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PBS - Chapter 2087 - Activate!

Many people's eyes were filled with shock.

They did not hear anything about it before.

"Keep this in mind, not only shouldn't you mess with those three, you must stay away from them at all times. Don't even bother claiming any successions or fortunate encounters when they are around!"

A peak Nine Heavens Supreme of an ancient tribe transmitted his voice with a stern look, "Holy Monk Wangjin of the Ancient Bodhi Temple assumes everything in the world is destined for Buddhism. If you get in his way, not only will he beat the crap out of you, he will try everything to convert you too!"

"Daoist Qianlong, the Patriarch of the Extreme Living Gate is vicious and cruel. He will kill anyone that stands n his way."

The Nine Heavens Supremes in the early stage of the ancient tribe nodded.

"Senior Uncle, what about Supreme Wanqing of the Ten Desires Sect? I don't really see anything outstanding about her," a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage asked.

"Hehe, this Supreme Wanqing has fully controlled her ten desires, and she enjoys tricking the Exceptional Geniuses among the Nine Heavens Supremes. She can take the appearance of either a man or a woman. She is the most mysterious among them."

Many Nine Heavens Supremes shivered. Even though they had achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, which meant they had been through a lot, they still could not accept that someone was able to take the appearance of a man or a woman at they pleased.

"HAHAHA, I didn't expect the three of you to be here."

A huge laughter suddenly occurred as the eighty-ninth Saint of the Zheng Clan, Zheng Wuyuan arrived from the distance together with a group of cultivators.

Beside him was a woman with a scholarly aura in a blue robe. She too was leading a group of cultivators which was on par with Zheng Wuyuan's group.

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled when they saw the woman.

The woman was the ninety-fifth Saintess of the Han Clan, one of the seven Heaven Highness Clans. She was ranked twenty-four on the Supreme Leaderboard. Many used to spend a night with her due to some special circumstances.

However, she treated them as complete strangers after the night. She did not remember their names, nor did she ever look at them properly.

"Tsk tsk, what a marvelous sight. I guess I won't bother greeting every single one of you."

Zhuang Nan and Supreme South World flew over from the other side. Behind them were twenty-three cultivators, each with a different expression, but their auras were boundless like an ocean.

"So many peak Nine Heavens Supremes are here?"

The eyes of many cultivators widened.

Even the three Patriarchs were startled.

"The Heaven-Slaying Sect and Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect have put in a lot of effort just to get rid of Qin Nan!"

Supreme Huanglei's eyes flickered coldly as he stayed with the people of the Sky Taihuang Sect. His heart suddenly sank.

The situation was a lot worse than what he had imagined!

"Oh my, so many old friends have come!"

A loud voice echoed across the place which stole everyone's attention.

A handsome young man with black hair around his shoulders, who was wearing a light blue robe, strutted in. Beside him was a young man in sackcloth. Many Nine Heavens Supremes were following behind him too.

If Qin Nan was around, he would immediately recognize the young man in sackcloth to be Meng Jinxian!

He had come to the Dao Seeking Land after achieving the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm!

As for the person in a long blue robe, he was Meng Jinxian and Meng Jiugong's father, the Patriarch of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect, Meng Langtian!

"Meng Langtian, why the hell are you here?" Daoist Qianlong seemed to hold a grudge against Meng Langtian. He asked coldly, "You assh***, what do you mean by that? Have you already forgotten the night on Mount Fenghuo?"

Meng Langtian responded by giving Daoist Qianlong a 'seductive' wink. The latter's lips twisted. He was about to draw his sword out when Meng Langtian looked at the crowd and chuckled, "Brothers and sisters, there's some time left until the place opens. Why don't we have a bet among ourselves?"

"I'll be handling the bet myself. It's going to be quite interesting. You wouldn't want to miss it!"

Meng Jinxian remained calm as Meng Langtian was talking, as if he had already gotten used to it. The Nine Heavens Supremes behind them wore helpless looks instead. They quickly explained the bet to the others. Many soon wore a helpless look too.

The previous intense atmosphere was ruined by Meng Langtian's farce.

Some people were displeased, yet they remained in their spots.

Even though Meng Langtian was reckless and unreasonable, and he was not ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard, but the peak Nine Heavens Supremes like Daoist Qianlong knew how strong he was. They would not dare to provoke him.

More cultivators gradually arrived.

They did not attract a lot of attention, but a small portion of them still grabbed the attention of certain Nine Heavens Supremes.

The Supreme Leaderboard was not everything in the Dao Seeking Land. Certain people who were not ranked on it were surprisingly strong too. They were on par with those ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard.

Around two hours later, the gate in the lake had risen completely. It was thirty thousand zhang tall and five thousand zhang wide. It had lots of mysterious patterns on it. It was glowing while emitting a tremendous aura.

The Nine Heavens Supremes in the early stage and the Greater Success Stage felt minuscule before the gate.

"It's about to open!" the peak Nine Heavens Supremes of various factions told the people of their factions.

Everyone looked up when they sensed something. They immediately saw a magnificent saber intent surging across the sky at a shocking pace before landing on the gate.

A strong gust swept across the lake.

The gate dimmed as if it had just received a tremendous blow. It also sank around a thousand zhang into the lake.

The saber intent soon dissipated. A man with short black hair and a long saber on his back appeared before the crowd.

"Chen Shiyan?"

Many cultivators were startled.

Chen Shiyan was ranked ninth on the Supreme Leaderboard. He was the ninetieth Saint of the Chen Clan.

"Brother Chen, I thought you aren't going to show up!" Zheng Wuyuan smiled.

However, Chen Shiyan did not answer Zheng Wuyuan, as if he did not hear him, nor did he bother looking at him.

As a matter of fact, Chen Shiyan did not bother looking at anyone since he arrived.

"Tsk tsk, he's pretty arrogant!"

Zhuang Nan raised his brows, yet he was not displeased by it. Chen Shiyan had the attitude because he had the strength to back his arrogance up!

However, if his plan worked, he would be more arrogant than Chen Shiyan.


The gate suddenly shook vigorously. It slowly opened as different rare phenomena took place.

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