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PBS - Chapter 2086 - Rummaging

Five days later, a mysterious island in the Dao Seeking Land...

A formidable aura suddenly sprang into the sky.

The Dao-Melting Immortal Flames, Heaven-Shattering Saber, Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle, Dao Pattern, and everything else in Qin Nan's body had greatly improved.

He had absorbed half of the immortal force on the island after cultivating for more than a month. He barely achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Qin Nan, congratulations," Jiang Bilan said.

Around ten days ago, both she and Princess Miao Miao had fully recovered from their injuries.

"Oh my, Xiao Nanzi, what took you so long? I'm almost bored to death in this place!"

Princess Miao Miao said with a frown, "Let's break down the forbidding formations and leave!"

Qin Nan let out a deep breath. He rose to his feet and smiled, "Alright!"

He immediately executed the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and merged their intents with the Heaven-Shattering Saber before slashing forward.

At the same time, Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan performed hand seals and executed Dao Arts.

A series of explosions took place.

Qin Nan's strength had improved significantly after he reached the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. He was now able to destroy the crystals.

However, the forbidding formations of the mysterious aura were unusually powerful. It took them three days to clear a path through.


Their eyes flickered with astonishment when they saw the sight before them.

In front of them was a spacious battlefield. The sky was gray with countless huge cracks across the rift. The ground was a mess. Broken mountains and ravines were everywhere, littered with dead bodies.

They had seen all kinds of battlefields. Qin Nan had even seen the terrifying battle which the four Supreme Highnesses were part of, thus the battlefield in front of them was not too much of a surprise.

However, they clearly felt everything on the battlefield, including the grass and stones were covered by a mysterious power. It was slowly fading away, as if the seal placed upon the world was being lifted.


Qin Nan soon noticed thirty figures in white robes with illusionary faces floating above the battlefield. He did not sense any presence from them, like they were in a deep slumber.

"These thirty figures in white robes must be the legendary Sacred Priests. It seems like we have entered the Land of the Duo in advance," Jiang Bilan said.

"The Land of the Duo?" Qin Nan squinted.

It meant a great deal that they had entered the place earlier.

"That's right, most forbidden lands in the Dao Seeking Land have forbidding formations. Only the Land of the Duo has Sacred Priests. Every time the Land of the Duo opens, the Sacred Priests will tell the cultivators where the bodies of the two Masters of Dao are and the rules."

Jiang Bilan said, "Based on my speculation, the Land of the Duo will only open after another two days."

Princess Miao Miao's eyes glittered, "So that means, we have two days to claim the successions here?"

Jiang Bilan said, "Most likely. After all, the opening is around the corner. The rules must have been set and cannot be modified, but..."

She continued after a brief pause, "Supreme South World and Li Changsheng must know we are in the Land of the Duo knowing their capabilities. They will have spread the news too. They should be watching us closely."

"If we take the successions now, the rest of the people will be onto us too. It will only worsen the situation."

Princess Miao Miao harrumphed and said, "Many people are hunting us already. It doesn't matter if there are more of them. Xiao Lanlan, Xiao Nanzi, let's hurry up and rob this...ugh, let's claim the successions as their rightful owners."

Jiang Bilan smiled, "Sure."

Qin Nan shrugged.

The tide was already rolling. He would not mind making it bigger!

The three immediately split up.

"Oh my, the legendary Flower of Nine Deaths!"

"There are three scrolls of Dao Arts on this body!"

"Over here, there are many valuables that are useful for perfecting the Dao Realm!"

The three great thieves used everything they had to rummage the place.

After all, the Land of the Duo was not open yet, meaning that the traps and forbidding formations were inactive. They would have to break them down forcibly.

However, they did not notice the lips of the thirty Sacred Priests twitching.

Twenty-two hours were gone soon.

Baxian City outside the Land of the Duo...

Many cultivators were soaring into the sky in the form of light rays. They were heading toward a lake not far from the city.

The lake covered over a few thousand li. The water was faint golden. A huge gate was rising imperiously from its center.

The atmosphere intensified whenever a section of the gate was revealed.


A loud voice echoed between the Heavens and the Earth as the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Ancient Bodhi Temple gathered while being covered in sacred glows. They were middle-aged monks in golden-red kasayas.

They were each holding a staff that was engraved with words in their right hand.

All lives to pursue the path of Buddhism!

Two powerful auras came from the distance and landed before the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Extreme Living Gate and the Ten Desires Sect.

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The person in front of the Extreme Living Gate was an old man with blue hair. He had sharp eyebrows and a menacing look in his eyes. Everyone could feel a great pressure from him.

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The person in front of the Ten Desires Sect was a woman with long hair reaching her waist. Her face was covered with a veil, but she was emitting an enchanting aura that would seduce any man around her.

"Rank seventeen on the Supreme Leaderboard, the Patriarch of the Ancient Bodhi Temple, Holy Monk Wangjin! Rank twenty-nine on the Supreme Leaderboard, the Patriarch of the Extreme Living Gate, Daoist Qianlong! Rank twenty-three on the Supreme Leaderboard, the Patriarch of the Ten Desires Sect, Supreme Wanqing!"

"The three of them are here too?"

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