Land of the Duo, right? If, mm, I'm saying if, there's a chance you can help Qin Nan when he's in danger, please do it."

Supreme Huanglei let out a sigh when he recalled what his Senior Brother said.

A while later, the badge in his storage bag began to glow. Supreme Huanglei soon disappeared before reappearing in one of the palaces.

The palace was filled with immortal tables full of all kinds of wine.

Supreme Huanglei was not interested in the wines. He glanced at the hall after a quick scan.

It as a party held by Zheng Wuyuan, the eighty-ninth Saint of the Zheng Clan who was also ranked twenty-first on the Supreme Leaderboard. Zheng Wuyuan had already arrived, together with the peak Nine Heavens Supremes of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect, Ten Desires Sect, and Ancient Bodhi Temple.

"Oh? Is Brother Huang here alone? Didn't Cultivator Chang Xiao come?" Zheng Wuyuan smiled when he saw Supreme Huanglei.

Supreme Huanglei shook his head. A peak Nine Heavens Supreme of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect scoffed, "I believe Chang Xiao is too ashamed to show himself!"

Supreme Huanglei simply responded with an indifferent gaze. It was unnecessary for him to waste his time on them.

More figures appeared continuously in the hall. The Supreme Daoism factions, ancient tribes, and renowned clans were all here.

The palace was soon bustling with noise.

Supreme Huanglei kept a low profile. He silently observed the party without chatting with anyone. That being said, he had grabbed himself a cup of wine too.

It was rare to see so many peak Nine Heavens Supremes of different factions gathering here when the Land of the Duo was open!

Besides, the competition at the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was still ongoing!

"Fellow cultivators, please excuse me, I need to receive someone."

Zheng Wuyuan suddenly waved his hand and strode to the entrance.

"Who could it be that Zheng Wuyuan has to receive the person himself?"

The peak Nine Heavens Supremes were startled. They immediately lifted their gaze. Supreme Huanglei had the same reaction too.

However, his heart sank when he saw the person.

Normally, it was surprising if more than five cultivators who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard showed up in the past.

This time, even those who were ranked in the top ten had come.

Meanwhile, the Void Heaven Realm in the First Immortal Realm...

Many conspiracies across the Dao Seeking Land were in motion. The Void Heaven Realm was a lot calmer in comparison. Many factions did not make any move. The Heaven-Slaying Sect also shut themselves in after the relocation. They did not allow any visitors, nor did they allow anyone to disturb them.

Meanwhile, somewhere mysterious...

An old man with an illusionary figure was sitting with his legs crossed. He was performing hand seals continuously. In front of him were two women, a young man, and a middle-aged man.

The two women and young man were peak Peerless Rulers, and the middle-aged man was only a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage.

"The four of you have obtained my successions, making you my successor. I've asked you here for one single favor."

The old man said calmly, "It's going to be very dangerous, and you will have to visit the Dao Seeking Land. I will prepare something for you, but it doesn't guarantee your safety. You might lose your life if you aren't cautious enough."

"I'm not going to force you. You will make the call yourself."

The two women and young man were startled. They did not expect this was the reason they were summoned here.

They immediately hesitated. One of the women and the young man brought their fists together apologetically. The old man was not too bothered. He waved his hand and dismissed them.

"What about you two? Have you made up your mind? I'm about to disappear, and I don't have other benefits for you. I will give you one more chance to make up your mind," the old man said.

"If it weren't for senior's guidance, there's no way I can achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. I'm going to return your favor!" the middle-aged man said sternly, "I'll do my best regardless of what the favor is!"

The other woman said in a slightly embarrassed tone, "Even though I haven't become a Nine Heavens Supreme, I'm willing to help senior with everything I have."

The old man nodded. He took out two scrolls that were sealed with great power, "It's not too complicated. I want you to visit the Dao Seeking Land and give this to someone called Qin Nan. He will give you two some benefits in return after he saw their content."

The middle-aged man and the woman were startled.

The old man asked them to swear several oaths to prevent them from reading the scrolls and promise to destroy the scrolls if they were in danger. He then waved his hand and dismissed them.

"Qin Nan is Zhou Xiao's reincarnation, the son of a Supreme Highness. He should have some trump cards up in his sleeves! She has already gone to that place to forcibly plan the next step. Let's hope Qin Nan is able to lend her a hand when the time comes..."

The old man looked into the sky and let out a long sigh. He soon dissipated as countless light dots when his body reached its limit.

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